Of Stags, mud and man!

This photo is where I was 8 years ago.. in more ways than one! It was an Eclipse in the early morning.. and I was meant to look for a quiet spot to do magic.. but I had been distracted following this Stag.. and when the moment came, there was no time to do anything … Continue reading Of Stags, mud and man!

Marking Time – 5 months of camping out!

Dear all..   it may surprise some of you to know (unless you are my facebook friends) that I have been sleeping in the garden in a tent...for 5 months now..  rain or shine..  storms or summer breezes.    It started on 7th August 2015..and today marks 5 months.   (even when i have been … Continue reading Marking Time – 5 months of camping out!

Hour of the Ram: Cernunnos (Spring God) invocation


In this original video (words,photos, graphics, animation - all by Mani Navasothy) - the process of growing horns, connection to star formations and energy, and a personal invocation to the Horned God are presented. I began working on the materials (taking photos) 2 weeks ago, but sudden ill-health stopped the process. But through recovery time, this is what kept me occupied, and away from pain. Am better now, and the video is complete. It stands as probably my most personally rewarding piece of magical in-vocation of the past 15 years. I now cast it into the net for all to take what they wish from it,and use, and enjoy. -Mani.