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Banners, particles & Bubble chambers

Finally got a new `theme’ sorted for my WordPress blog `quantumPhoenix’ – This theme has flexibility for background pic and banner…and here it is – a backdrop of `Stars’ that I created (from scratch), and the newly created `quantum phenix’ banner.. Just what I had always wanted it to look.. ūüôā

It’s go the Phoenix bit (created from photos of a bonfire in garden), a cosmic `magic wand’ (that has stars, earth, Sun and moon) and of course the Quantum / atom bits..

Particles & Bubble chambers:

The spiral/lines are what comes up in ¬†bubble chambers in particle detection systems – bit old – and the tracks are where high pressured `steam’ condenses ..as sub-atomic particles pass through them (and a magnetic field). Some particles – charged curve this way or that.. some that have no charge go straight…so we get straight lines.. ūüôā ¬† ¬†Actually this is a subject so close to my heart (particle physics , quarks, quantum, Higgs boson etc) that I’ll be writing on that in another post – when I have the time to enjoy writing it.

DrWho language of squiggle

My one annoyance on this matter is – ever since the `new DrWHO’ came back, they have been `using’ these symbols as the `language’ of planet Gallifrey. While it’s possible that such symbols can be used as a created language, I think if you are in a hurry, you’d write quick squigles…not complex particle decay patterns to express your thoughts, especially if Daleks etc are chasing you..right? ¬† Hmm. ¬†Ok, there ya go, I’ve got it out of my system.


Welcome to my world..

Quantum-Magician Welcome to the World of a Quantum Magician!

Up & Down,¬† Strange & Charm,¬† Truth & Beauty (or Top & Bottom)- these are the 6 quark pairs that make up all matter as we know it..!¬† We are talking about the `particles’ which make up protons, neutrons and so on..¬†¬† It’s actually more particle physics than quantum mechanics…but hey…!

The diagram shows a typical¬† interaction.. of a quark being scattered by an electron, with the force carrier (X).¬† That’s where the real science ends..

But of course the whole thing is on a membrane…and a `light’¬†penetrates this side from the other side, through a `light-hole’.¬†¬†That’s just my art..¬† ¬†It’s a bit of graphics I created.. including the fake beard on my face, Sun (lots of photos of bonfire merged), and a `planet’.¬†¬†¬†¬† Enjoy.

Imagination squared (i~squared = r)

Phoenix from the flame..?!

Hello Universe..!

So here we are, almost on the eve of Mid-Winter Solstice.. longest night Рshortest day.. a time when the Sun-child is reborn, according to many Pagan beliefs.    Quite an apt time for QuantumPhoenix to surface..again.

It was possibly my 2nd oldest internet username/handle.. way back in the days of telnetting .¬†¬† As the name suggests, it was a re-invention of the Self..¬† and an integration of Science, Magic & Myths…with me ofcourse!

So how do I see it..the name?¬† The power of the magic and regeneration, lurking inside a Quantum of energy… undefined, yet full of possibilities, undulating as a probability wave in all dimensions…awaiting collapse into a single reality!!

What’s reality?¬† Is that an esoteric question or a scientific one?¬† Are you asking or am I asking myself?¬† Am I asking me who is here, or the me in a multiverse?¬†¬†¬† More on that.. another time..¬† But to get back to reality…it’s just i-squared.¬†¬† Well, that’s `i’ the imagnary number squared (equals r – the real number..) That’s the O/Level maths..

I like to think of it as `imagination-squared = reality manifest’ – after all it fits right in with the collapse of a probabiliy wave function, by the effect of an observer!