The Womb-world goeth! (part1)

Will you take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?  Yes there are other pills too ..but these matter!!  What am I talking about?   If you remember the film The Matrix, you'll know what I am talking about!  In the early moments of their encounter, Morpheus was saying to Neo in The Matrix.. take one … Continue reading The Womb-world goeth! (part1)

We are the Trees (Sanctuary Earth & the Oath)

As New Year approaches, I like to share a small poem that came to me today.. and some related eco-thoughts and an oath I made almost 2 decades ago 🙂 "Here we are , You and me  Standing in the place of Ancient Trees. What will we add to this World, pray tell Make it … Continue reading We are the Trees (Sanctuary Earth & the Oath)