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AstroAlert: Saturn (r)-square-Uranus – part2 of 3 coming up!

AstroAlert! Uranus-square-Saturn (pt 2/3).

For any of you getting twitchy.. the 2 Eclipses may be over, but we’ve been under the influence of the retrograde Saturn (in Aquarius) getting close to a square with Uranus (in Taurus). This will culminate on Monday 14th around 23.:01 hrs BST. As Saturn rules Capricorn, and Uranus rules Aquarius, those signs will feel the influence more.. Aquarius more so, as not only is one of the planets involved transiting through it but its ruler is the other planet involved in the square! 😦

This is the 2nd time this Saturn-square-Uranus is happening this year (we had this once already on 17th February.

And am sorry to say this will repeat one more time.. at a rather `inconvenient’ time of X’mas eve (so I imagine the 1-2 weeks leading to X’mas will have the same stressful themes surfacing / playing out in your lives.. unless of course, we figure out the themes that surfaced in early February, and now early June.. and work through them and resolve them genuinely.. (or make a good start of it..) Do that, and December’s Saturn(D)-square-Uranus(R) will be kinder.

If people who are -not- Aquarians, Capricorns or Taureans, think you are immune from these influences.. no chance. Look at the house positions of the above signs in your own natal charts to see what areas in your lives are getting this harsh square energy.

On a general level, Saturn is about holding things in place. Limits & restrictions. Delays.. (but also stability, structure, foundations). And Uranus is about Freedom, (free-from-restrictions), rebellion, shocks and thrills, innovation, technology, humanity.. So in some ways one theme that plays out might be the being-pinned down vs breaking free.

But life is never that simple or straight forward.. is it? A total lawless Freedom to roam comes with the price of not having security, rootedness, home, stability.. And laying out long term foundations, building authority and holding power/ responsibility comes with compromises of not being able to just shake it all off and run riot/ free and `do what you like’ .

The key is going to be balancing both, and compromising.
In short, unless you are good at astral projections or have a space ship, you are stuck on Earth and woven into the lives of hundreds ..nay billions of lives. Their every actions affects you and your every whim and wants do shape everything around you. (‘cos we are all connected, innit?!!!).

So ..stop fighting it all.. and give in to compromises.
Stop giving in to everything also.. and rebel a bit.
(yeah you see. .. conflicts!)

There’s not much i can say here that’s going to make a damn bit of difference.. You are going to have to figure these energies out your selves.

My job has been to just throw a bit of spot light on it and speak the obvious… and come across like all wise and clever. 8-|

And that’s me writing this forecast under the influence of Uranus-square-Saturn 😉 :-p


Saturn in Aquarius – from today (17th Dec 2020) for 3 years! (till March 2023)

Back in March 2020, I wrote, “On Sunday 22nd March 2020, Saturn arrives in Aquarius! Wild energies will begin to be pinned down. Stability, endurance, authority & hard lessons take focus .. instead of erratic, rebellion for sake of rebellion, thrill-seeking, disruptive behaviors..”

Well we all know what happened to the world since then.. Lockdowns came every where! Entertainment and leisure activities and industries came to a halt or where shut down.. We all only went out for exercise or to support loved ones .. And we all started going to the woods.. instead of Cinemas, pubs, clubs, football games, matches etc.. because nature was the only place we could go and be free (for a short while).

Well.. Saturn started retrograding on 11th May 2020, and moved back into Capricorn on 3rd July… and continued to move retrograde till 29th September. Then Saturn started to go direct in Capricorn..

That’s all like the just the pre-title action sequence of an action movie – well not so much action but an epic!

The opening titles are playing now.. and today on 17th December 2020, Saturn moves into Aquarius (again) after a gap of 5 and a half months.

Now, Saturn will slowly transit through Aquarius for the next 2+ years.. till 8th March 2023! Now comes all the hard work and weight.

If people thought that 2020 was a bad year, and as 2021 begins, we’re going to ease back out to our old ways .. Think again. Saturn isn’t going to let us get out of jail for free! We must pay with hard work!

While Jupiter also arrives in Aquarius and will be there for 1 year, it will soften the Saturn blow.. Expansions of horizons will occur.. but just alongside it, hard lessons, tasks will also be taking place. Future foundations will be getting laid.

There’s so much to say.. but for now.. here are the key dates of this Saturn transit through Aquarius.

