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Tamesa London Circle: Memory streams flowing

Tamesa London Circle- Eclipse Ritual

Two days ago, I was walking along the banks of the river Thames, with April, and was reminded of how many days and evenings we had spent on those shores many years ago- during our `courting days’ ūüôā And then I was aware that how we had more or less stopped spending time there – as other things in life take our attention.

Back in 2006, several things happened . In February 2006, I organised a Masked Ball on board the ship Queen Mary in river Thames (near Waterloo pier). In June, friends had an impromptu social by the bank side- after a meal in a restaurant, and also we had the first Hern’s Tribe riverside social /ceremony (taking mud, body painting etc) by Hammersmith area. ¬†Later that year we had another Masked Ball on the Thames. And we did a full on River of Souls – Samhain ritual on the banks of river Thames.

It all started after ¬†a trip to the London Museum, where I wanted to learn more about the ancient tribal history of the Thames. ¬†Then of course my Hindu upbringing and it’s river-worshiping ideas took over, and I wanted to explore the spiritual mysteries of the Thames more….from source to sea, and in between!

Thus was born the `Tamesa London Circle’- a social & ritual group of friends , yet open to others to join/ attend. The following few years were taken up with planned/ regularly organised TLC activities. ¬†I think a website was created (www.Tamesa.info) and April & I started running Craft & Magic courses under the Tamesa London Circle banner. ¬†Further highlights were when we did Samhain ritual just under the Millennium Bridge, on 31st October (Halloween night!) under the very eyes of Londoners and visitors – on the very front yard of St.Paul’s Cathedral… ¬†It was the perfect night, and perfect cover, for a real Wiccan/ Witchy ritual… as people probably thought it’s a crazy Halloween costumed party! (we all wore robes etc).

We did all sorts of things – Seasonal rituals, picnics & ¬†exploratory walks, at & craft (Jewelry¬†under the name of `Treasures of Tamesis’)¬†, healing circle, courses, rowing trips etc.

Regrettably last few years have been rather quiet for Tamesa London Circle (TLC), apart from us doing Earth Hour candle-lit walks in March 2011 & 2012.

Tamesa London Circle – logo shows moon-child riding the Tamesa Serpent

But a recent walk seems to have been different.. ¬†perhaps it’s close to a Cancer new moon and the deeper flow is surfacing because it’s compelled me to rebuild the Tamesa website..the whole lot.. ¬†20% better than before, in just one half an obsessive day!! ¬†And it’s up again!

Few months ago we were having¬†drought, and then the deluge and floods… and every river that dried up is now flowing…nay overflowing and breaking banks! ¬†Ground water levels are up. Lakes & city¬†reservoirs are full. Gardens and watered.

And Tamesa London Circle Рreduced to  mere trickle for some years and existing only between April & me- are flowing again!   Visit the website for full history of events between 2006-2012, concepts, albums and more.  http://www.Tamesa.info