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Thames Full Moon Ritual & Honouring Sekhmet for Protection (Aug 2019)

On this Aquarius Full Moon night, we’ll be gathering for our monthly `TLC: Full Moon Ritual’ (Tamesa London Circle started in 2006). This particular ceremony honours Sekhmet the In 2013, we did a `submerging Sekhmet’ and last year in 2018, performed `Rise of Sekhmet’. So what follows now is the honouring of this great Lion Headed Egyptian Warrior Goddess – for her blessings of power and protection.
No prior knowledge or experiences of wicca or ritual magic is necessary for you to attend this. Just come with an open mind. Be friendly and non-intrusive. Connect with others, and join in the ceremony.

TLC 15aug19 honouring sekhmet.jpg

Fee: £5.

Magic: protection/ spellcraft:

On this full moon, once we invoke the powers of Sekhmet, we’ll be creating protection magic for us all – charms that you may take home for your own psychic and magical protection.

Date/ Time:

Thursday, August 15, 2019
7:00 PM
 to 10:30 PM

Meeting point:

Gather outside the Green area of Tate Modern Gallery (main doors). Organiser (Mani) & others will by the outdoor seats. We’ll walk down to the banks of Thames and do this ceremony. If you are late, just find the steps, walk down to river bank, and join us. We’re usually under the concrete over-hang/ sheltered space.

Thames & Tides:

Our rituals tale place on the actual river bank…just few meters away from the water. We organise these Thames-rituals after checking Port of London authority Thames Tide time tables.. to take place at low tide.. (At high tide the entire river bank is under many meters of water!!).

The steps are slippery. bank of Thames after previous tide will be full of new things and sharp objects. Take extreme care with your own health & safety. You are responsible for your safety.
**No children allowed**
**Unfortunately the location is not suitable for anyone with walking disabilities**

What to bring:

• Please dress appropriate for weather! (we carry on Rituals regardless of weather).
• Please bring food & drinks to share ( bread & cheese / humus are a good start) and any soft drink/wine that you like to share with others in circle.
• a torchlight is a good idea. Feasting/ sharing food & Drinks:

After the ritual circle on the river bank is completed, some people leave for home. Others stay behind to socialise. We tend to go back up to street level, to the grassy green area outside Tate Modern Gallery and socialise/ share food & drinks.. If it’s raining, we just go to the nearby Pub within sight.

Bright Blessings
-Mani Navasothy

Link to meetup event:  https://www.meetup.com/LondonWoodlandWitches/events/262984676/


Quests of Isis: A Thames-Isis Ritual in Richmond, London (16Nov13)

In January 2013, we began exploring the `Thames-Isis’ energies in a series of magical rituals/ Ceremonies in London.  The Isium Navigatum,  Birthday of Isis, Submerging Sekhmet are complete and we head towards the last and most important one of all..  Quests of Isis !

I feel that in many ways this is the  Egyptian equivalent of Samhain..  and quite obviously the mythological origin of the mummification rituals.. It is where Isis `mourns, longs for …searches and finds’  her dead husband Osiris  (who was murdered by his evil brother Set).

Isis-Magic is at it’s most potent, as she combines the 13 pieces of the dead body parts of Osiris, and adding an artificial Phalus, she brings him to completion- where upon he descends to the Underworld to rule there as King.

All are welcome to this ceremony…being held on the banks of river Thames…in Richmond area (SW London)..on the even of the  taurean Full moon in November.

Here are the details..  and the mythology




Saturday 16th November 2013.


This ritual will take place in Richmond, where the river Tames is much `clearer’ and affords water-side green spaces to do the ritual and socialise.


Please meet us at the `Richmond Railway station’ man entrance (Coffee shop in the foyer). We will gather all people and wlak 10-15 minutes to the spot by the river already chosen by us.


Please be at the meeting point (station) by 1.30pm latest. **( We are sorry but we can not wait for late comers. We can not spend time giving instructions on phone on how to get to the spot. We will be busy preparing for ceremony!)**

End time: Sunset is at about 4.09 pm. And we aim to end by 4.30pm. But can not rush a magical ceremony!

What to bring:

-Open mind
-Magical or peaceful emotions 🙂
-Some food & drinks (wine) to share .
– wear weather-proof clothing & shoes. Weather changes. We dress up wisely always..and we carry on the rituals in whatever weather. So come truly prepared!!

Myth of Osiris & Quest of Isis

When Osiris came to power on the Throne of Egypt, he found the people to be savage and brutish, fighting and killing one another.

While Isis, wife of Osiris, discovered the grain of wheat and barley, Osiris taught the people how to plant the seeds after the Nile had risen and sunk again, leaving fresh fertile soil. Osiris taught the people how to tend the crops and water them; how to cut the corn, how to thrash the grain, dry it, grind it to make flour and make bread. H showed them the way to plant vine and make wine out of grapes, as they had already known how to brew beer our of barley.

Osiris went on to teach the people law and to live peacefully and happily, enjoying music and poetry. Thus Egypt was filled with peace and plenty. And Osiris set off to bring the same blessings to other nations. His wife Isis ruled Egypt while he was away.

But Seth, their brother, envied Osiris and hated Isis. He planned to kill his brother and rule in his place. And when Osiris returned from his travels Seth held a large festive celebrations, and tricked Osiris into entering a beautifully crafted Chest decorated with cedar, ebony and ivory. Seth sealed the chest with molten lead and threw it in the river Nile, and Osiris the man died within it.

The chest was carried out to the Sea, and came to the shore of Phoenicia near the city of Byblos. Here it lodged into a tamarisk tree that grew around it completely. King Malcander heard of the beautiful tree, and made orders to cut it down and fashion a great pillar for his palace. No one knew that it held the body of Osiris.

Later, Isis searched and found the Pillar, and after time in the palace looking after the King’s children, procured the Pillar and took it on a barge back to Egypt. She had left it in the marshes, in order to go and check on her young son Horus, when Seth found the pillar and the Chest within it.. tore the body of Osiris into 14 pieces, and scattered them all over the banks of the Nil, hoping those pieces will be eaten by various crocodiles and other animals.

On her return, Isis discovered what had happened, and with the help of her sister Nephthys and Anubis, she found all but one piece of Osiris. His penis was missing. Isis rejoined the pieces of Osiris and also made a Penis – with the use of magic, and completed Osiris. She caused the body to be embalmed and hid it in a place only she knew. Now with the body whole, and rites completed, the spirit of Osiris passed into Amenti to rule over the dead. He stays there until the last great battle between his Son Horus and Seth, and it is said he will return to Earth once Seth has been defeated once and for all.

**FULL RITUAL will be published on our website as a FREE download document about 1 week before the Ritual. *

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Please e-mail via our website.= (we have a contact form in the websites!)

Submerging Sekhmet – a 7/7 River Thames Ceremony for protection of London

 Submerging Sekhmet- A 7-7 London protection Ceremony
Submerging Sekhmet- A 7-7 London protection Ceremonyby Waterloo Bridge, river Thames

Few months ago, a friend was talking about the story of a  statue of Sekhmet (the Egyptian warrior Goddess) – submerged in river Thames in London, many years ago..for the protection of London.   No one is definitely sure if this is actually true. So I spontaneously said that we could make it come true..and really submerge such a statue. My friend Caroline Wise (a Priestess in the Fellowship of Isis) suggested such a `Ceremony’ should be worked magically to protect London and all of in London..

London has been `attacked’ by Terrorists in recent times.. as recent as 2005, and it had come out of the blue. So a protection ceremony …to take place on the anniversary of the last attack (7th July 2005) seem the most suitable date.

Wikipedia has this entry for the  `7/7 Bombings’

“The 7 July 2005 London bombings (often referred to as 7/7) were a series of co-ordinated suicide attacks in London which targeted civilians using the public transport system during the morning rush hour.

On the morning of Thursday, 7 July 2005, four Islamist home-grown terrorists detonated four bombs, three in quick succession aboard London Underground trains across the city and, later, a fourth on a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square. Fifty-two civilians and the four bombers were killed in the attacks, and over 700 more were injured.

The explosions were caused by homemade organic peroxide–based devices packed into rucksacks. The bombings were followed exactly two weeks later by a series of attempted attacks.”

Sekhmet Statues 2007 -ManiN2013

So we are making preparations..  for this simple Ceremony, to take place on a small but significant part by the river Thames.. on this coming 7th July 2013…just before Sunset..

Sekhmet is also a Sun-Goddess…one I have worshiped for almost 2 decades…in private and asked for protection at times of personal need..  In my altar, she takes the form of

a small clay statue that I had hand-made that long ago. I have made 2 further statues…but given them to friends. Or rather, I made them specifically for certain friends. So it will be my privilege to make a new clay Sekhmet statue once more..  This one will be special..in that, the clay for it will be taken from the banks of the river Thames itself.. and later as a fully made statue, it will be returned ceremonially to the Thames!

If you live in or near London, and would like to attend this ceremony, keep in touch…subscribe to my blog, and I’ll post more details…near the time.

-Mani Navasothy

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