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Om-Charging your Pendant or Talisman (psychic work)

Do you have a talisman that you have created, or a ring, or a pendant that is to serve as a special protection for yourself?  Now here’s a thing- Unless the item was made by you (creatively, in a state of magical state over many hours or even days..while holding psychic focus), it is not going to be having any sort of `special powers’.  The only exception is if the item was made by another Priest / Priestess/ Ritual Magician or Witch..and charged with a special intention.

One further exception will be when the item or artefact n question is simply a natural object obtained from a magical or sacred place..  say  a pebble from the grounds of a Temple, a twig from a sacred site etc [Note: Do not willfully damage any part of said temple or sacred grounds for the purpose of obtaining such trinkets – for that’s what the item becomes no sooner had you obtained it in any such manner.  Whatever nature spirits or divine energy therein ..is not quite going to `come with you’ if you obtained the item by stealth or by damaging the source / venue.

So how then do you obtain the material?

Well – you obtain it- as I said – from the floor, from the grounds or nearby in an unobtrusive undamaging way..  (walk around nearby woods to find a pebble or twig!)  THEN take the item to the sacred place..to be cleansed and charged.  This way is much better..  In this manner, you are inviting the sacred and protective energies of that place to enter into the item and charge it for you 🙂

Okay.. so you have your artefact or an item, or a ring or a pendant or a talisman (even one that is bought from a new age shop or a high street jewellery place.   as they make symbols and items…!)

Now  either visit a sacred place (woods, temple) or create sacred space in your room (using cleansing, then casting a circle and calling the quarters / 4 elements to be present and bear witness).

Familiarise your self with the word `Om’ (universally used by so many magical or esoteric people now all over the world..  though it originates from the Indian subcontinent, mainly from the Hindu religions).  There are different ways to draw `Om’ (depending on which language you use..  either Sanskrit or Tamil.  I have used the Tamil version in the photos here).

Practise making the sound `Om’ for several minutes.   Even the person who has `no concept of chanting’  can practise it for few minutes, and find that their breathing gets better, deeper, and the sound coming becomes clearer, crispy..).

Also familiarise your self with the actual symbol visually..   Look at it for several minutes…and try to copy it/ draw it on a piece of paper several times to get it right.   Remember that this is not just a random symbol.  It is a letter (well two) from a particular language. If someone who did not know the English Alphabet were to get a few strokes or curves incorrect, say for the letter R…it is not going to be an R.. 🙂 Get the symbol correct, for its powers to manifest better.

Om-charging your god-goddess talisman pendant (c) ManiN 2014
Om-charging your god-goddess talisman  or pendant (c) Mani Navasothy  2014

Now begin the magical task!

1. Hold the talisman/ item that is going to be charged – in the palm of your left hand. (left hand receives)

2. Clasp it with your right palm and close it.  (Right hand projects energy).

3. Close your eyes.

4. Chant `Om’ several times first (to surround your self with the divine energy it generates). Visualising the symbol `Om’ large and in front of you ..growing and glowing.

5. Now this next part is tricky.    Chant (it will be quite) `Om’ with an *In-breath*, while `breathing in’ the large `Om’ symbol that has been created in front of you (It’s all visualisation, with eyes closed). This energy now fills your lungs, body, head and mind..!

6. Now, with your out-breath, propel that `Om’ energy through your hands (from your body) into the Talisman clasped inside the closed palms. You can also propel the `Om’ energy into the talisman/ item  by projecting that energy out through your 3rd eye or Solar plexis chakra (or the heart chakra).    A variation is…to chant the name of a particular deity in the out-breath- whereby the in-drawn energy of Om is transformed into a particular Deity energy by the very calling of that deity name.

Repeat this whole process many times!

I have personally found this to be highly effective in charging talismans or pendants..

God & Goddess names have power in themselves..  whether they do exist or not no longer matters – because for thousands of years, millions of people have believed in them and thereby have created those very powerful god & goddess thought-forms. So when using such names, you are tapping deep into such collective energies (of the archetypes).

I shall share some more tools & techniques in these blogs soon.. (It is part of a `promise’ I have made with certain deities…to share such knowledge / experiences..  – well …call it a `Calling’ 🙂

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

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Mirror Meditation as Psychic Training at Samhain (Halloween)

Mirror Meditation (transpersonal & Magical)
(c) Mani Navasothy

Mirror meditation work 

This exercise is partially transpersonal as well as magical.    It may seem similar to the `black mirror scrying’  – ie gazing at a black mirror in semi-dark room with a candle. But this one is quite different. Here, you won;t be just gazing into the mirror, awaiting imagery, but you’ll be looking deeply `into your self’  …

When I  have done this for myself, there have been brief moments of intensity. What you `find’ when you do this work is of great value. Do make a note of your insights, imagery and anything else that surfaces immediately. Those will become useful and significant in some of the works in further modules.

Room preparation:

You will require a dimly lit room ( or just one candle only in an otherwise dark room).

Arrange the furniture / tools, so that you are seated on a chair or on the floor in a comfortable manner. Place a normal mirror in front of you – on a stable stand, table, wall or the floor.

This exercise merely involves you looking. So no other objects are needed, except a single candle (no electric lights/ lamps or other light sources. Ensure you can not see even the tiny lights of electrical equipment like clock radios, Video player, mobile phone, laptop stand-by light etc).

You should only be able to see a fairly dimly lit reflection of just your face on the mirror (the candle light source should not be seen on the mirror. It should be adjusted and away from the mirror. The Candle light should not be too direct on your face or eyes, as that can distract you).

  1. Once set-up is complete, be seated in front of the mirror, and look gently at your reflected face on it. Avoid any sorts of concerns, thoughts, worries and just look at your face for a good 10-15 minutes without interruption.
  2. Blink normally through out (no need to force eyes to be open).
  3. Now look deeply into you own (reflected) eyes.  You will only be able to look into one eye at a time. Stay with this for awhile.
  4. If any imagery or distortions take place, remember to make a note of it later, especially the `feelings’ you get, (such as anxiety, bewilderment or other emotions).
  5. Only do this exercise for a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Then gently switch room lights on.
  6. Make a full record / note of your experience in the notebook.

What you may get

  • Initially you may start this, taking it lightly.
  • Looking into `your eyes’ (on the mirror) can be quite disconcerting – as at some point, you’ll loose objectivity, and may slip into a point where you think you are looking into the eyes of another person.  Doing it for more than a few minutes will be a new experience!
  • As your eyes get a little tired or become used to it,  your sight may blur and attention `phase out’ a little. That’s when interesting thngs occur.
  • As you do this work, you’ll become aware of the plethero of random thoughts flooding through your mind.  But at some point, a shift may occur, and insights or revelations surface.

Hope you find this exercise valuable.

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy