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Introduction to Spellcraft, Psychic Safety & Protection. (half day course 17Nov’18)

This is half a day experiential Introductory Course on Spellcraft & Psychic protection.. New comers to Wicca and those interested in learning basics of Spellcraft / Ritual magic / Psychic safety and protection will benefit from this course.

spellcraft psychic safety course 17nov2018

This covers the following:

1. Introduction to spellcraft & Magic – Basic requirements; safety & warning in spellcraft; Laws of return;

2. Cord Magic – Using Cords, how you can do magic; Teaching chant used in wicca for cord magic. Quick demonstration

3. Rune Magic – How we use runes in spellcraft (we had a full day Rune magic workshop in September, so this one is brief intro only).

4. Candle Magic – Preparing the candle, Intention setting; you’ll all do one candle -magic. (stick candles – white – will be provided).

5. Psychic Protection: Entities, Spirits, Angels & Demons! Why ? where? how? Basics of Psychic hygiene, relevant tools, LBRP & Archangel work will be covered briefly. Note: Curses/ hex-breaking is not our expertise. For those we can only offer general advise.

Fee : £15 payable by paypal/ meetup to confirm a space.

Spaces limited to 12 people (now only 10 spaces available).

For more details and to book , visit meetup event page for this course.

-Mani Navasothy   (Wiccan High Priest/ Course Tutor)


Introduction to Spellcraft, Psychic Safety & Protection. (half day course)

Saturday, Nov 17, 2018, 11:45 AM

Queen’s Woods
Near Highgate Station London, GB

3 Witches Wiccans & Pagans Attending

This is half a day experiential Introductory Course on Spellcraft & Psychic protection.. New comers to Wicca and those interested in learning basics of Spellcraft / Ritual magic / Psychic safety and protection will benefit from this course. This covers the following: 1. Introduction to spellcraft & Magic – Basic requirements; safety & warning in sp…

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A Theory of Evil: On the Collective, murderous instincts, Angels, Demons and Entities in between!!

Everything living has a survival instinct..and when a moment comes – to be killed or be killed, each must make a choice. That’s just biology. I also believe in the Collective unconscious, where all the minds are linked.. And that when we humans don’t deal with our emotions, repress them, we sink those shadows deep into the collective..adding to its murky waters..
It follows that every killing instinct everyone has all adds up.. every hurt person who wants to lash out at their offender.. can seek revenge by hurting back or repressing or dealing with that (process it and transform it).
Now I think that some of us are strong willed enough to sink our repressed feelings and instincts…and get on with life. But some poor sod (person) out there who has no strength of Will…but is connected to the human collective…will have a weak `flooring’ through which the repressed collection of harmful instincts will erupt out.. !!
In short, what we repress comes out in someone else.. and they become the villain…the abuser..the killer..the rapist..the murderer!
This much I have formulated/understood and believed for over a decade and a half..(since 2001 when i started learning transpersonal psychology and blending it with my own spirituality and beliefs). ps. I call this my `Volcano theory of human shadows!’ (that the visual I get).
When we are faced with such a villain, it’s easy to brand him/ her as utterly evil.. It’s humanly impossibly not to hate or vilify that person. I personally would fall for that every time.. ! We would even call that person `Evil’ . But i try to accept that…that person is only a conduit for the sum of all our own darkness and shadows!
As for Evil.. I actually don’t think there is such a thing.. shockingly!!
But there is a selfish drive in all of us..all beings..including the spirits..that were once human or animal..or were never born as such. I don’t think that dying somehow removes some of these selfish or self-preserving drives.
It is my belief now (after the last 4 years of various psychic experiences)..that the spirit world is full of creatures.. entities.. everything from ghosts of a dead worm and insects to humans..and some forces we come to call angels.. even Gods! everything wants to survive..to go on..to keep its identity. They will do this however way they see fit.. unless some altruistic feelings stop them from hurting other beings. The dead worm’s spirit will keep on trying to scour for `food’ (energy).. and that can be coming from vampiristic / leeching from humans who are living..
And the `Angels’ won’t steal from us..but try to aid.. As for Demons.. they are probably larger beings who act on their drive for energy and power ..and may temporarily `work’ to aid some humans..but in the end ..their motives are entirely self-serving.
Well..this is the grand theory/ belief I have constructed for myself over years.. and this is probably the first time I have put it all in one go..in one place.. (these exist in copious hand written notes in paper…and spill out when i give talks or workshops..in pieces)
-Mani Navasothy
–version 1: 11th April 2018
The above was written in answer to a friend’s question about do I believe people can be evil or who they become by following a path.
That question arose in answer to my post :
Angels & Demons in our minds and magical works:
It puzzles me.. why, when we have so many hundreds if not thousands of Godforms, Angelic forces, fairies, dragons and nature spirits.. do some people leap off and seek Devils & Demonic forces to work with?
I don’t accept the explanation that they are working with their shadows. If that’s the case, the first option is a Therapist, a counselor or a Psychiatrist!
The only explanation I can think of is…those others believe that their work with `demonic forces’ is somehow more fundamental or more powerful …than any other forms or forces..such as Gods & Angels!
Millions if not billions of people around the Globe get on with their lives, without it, and at best they call on a God or Angel…more so than a demon!
Never mind them…I myself have got this far in life.. by working with Gods and Goddess forms, and perhaps some angelic energies. When certain entities are trying to intrude, a simple `Om Shivaya’ chant has been more than enough to stop it. Perhaps it’s the Gods..perhaps its my belief in the Gods.. that gives me this advantage over unknown forces. It’s safe to say, my work will always be with the light, while I carry on illuminating my own transpersonal shadows.

Marking Time – 5 months of camping out!

