The Thinking Dust

I have no blooming idea who I am.. artist, writer, magician, shaman, witch, Wiseman, trickster, director, producer..blah.. blah.. In the end.. I think I am Mani.. yay.. great conclusion to a long quest, right? Wrong! Even that is a name given to me by my parents (not even the first one.. they gave me another … Continue reading The Thinking Dust

A Prelude to Imbolc

-- A Prelude to Imbolc ----------------- Some stories end.. Sometimes sadness descends for no reasons known.. and shadows just rise and cloak us..and choke us.. MidWinter may have passed and Sun-child may be born.. But we are entering the deepest part of winter..this.. now.. And here we plea to the Winter-Goddess to loosen her grip … Continue reading A Prelude to Imbolc

Life is a Spiral – not a Circle (motivational)

Life is not a circle..but a spiral. Cycles seem to come around, same things seem to repeat..but each time we are moving slightly up or down in progress.. and each time, we should try to do things slightly different, to see if energies and life shifts to better states.. At times, others may try to … Continue reading Life is a Spiral – not a Circle (motivational)

Thoughts on Diplomacy & Politics

I sometimes think that Diplomacy is a double-edged sword - in that it appears to serve both parties, but the `Diplomat' surely must have an inner personal motive, or some sort of loyalty - to even start engaging in the process. Often in heated battles situations (wars!), the Diplomat does not rise from one of … Continue reading Thoughts on Diplomacy & Politics

Brain & Storms: Weather Magic up a Tree

Okay am not that creative with the title of this blog post...but if you don't care then neither do I..  What matters is the content right? I've talked in past blogs about my affinity with trees, ons in my back garden and ones out there in the woods.. and I've also talked about my excitement … Continue reading Brain & Storms: Weather Magic up a Tree