AstroAlert: Intense aspects 2nd- 6th June 2016

Watch out friends.. There's no less that 6 tough aspects coming up between 2-5th June (2 per day)...squares & oppositions. These are going to be stressful..(you may have already started to pick up on these energies over the past 2-3 days, as the aspects are brewing!).  Take note of the issues that are coming up.. … Continue reading AstroAlert: Intense aspects 2nd- 6th June 2016

Jupiter squares Uranus Today

This one almost slipped past me..! Probably because I am under its influence already...( I should have written this forecast weeks ago..when am a bit more objective). Well, Jupiter - ruling planet of Sagittarius is squaring up with Uranus- ruler of Aquarius.  Jupiter is currently retrograding in the watery sign of Cancer..  so this aspect … Continue reading Jupiter squares Uranus Today