Saturn’s Journey through Aquarius 22nd March 2020 to 8th March 2023. Astrology blogs by Mani Navasothy. http://www.QuantumPhoenix.net


22nd March 2020 – Saturn enters Aquarius.

11th May – Saturn begins retrograde motion in Aquarius (1’57”Aq).

3rd July – Saturn slips back ..out of Aquarius and back into Capricorn.

29th Sept – Saturn goes direct in Capricorn (25’20” Cap).

17th December- Saturn arrives in Aquarius.


23rd May 2021 – Saturn begins retrograde (13’31” Aquarius)

10th Oct – Saturn goes direct (6’52” Aqu)


4th June 2022 – Saturn retrogrades (25’15” Aqu)

22nd Oct – Saturn Direct (18’35” Aqu)


8th Mach 2023 – Saturn leaves Aquarius . Enters Pisces.

I’ll write more about this in another blog..

-Mani Navasothy

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Saturn transit through Aquarius begins (3 years)

Saturn in Aquarius – coming up (3 years!)

On Sunday 22nd March 2020, Saturn arrives in Aquarius! Wild energies will begin to be pinned down. Stability, endurance, authority & hard lessons take focus .. instead of erratics, rebellion for sake of rebellion, thrill-seeking, disruptive behaviours.

Saturn retrogrades in mid-May (in Aquarius) and will be out of Aquarius for a short period (2nd July to 16th December). That will be time to review the lessons that are previewed over the next 3+ months.

Then Saturn will transit through Aquarius.. from 16th December 2020 to 8th March 2023!!!

This is just a quick note – I’ll write more soon.. as Saturn works me hard.

Astrology: Jovial Transits in 2018 (part1)

Jovial Transits in 2018 (that’s Jupiter stuff!!) – part1
Well I meant to do this last week..but didn’t and have missed mentioning some brilliant Jupiter aspects / transits already..but here goes..
Basically looking at the ephemeris for any big aspects between social/ transpersonal / outer planets.. I noticed that in 2018, Jupiter is the one dominating it in this respect.
here’s an incomplete list..covering first few months.. (have’t completed my studies on this).
Jupiter transits
It all started when i was 7..
No ..with the 7th seal..
On the 7th January 2018, the first of the Jupiter aspects took place.. (Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio – which in the old days was ruled by Mars.. ). I managed to do some number-square-candle magic with a cauldron of natural spring water in it.. and it was actually very powerful.. (more on that another time).
8th jan- Sun sextiled Jupiter; 🙂 Venus sextiled Jupiter. 🙂
14th Jan- well..bit of a sharp one with Mercury semi-squirting Jupiter :-/
And this night (16th January) at 4:13am, Jupiter-sextiles-Pluto ..Yeap! And it’s going to repeat this (retrograde motion and all) on 14th April, and then for a 3rd and final time on 12th September..!!
25th jan- mercury sextiles Jupiter.
13th March – Jupiter Trines Sun. 🙂 Very good one.
14th March – Jupiter- semi-square-Saturn (only tough aspect in 2018 to occur between 2 larger planets).
zipping forward, 17th April- Venus trines Pluto (nothing t do with Jupiter.. but it’s a highly positive aspect).
20th May- BIG one.. Jupiter(R) trines Neptune (2nd time..as first time was in 2017). This will happen again for a 3rd time on 19th August (Jupiter is direct by then).
1st June- Venus- trines- Jupiter (yikes…can it get that good? 2 of the most benefic planets smoochin it up!)
What;s it all mean?
well. I only know what goes on when they hit me first.. about 24 hrs before it happens.. It’s why my forecasts are last-minute 😉 If they don’t talk to me..I don’t write forecasts..
Am more of an AstroMage.. I do ritual magic at astrologically opportune moments to stellar engineer my life..
(Damn it I’ve just given away my best secret…blooming Jupiter-Pluto thinggy!!)
so what will I be doing at 4.13am? it starts with an S..
Sex?…Sleep?..Star-Magic? have a guess! Am giving away all my secrets in one post ya know.. 8-|
ps. below is an art work I painted using a graphics software 🙂

Jupiter trines Saturn TODAY! (and that’s good!!)

Good news to everyone.. Jupiter is trine with Saturn today!

So by the time you are reading this, guess what..  you are already under that very positive influence of these stellar objects.

