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Esoteric Enterprises Network for Business people in Holistic & Spiritual Communities

The experiences, knowledge, services and products YOU possess are exactly what so many other people are seeking – for their own use, their own well-being and their growth – be it spiritual, emotional or physical.

Esoteric Enterprise Network  - on facebook
Esoteric Enterprise Network – on facebook

Offer them genuine quality and value to their life, and they will return the favour – either as a reasonable fee or reciprocal product or service. That is just human nature! It is the `Law of return’ in just another form. Energy is given in one form and is received in another form for universal balance.

`Esoteric Enterprises Network’ – is for Holistic & Spiritual People who are developing their own home-based or startup businesses. So, if you have a business in the following areas, this is the group for you-

  • Holistic Therapies,
  • Healing arts,
  • Tarot /Astrology/ Psychic readings,
  • Writing Books & guides,
  • creating/selling Art & Crafts,
  • Event organising,
  • Community building,
  • online Promotions & Marketing,
  • and other products & services connected with Esoteric, Holistic & spiritual industries.

Aim of this group is to….

  • share personal tips, tools & techniques.
  • learn about e-Commerce & enterprises.
  • offer encouragement & moral support.
  • promote / publicise one another’s products & holistic services.
  • start joint ventures, partnerships & projects.

Come Join in and network on matters of wealth creation, publicity for launches of businesses, brands, shops, sales etc.
Remember – earning a living & creating personal financial wealth – is as much a part of life, as is spirituality and holistic well-being.

We started this facebook group on 8th January 2013 (Esoteric Enterprises was launched in October 2012)- to be a Network for either Esoteric & Holistic people..or people who provide products and services to the Esoteric, Holistic & Spiritual Communities.  It’s now time to shift the group towards more growth .. internally.. so that some of that sharing & support can take place.  If you have esoteric Business ventures…  take the time to tell the rest of us what it’s about, and where you are heading with it..and what are your hopes for it. Think of it like the `Elevator pitch’.. If you have made sales / promotional videos, slides etc.. do share them within the network / group (facebook).

And for my part, Over the coming weeks, I will also be sharing a number of business strategies, tools, techniques I have learnt and practise in my own ventures.. (all freely).

Why? Because my personal aim has always been to promote Esoteric Enterprises… so that we can all be proud and be successful in what we do.. !


Come join the Esoteric Enterprises Network

Best wishes.



Cookies: An Important notice about Internet Privacy

Beware of spyware and Adware -graphics -Mani Navasothy
What are Website Cookies? 

Am sure you have noticed – all professional websites of organisations and companies now have a legal note at the top – telling you about Cookies and how they collect data when you visit their website (s). Well, what exactly is it and what does it mean?

I have just written this `disclaimer/ legal note’  for all the 4 main esoteric sites I create & manage. (rest of my sites will be done soon).

And here below is the information I provided. While it may not be extensive, it will be helpful in you getting an initial understanding of what Cookies are and how webmasters, web hosting companies..and Google uses them..and for what.

Privacy, Cookies & Internet Safety

“Nearly all websites & site hosts have inbuilt software that places small tracking program called a `cookie’ – This collects user data, such as number of visits, where they are coming from (ie which link they used to arrive at a site, or if they did a search, or inputted a web address directly). Google analytics & Host companies provide simple (or complex) program for all web masters to access that data. Some websites actively use complex cookies. We do not do this, but rely on any data collected by Google & our site host.

Every time you visit a website (all) a cookie is placed in your web browser. You can set your own browsers to minimise this, (privacy or ingognito modes can be set) or delete cookies (set borwser to delete automatically on departing a site. Next time you arrive at a site, it will still place a new cookie, btu it will have no record of your previous visit).

Disabling or deleting cookies will generally not affect your viewing of (our) websites. But some websites out there have settings that make some parts of their website not-visible, unless their cookies are accepted.

This advise & info is provided to the best of our knowledge. You may wish to do your own search to be fully educated in this matter.”

-Mani Navasothy. 21st March 2013


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