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Sci-Fi art – Doctor Who: ShipWreck

Back in 1994, I created an A2 sized art work for a competition at the then `Who-7′  convention held at Crystal Palace.  I submitted a detailed 1 meter model of the Blakes-7 ship Liberator, a Cyberman mask, and 2 pieces of art work. Of course it was the cyberman mask that won first prize, and I got the prize on stage from non other than Colin Baker (6th Doctor.. `my Doctor’).

As this year is when Doctor Who celebrates 50th anniversary in November 2013 (23rd November makes Doctor Who a Sagittarian!)..I dug out the art work and revamped it a bit with help of my graphic software (darken colours, add space background etc).

In this art work, you can see 13 TARDISes..   one for each of the Doctors ..(in the future that is… as there can only be 13 incarnations..  We are currently on 11th incarnation with Matt Smith).  And it looks like all the time-lines have been messed up (crossed), and all the Doctors have been pulled into one place..   where all the TARDISes have crashed…or materialized …and locked one into another!   (They are coming through a vortex.. which looks rather like a `question’ mark 🙂

Funny thing is..  I did the original work in 1994.

Doctor Who- Shipwreck (TARDIS crash) - sci-fi art by Mani Navasothy 1997 & 2013
Doctor Who- Shipwreck (TARDIS crash) – sci-fi art by Mani Navasothy 1997 & 2013

And few years ago, we’ve had `Time Crash’   – a Children in Need special, where 10th Doctor (David Tennant) and 5th Doctor (Peter Davison) meet inside the TARDIS..  by some accident!  (shortly before the TARDIS crashes into a spaceship Titanic!)

Not only that, few years ago, we’ve also seen the Matt Smith episode `The Doctor’s Wife’   where…outside the normal universe, on an alien `planetoid’, the TARDIS lands..  and it turns out to be a place where many other TARDISes have crashed before..  what with so much of the wrecks strewn all over.

Similar concepts.  But I got there some 17 years before! 🙂

Still they haven’t done this idea (yet)..   May be they will ..?

-Mani Navasothy

MAni with Colin Baker-Doctor-who-convention-1997  (withCyberman head mask that won 1st prize in art competition)
MAni with Colin Baker-Doctor-who-convention-1994 (with Cyberman head mask that won 1st prize in art competition)

TARDIS Tales: K9 and me.. many X’masses ago

DrWho: K9 robotic dog - full scale model - made by Mani
DrWho: K9 robotic dog – full scale model – made by Mani

I am a big Doctor Who fan..  and have been since I landed on the shores of UK back in 1985, and started reading the old Target novels, and watching Trial of a Time Lord (Collin Baker…6th Doctor final season in 1986).  Doctor Who is the BBC TV’s science fiction drama series, that has been going on now for 49 years (50 years in 2013!!) and charts the the adventures of a Time Lord who travels in Time & Space in an old London Police Box – ie his time machine disguised (TARDIS – Time and Relative Dimensions in Space).

My K9 & incomplete TARDIS in the garden
My K9 & incomplete TARDIS in the garden

And it has – next to Star Trek & Blakes-7 – been the biggest TV sci-fi series to make the biggest impact in my life..  inspirations, motivations, and at times, even solace. Oh yes! How? well, all that in blogs to come..  (Why you ask? well, it’s my blog  and I can talk about my life.. any and all facets of it 🙂  Go on start your own blog, and talk about anything you like..   !)

So to kick off my Doctor Whovian blogs, I’m  starting with K9 and me  (am not making that word up at all..  In fan circles and even in published magazines, `Whovian’ is a real word that’s used!!)..

Few years ago, I started doing special Christmas projects – based on Doctor Who…just for my own fun..  making art & craft stuff.  K9 – the robot dog that Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor had for quite a while (from the `Invisible Enemy’ story on wards) was my first `big’ Doctor Who project.

I’ll dig out the actual `making of K9′ photos another time (it’s in an external drive..)  but here’s the finished item..   (with  a part of the TARDIS door that I started to make behind)…and a photo of me sitting on K9   (it’s a wood & hardboard full scale model..that can take my full weight. I posed this way as I recall Peter Davison (5th Doctor) being seated on k9 in a publicity photo for the 20th anniversary special `Doctor Who: Five Doctors’.  So I figured if I can’t build a motorised model, it should at least be strong enough to support my weight. (and no reason why I can’t motorise it one day).

In fact,one of these days – I may take `my’ K9 out for a walk around London…yes, in the real trains & tubes..  (I can just lift `him’ into buses and trains 🙂

Mani seated on K9
Me (Mani) seated on my K9 (4-5 years ago)

So anyway,

I’ve lost touch with fellow Whovians..   and would welcome contact from you all.   `Who’ knows..  perhaps to build a few Daleks..  complete a TARDIS… make a few short videos ….just for fun  (plenty of woods and historic sites about in London.. )

-Mani Navasothy


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