Sci-Fi art – Doctor Who: ShipWreck

Back in 1994, I created an A2 sized art work for a competition at the then `Who-7'  convention held at Crystal Palace.  I submitted a detailed 1 meter model of the Blakes-7 ship Liberator, a Cyberman mask, and 2 pieces of art work. Of course it was the cyberman mask that won first prize, and … Continue reading Sci-Fi art – Doctor Who: ShipWreck

TARDIS Tales: K9 and me.. many X’masses ago

I am a big Doctor Who fan..  and have been since I landed on the shores of UK back in 1985, and started reading the old Target novels, and watching Trial of a Time Lord (Collin Baker...6th Doctor final season in 1986).  Doctor Who is the BBC TV's science fiction drama series, that has been … Continue reading TARDIS Tales: K9 and me.. many X’masses ago