Dear all..   it may surprise some of you to know (unless you are my facebook friends) that I have been sleeping in the garden in a tent…for 5 months now..  rain or shine..  storms or summer breezes.    It started on 7th August 2015..and today marks 5 months.   (even when i have been out and about, like Glastonbury & Sussex, I had still only stayed out in a tent).   Of course day time is spent on all sorts indoors (internet, socials, work, events, out and about, parties etc…but always I have returned to the tent at night…sometimes a bit hard..what with gale force finds and freezing temperatures).

I have had many thoughts, ideas, few insights… and some magical / psychic progress and personal developments..

Over the coming weeks, I will write more about those..and share my thoughts and experiences..

But for now…here’s a bunch of pictures I took of my garden as it is this morning.   Be kind with these and me..  as I am now `exposing’ my personal space..

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

Psychic Development: Energy & Meditative work with Trees

The Tree Exercise

Tree Meditation. graphics (c) Mani N 2011
Tree Meditation. graphics (c) Mani N 2011

The most basic of energy work involves this very simple but highly beneficial energy work. The aim is to seek the help of a living tree and its own ways, to align ourselves with the energy of the earth.

Initially this exercise should be done outdoors, in the presence of an actual tree. And then periodically there, or in the presence of other wonderful trees you find. Once used to it, this exercise can be done indoors or anywhere , using just the imagery.


1. Take a walk in the park or your local woods. Spend at least 30-60 minutes just walking and enjoying the feel of being outdoors in nature. Pick a location that is quite, where there is very little chance of you being disturbed. These days anywhere on the world is hardly sound-free. Nearby cars, flying aeroplanes in the sky, occasional people walking by (at times with their mobile phones, talking loud). So spend time looking for a near-quiet location.

2. Find a large tree (large one is better to start with, like an Oak tree that’s a few hundred years old!). Explore its vicinity, and make sure you `feel’ comfortable. In your silent way, greet the tree, and tell it that you are going to do some energy work with it, and seek it’s `permission’. Sometimes, even when all seems well, there may be a sense of uneasiness. This is probably the local energy or even possible that the tree is `deterring’ you. If this is the case, continue exploring the woods, and find another tree that is comfortable. (remember to find a `living tree’ for the first time!)

3. Its good practice to tidy up the area! Take out any rubbish and put in a bag (which you can take away and put in a bin!). Pick out glass pieces etc. The of course, you can place a small sheet or cloth at the base of the tree to sit on.

4. Take away all things that hinder you (loosen your cloths, belt; empty too many objects from your pockets and place in a secure bag to keep nearby, but not on you. Remember all objects have an energy, and some distort other energies. For this work, you need to focus on you and the tree. All else is `3rd party’ which may affect the work).

5. Be seated very close to the base of the tree, with your back firmly leaning against the trunk/ base of the tree.

Energy work for the Tree Exercise

1. Close your eyes and relax. Take many deep breaths and let it go. Do the basics of meditation preparations we described previously.

2. Begin to visualise your own aura – a bubble of energy that is surrounding you. Now also begin to visualise the aura of the tree – which is going to be a huge bubble around it. By this token, its clear that you are already inside the aura field of the tree.

3. Let your own aura slowly mingle with the tree’s aura. Let both auras slowly permeate one another. Imagine you are breathing in the oxygen that the tree is producing through photosynthesis, and breath out carbon dioxide and water vapour. Imagine the tree is taking these in to use for its photosynthesis, and in turn producing oxygen.

4. The next stage will be to start focusing on your own body. Visualise small roots sprouting from the back of your spine, where it’s touching the base of the tree. Consciously by an act of magical will, `grow’ these root from your sine; let them gently penetrate the soil below, and dig deep. Let these roots grow, branch out and go deeper in to the earth. With these roots, seek out the energies of the earth, deep below. Visualise the deep energies of the earth being drawn up through your own `roots’ back into your body. Allow your self to be filled and nourished by this earth-energy. Stay with this visualisation for as long as you need.

5. You can now begin to visualise small branches sprouting from your arms, neck, head and shoulders and reaching upwards. Visualise these tiny branches growing leaves and facing the Sun’s light.

6. Reach a state of visualisation, where you have slowly transformed into a tree- your roots deep into the earth, drawing in energy, while your `branches and leaves’ grow upwards to the sky towards the Sun, to draw the solar energy in!

7. Let these energies of Earth & Sun permeate, circulate and percolate within you.

8. When you feel your work is complete, slowly `retract’ the leaves and branches back within you; Then retract the roots within you. Then focus on the auras of your body and the tree. Slowly separate the two. Be aware of your own auric bubble.

9. Open your eyes. Take a moment to adjust to the sights and sounds around you. Thank the tree for its company and help! Have a sip of water. Stand up and stretch for a little. And return to your home, or continue exploring the woods!

10. When you have done this one or twice in the presence of an actual tree in a park, home or woods, it is easier to do the same visualisation of you transforming your self into a living `tree’ anywhere, whenever you need to have a strong connection to the Earth and Sun.

-Mani Navasothy

ps. This article originally appeared in Issue#2 of Gaian Times eco-magazine (sept 2011)

Eclipse Magic Workbook – NOW PUBLISHED

Author of “Eclipse Magic Workbook” Manivannan Navasothy – Wiccan High Priest and founder of http://www.EclipseMagic.co.uk, in this book shows you step-by-step how to understand the uniqueness of Eclipse energies, their untapped hidden powers that could be used to develop your psychic powers, and offers you instructional tools to increase your magical receptivity, healing and balancing, accelerating your dream attainments, and many more personally useful methods, techniques, tools, tips, as well as safety considerations and your future eclipse preparatory work.


Note (22Dec’12): This book is available on Amazon Kindle and also in my website www.EclipseMagic.co.uk

-Mani Navasothy