This aspect last took place in December 2013 (last year) and at that point, Jupiter was retrograding and Saturn was going direct. This time, however, Saturn is retrograding in Scorpio, and Jupiter is going direct in Cancer.

Jupiter trine saturn May2014 - 5.47pm (gmt)
Jupiter trine saturn -on 24th May2014 at 5.47pm (gmt)   (c) http://www.ManiNavasothy.com

So Jupiter’s expansive and jovial powers combine harmoniously with Saturn’s authoritative and foundation laying energies.  As always this is very good for making future plans – especially ones that involve laying foundations with a view to expanding your horizons, undertaking higher studies and deeper learning!  

Sagittarians (ruled by Jupiter) , Capricorns (ruled by Saturn), Cancerian (Jupiter is in Cancer) and Scorpios (Saturn is in Scorpio) get the full blast of this great energy ..but all of you have access to this in one area or other of your life..  depending on where these two planets are currently positioned in your personal chart.

One observation is that both of these planets are in water signs currently, so focus on watery things – emotions, empathy, love, intuition, nurturing, sex & lust are all possible.

Remember that as Jupiter rules a fire sign, and Saturn rules an earth sign,  one way to harness the energies of this would be to work with fire and earth…

Personally I was doing a lot of gardening yesterday, tidying up the clutter that had built up over winter, and then sat with a bon-fire burning some of that clutter..  Not only that, I was also moved to do a flame cleansing and consecration of my Magical sword..   At the time I had not been aware of this aspect brewing..  – yes even us Astrologers forget sometimes..  🙂   But it looks like my intuition was spot on and I was doing just about the right thing anyway.. !

So look back at the past 24-48 hours to see what sort of activities you have been involved in.. to work out where the focus has been..   remembering that because of the Scorpio factor, there may have been intensity of some sort too..)

-Mani Navasothy

ps. How did you do with magical work at Eclipses?  That was last month, when we had the Solar & Lunar Eclipses.  If you are interested, you can visit my Eclipse Magic website and download a free 33 page e-Book that gives you the foundations of doing Magical work at Eclipses.   The next set of eclipses are due in October’14..   So why not get started now?    Visit Eclipse Magic

(or click the Book graphics at top right column of this blog post)

Good News: Mercury goes direct (and Mars forms brilliant aspects)

mercury direct 21july2013
mercury direct 21july2013

Astrology is not always about `bad news’ – and here’s some excellent ones.. !

Mercury has been retrograding since late June’13 and today comes to be stationary in Cancer…and starts going direct!  This is good.. in case you have been one of those millions pf people experiencing wrangles in life, missed opportunities, arguments, mental stress, conflicts…as well as issues with contracts, communications, and even the odd squabbles with your siblings!

All that should be clearing away here onwards..!    Commercial ventures can go forward. Those teething internet problems can disappear..  and hopefully even the local trains and buses will run on time..

From the graphics here, you can see that…Mercury ..although going direct now…has some days too go..before it gets to the spot in Cancer it was…before it started going backwards! So  between now (21st July) and about 4th August, there’ll be time to start resolving those matters..  clearing up issues that have come up in the past 3-4 weeks..  before making new progress!

Mars factor 21july2013
Mars factor 21july2013

That’s not all the good news..!

We have already experienced the grand trine between Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune..   Now it’s the turn for Mars…which will form (later today) trines with Saturn and Neptune..! And in 2 days, Mars will also conjunct with Jupiter..

The key points to focus..are the symbolisms of Saturn (authority, parental issues, long term plans and structures, material security),  Neptunian matters (dreams, ideals, psychology, inner beauty, intuition & psychic matters), and of course Jovial (Jupiter) qualities.. such as expanding horizons, exploring religion, law, philosophy, higher education..  and so on.   All these energies become connected to Aries people..through these aspects so it’s there…Just `tune in’ and be positive!

This is good for Aries people..who may have started to wonder ..in the past few days.. why things suddenly got bad to worse for them …despite feeling edgy  for 3 weeks.. under the influence of mercury retro. That’s because Uranus just started retrograding in Aries few days ago…and will do so for 5 months.. (see next blog post on this)

the trines & Conjunction Mars forms will give Aries people a boots.. Main thing is to store up that boots and positivity..so that  even when the gets rough for the next few months..  you’ll know it will all change..!

-Mani Navasothy

Retrograde-Free period ends (next one in 3 years!)

