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Isidias Navigatum 2021 : Spring & Blessing for Wealth Ceremony (online)

Isidias Navigatum: Blessing of Wealth 2021 ceremonyfor London Woodland Witches meetup community.

This annual ceremony was held at the start of the Spring time in Ancient Egypt, to gain the blessings of Goddess Isis upon the ships and boats (Fleet) – so that they may go forth, find commerce, resources and wealth and bring them back.

–Monday 8th March 2021

–8.30pm to 9.30pm ONLINE (Free)see link below for meetup event.

This is our 9th annual event, and is being held online (due to social restrictions). However we are including newly filmed video clips of our ceremonial altar-ship being floated on river Thames at Richmond with Goddess Isis statue onboard!


Introducing..Esoteric Enterprises Initiative – for Pagans & magical Entrepreneurs

Proud to present the formal launch of the Esoteric Enterprises Initiative!   

This Introduction video that explains the Aims, Objectives, Networking, Rewards & benefits of this new Gaian Times Social initiative – created mainly for pagans, esoteric practitioners, New Age people, Spiritual &psychics who are looking to create or develop their esoteric business ventures, online presence, products and community services – with a view to wealth-creation for themselves and for their communities.

Interested Pagan & esoteric people can go to the http://www. EsotericEnterprises.co.uk website and do an e-mail Opt-in to receive weekly, fortnightly and monthly bulletins and free tools/ tips on how to build online platforms, internet marketing, social networking, SEO and other techniques for building own enterprises!

Related sites:

http://www.GaianTimes.com (free online quarterly magazine)
http://www.GaianTimes.org (eco-spiritual organisation. Registered not-for-profit company)
http://www.EostericExpert.com (Mani Navasothy’s professional site on products & services)

-Mani Navasothy

Introducing Esoteric Enterprises

Esoteric Enterprises- The EE chip


Introducing….a new Gaian Times initiative

`Esoteric Enterprises’ –  a Social Initiative by Gaian Times’  – for Esoteric Practitioners & Pagan Business creators, online Publishers, Artists, Authors, Community builders, Sellers, Stall holders, Conference organisers,  Self-employed people, Marketers & Entrepreneurs.

The Aim is to become an online networking platform and directly help & support  esoteric people  in growing their  own  Enterprises, or develop their existing ventures. This of course enables them (you) fulfilling their hidden potential for wealth-creation and funding other charitable ventures or causes!  (Pagan Charties, Eco-spiritual charities etc).


 Objectives – My  approach is currently two-fold

  1. Teach, train, mentor, share, explore and disseminate valuable business tools, techniques and ideas – directly to all those who subscribe to my Enterprise bulletins (blogs, videos, webinars, audio downloads, e-guides & Reports).
  2. Work with all who are interested, and create an Esoteric Enterprises Network, which will then have the following exclusive benefits for those in the network:
  • Learn business strategies and apply it to Esoteric ventures
  • Learn up to date marketing methods and use it promoting and publicising your Esoteric ventures.
  • Increase your skills on online tools
  • Familiarise, customise and increase your online presence wisely in strategically planned manner (using Social media, Blogs, Videos, Webinars & websites).
  • Plan your esoteric enterprises for short, medium and long term (3 months,9month, 1 yr, 2 yr, 3yr).
  • Develop branding, logo and a strong identity.

Esoteric Enterprises – Gaian Times initiative for building an entrepreneurial network for Pagans! (c)ManiNavasothy.2012

A number of us are have been working on this initiative behind the scenes for some months now.. We’ll be formally launching this initiative with the upcoming edition of GAIAN TIMES  – eco-magazine  (publishing soon!)

There will also be (as publicised months ago), free offers of websites for individuals, small shops, businesses etc…through Gaian Times initiatives.

So …watch this space..:-)

-Mani Navasothy

(Founder/Editor / Director of Gaian Times)

Gaian Times is a registered not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Registered in England & Wales, UK.