Experiential Tarot workshop – (outdoors/ London) -9th Sept’2018

We invite you to take a journey in to the world of practical application of tarot for self and others, in a natural woodland setting to expand your deeper connections to messages from this popular divination tool, that traces back to it’s medieval roots! Intended for anyone with some or no experience of reading tarot, … Continue reading Experiential Tarot workshop – (outdoors/ London) -9th Sept’2018

Gaian Times – Eco-Magazine #11 (Beltane/Summer 2015) published!

Hi all,   it gives me great pleasure to announce the publishing (online) of the latest Gaian Times eco-spiritual e-Magazine. Take a look at  the new  mobile friendly site    www.GaianTimesMagazine.com Regulars may know, previous issue#10 came out in Feb'2014, and the one for May'14 never manifested.  So this latest magazine is coming out after … Continue reading Gaian Times – Eco-Magazine #11 (Beltane/Summer 2015) published!