Venus trine & transitAt any one time, our observation will show planets to be either `moving direct’ or `moving backwards’ – the Retrograde motion. (This is explained in my earlier blog. Read it here).

From  30th January  we have had a clear  2+ weeks, where no planets in Solar system were retrograding. This period has now ended, with Saturn already beginning to retrograde in the sign of Scorpio today (19th Feb’13).  And in a few days, on 23rd Feb’13, Mercury will begin its retrograde in the sign of Pisces.

The next time we will get a clear retrograde-Free period (where all the planets in our Solar system are going direct) will occur in almost 3 years time.

Here are the dates for future Retrograde-Free durations.

30 Jan – 17 Feb 2013  (17 days) – Just ended!

26 Dec’15 – 4Jan’16 (10 days).

8 Jan –  5 Feb 2017 (27 days)

2 Jan -7 March 2018 (2 months!)

5 Jan – 4 March 2019 (2 months!)

Now some people may think that `their planet’ won’t be retrograding all the time and so they won’t be having such a long wait. However, bear in mind that when a personal astrological chart is erected and current positions of planets are placed on that, each planet is going to be in an important house-position of a person’s chart (even if a particular planet is not their ruling planet!). So when ever one goes retrograde in a house position (say 5th house – of romance, creativity..  2nd house of finances etc) …that area of your life will be influenced in a challenging way (most of the time).

So effectively, for the next 3 years, without any exceptions, we are all going to be having challenging times…in one part of our life or another.

From time to Time, I’ll provide forecasts – difficult and easy days or periods to watch out for.

-Mani Navasothy

Saturn: Peering into the Storm (on 27Nov2012)

709337main_N00198348-43 – Saturn from the pole 27nov2012 (c) NASA

Here’s a brilliant photo of the planet Saturn..

Peering into the Storm

This image from NASA’s Cassini mission was taken on Nov. 27, 2012, with Cassini’s narrow-angle camera. The camera was pointing toward Saturn from approximately 224,618 miles (361,488 kilometers) away. This image has not been validated or calibrated.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

-Mani Navasothy

ps. hey this is a special photo- cos it was taken on the day of my birthday 🙂


Mercury dance with Pluto, as Saturn strokes Neptune

More astrological good news!

In my previous astrology post, I mentioned the following:

Good news:  On 9th October, Sun trines Jupiter, and, Venus trines Pluto. The energy of those two are superb, and should start to transform and resolve the situations that exist.     Jupiter rules horizons, religion and justice.    Sun is one for energy (and ego).    Venus will be a governing social interactions, love etc…and Pluto is all about intensity, power, control..death and rebirth..and ultimately…transformation.  (see full post:  Neptune wars with Mars). 

Well, I forgot to say, in the midst of some personal trials & triumphs, there are some  another brilliant aspects going on too.

Mercury-semisextile-Pluto  (yesterday 10th Oct’12) – is one of these good aspects.  Someone mentioned the word `argument’ in reply to one of my astrology posts, and I had to point out – that time- as mercury was not part of those aspects, it’s not about arguments…but about `confusions’ (as Neptune was adversely involved).   Well, here Mercury is involved…but positively ..and with Pluto.   So communications may be going through some sort of positive break-through, or mental processes may be leading people to decisions.

(I for one had reached certain major decisions on some of my old ventures. At the same time, I was also busy outdoors …shooting a few videos for some upcoming Enterprises & ventures.. So yeap, I made use of this aspect in the last few days! 🙂

Saturn-trine-Neptune (today 11th Oct’12)   – this is a brilliant one, as it’s a trine…the most positive astrological aspect possible (short of a double or grand trine!).   As you’ll probably know, Saturn governs stability and structures…as well as authority.  And Neptune is a distant planet that has associations to dreams, psychology, intuition, the human collective…amongst tangible but fluidic things like gases, petrol, liquids (ocean). Idealism is also linked to this  (Knight of Cups).

So this aspect between Saturn & Neptune is a highly positive one…for crsytallising ideals and dreams into definite forms, structure…putting in foundations…if you like..  There’s more of course…but I have been tuning into that part of it…especially for the new Esoteric Enterprises venture that I just announced.

It’s all good.. if we go with the stellar winds, when sailing our ships to new horizons. 🙂   The Hindus have been doing that for thousands of years…others too.  I;ll say more in coming blogs about using astrology for  working out potentially powerful dates to do business.

-Mani Navasothy