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Retrograde Planets in 2018 – important news

Dear all, some staggering news – In 2018, there will be a phase during which no less than  6 planets will be in retrograde motion!  Yikes.  That’s going to be one intense period (7th -18th August 2018).  Of course there are many other 5-planets / 4 planets retrograde periods also taking place.

As in years before, I have created an extensive infograpics !  (took me 3 hrs doing this manually working out data and creating the graphics!  So please ..if you share this, kindly give my blog http://www.QuantumPhoenix.net a mention / credit).

And come back to THIS blog post, as I add more details & analysis of the retrograde motions/ dates/  forecasts.

Stellar Blessings

Mani Navasothy

ps.  In 2018, I will begin to offer my astrology chart / forecasting services to individuals

ReBoot your mind (Astrology – Mercury trines Pluto – twice over retro/direct motions)

Reboot your mind with power of Mercury & Pluto:
Folks..there is a marvelous astrological opportunity coming up! In particular, a powerful Mercury-trine-Pluto aspect. What is brilliant is, as Mercury is currently retrograding, it forms this aspect..once..then starts to go direct..so forms the aspect again the next day!
here are the dates/ times (Brit.Summer Time):
1. Mercury (retro) – Trine- Pluto : wednesday 21st sept (2:26am)
2. Mercury direct – Thursday 22nd sept (6.30am)
3. Mercury (direct)- trine-Pluto : Friday 23rd Sept ( 9.51am)
As many know, Mercury is a planet that rules Gemini & Virgo, influences the mind & thinking, contracts, obligations, communications, siblings. It is the planet closest to the Sun.
Pluto is a planet that is furthest from the Sun, rules Scorpio, influences death & rebirth, transformations, sex, power, control, emotions and probing for deeper truths.
So..read this again…and let what strikes out in your mind/ intuition surface.. and focus on it.. And then get to the work..
You get 3 magical moments to do this work!
Bright Stellar Blessings
Mani Novalight
http://www.QuantumPhoenix.net for astrology, esoterica and magical blogs!

Astrology: Retrograde Planets in 2016 (dates & signs)

Hi all, here is the infographics I have created to show  Retrograde motion of all the planets – their  Zodiac positions & dates.

Retrograde planets in 2016 & signs affected by it (c) Mani Navasothy 2016.jpg


Mercury has 4 retrograde periods in 2016, with the 4th one just starting in late December.

Venus makes No retrograde motion in 2016 (compare to Mars that had no retro motion last year in 2015).

A total of 5 planets will be retrograding at the same time between 28th April to 8th May (of course some of them start or end their retrograde motion before or after these dates..). Those planets are Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto.   We can expect quite a lot of challenges at that time.. as normally we only  get 4 planets retrograding at one point or other.  That said, next year in 2018, there will be a few weeks where 6 planets will be retrograding !

I’ll type up the actual dates for all the planetary retrograde motions (same info on graph..but typed here) in a few days so come check again soon.

I have used data from `American Ephemeris 2000 to 2050′  (2nd ed. ACS Publications).

Stellar wishes

-Mani Navasothy

Uranus Retrograde begins: Storm warning for Aries & Aquarians

Uranus retro in Aries -july2013
Uranus retro in Aries -july2013

Latest:  Uranus retrograde:  22nd July 2014 to  22nd December 2014.

I never know if I should blurt it out or be airy-fairy about upcoming tough times. And in the end I go with the advise my HPS gave me… `Don’t hide important news.. People are adults..and they have the capacity to deal with whatever comes their way’ (event the ones who think they can’t..to most extent!)

So I’ll say this..   as Uranus now starts retrograde motion in the sign of Aries..  and will now so for about 5 months..  it’s going to get difficult for Aquarius people (because Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius)..and it will also drag Aries people through some hard times.. (because Uranus is going retro in Aries).   It’s a bit like having a guest  (Uranus) in your home who is going through a rough patch..and that will affect you and your household…no matter what.

