Spellcraft & Magic workshop (Beginners, Outdoors, London)

Advance notice.. Outdoor `Spellcraft & Magic' workshop in 3 weeks time. (on Saturday 12th November). This is a solid 4 hr session (12pm to 4pm) where we simply cover a lot of relevant content. You'll learn and do practical work on candle magic, cord magic, 1 healing spell, and absorb intro talks on other key … Continue reading Spellcraft & Magic workshop (Beginners, Outdoors, London)

Spellcraft for Beginners – online course Friday 13th November 2020

Spellcraft for Beginners - online (zoom video) course facilitated by Mani Morningstar & Freya Witch - initiated Wiccans of the Gardnerian Tradition of the Craft. We have been running Spellcraft courses outdoors (in woods) and indoors (Atlantis Bookshop) for many years. Now with circumstances making us stay indoors, we're designing this Beginners course to be … Continue reading Spellcraft for Beginners – online course Friday 13th November 2020

Woodland Witches in January 2020

Hey all..   here's a snap shot of some key Open rituals, festive events and magical courses happening in january for my `London Woodland witches & Pagans' meetup group.  These events are open to all..regardless of membership of meetup.  Just make a note of the event you like, and simply turn up and join in  Only … Continue reading Woodland Witches in January 2020