Uranus has those good influences of being outspoken, surprises,  rebelliousness, eccentric ideas, innovation..and humanitarian drives within it  (it’s  Robin-Hood planet!) But when retrograding it shows up its unsavory side..of disruptions, chaotic behaviour, over-eccentricity, rebellion for the sake of it, shocks (rather  than  surprises).. This is what’s coming up.   Now Aries is a fiery sign..  the first sign of the zodiac..  and at times called the child phase.   Aries people are good at starting things.. but need the help of others to carry through and complete. They have the spear..but need power behind it.

The Aries-Aquarius combination of energies is a very dynamic one..  humanitarian fire, rebellious force, passion for change are all possible.. But when one of these has been given a cosmic `review’ time.. (Aquarius) that’s what the focus should be…rather than forging ahead…or tangling up others.  Otherwise both Aries & Aquarius people (those in close bonds) could ..drive each other crazy..instead of helping one anther!

Uranus entered Aries about 2 years ago (12th March 2011)..  Alas that’s when the `restless’ period started for Aries  (and a surge of energy for Aquarians).  Uranus will remain in Aries till 16th May 2018…yes another 5 more years of what they have been already experiencing in life for the past 2+ years). In that time, of course Uranus will go through several retrograde periods (5 months at a time)…so these issues will be relevant every time..  and hopefully as any deeper issues are resolved each time, it will get easier..

After all, the Stars and Planets keep giving us opportunity after opportunity..to keep improving our lives..  That’s the purpose of astrology.. to find those and make use of them.

-Mani Navasothy

Time for Social change: Some Retrograde News

Social planets retrograde 2013In about 3 days dynamic, rebellious, creative but also chaotic and disruptive plant Uranus ..is about to go retrograde in the sign of Aries! It joins the other 2 – Neptune & Pluto – which are already retrograding in Pisces and Capricorn respectively.

What does it mean?  Well, quite a bit.

In astrology, we categorise the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Moon and Sun) as personal `planets’, meaning their influences are rapid, and affect us personally.  Jupiter & Saturn are transpersonal planets, and influence the way we relate to one another.. and the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are Social / global planets.. They move much slower, and their influences / transits affect over longer time, and over all of humanity..   (generational influences!)

So when they all go retrograde, it means a lot of backwards looking, rethinking, re-planning, catching lost opportunities, finding errors and having the chance to correct them and so on.   Initially all these can and so feel like a lot of  unwanted change and pressure (stress!).  But the changes, if taken esoterically and on the chin, and worked through can result in far better harmonious living.. when those retrograde phases end and the planets go direct.

Now these ..each being a Social plant influence everyone on a collective level..  So when all are retrograding at the same time.. (for a good 2 months), that’s a lot of  influence and energy..  It’s not uncommon..  This happens every year..and for this year..it begins now!

Here are the time scales to be mindful of.

Uranus – Retrogrades-  from 18th July’13 to 18th December’13  (in Aries)

Neptune – already retrograding – from 7th June to 14th November’13 (in Pisces)

Pluto – already retrograding- from 18th April to 21st September’13 (in Capricorn)

You can see that the time between now (18th July) to 21st September’13, is when all 3 will be in retrograde motion..  That’s when the strongest influence will be!


Other planets retrograding

Saturn  – jut started to go Direct..and will stay that way for rest of 2013 (in Scorpio)

Jupiter – starts Retrograde on 7th November (in Cancer)

Mars – finished retrograde, so direct for rest of the year.

Venus – starts retrograde 22nd December’13 ( on Winter Solstice day…and covers the Christmas  2013 / New year 2014 period. It may not be a very social time!)

Mercury – currently retrograding, about to go direct on 21st July…but has another retro-period between 21st Oct-11th Nov’13.


I’ll cover these near the time for each one..  You can subscribe to this blog to keep up to date 🙂 

-Mani Navasothy