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Editing Wikipedia entry – Shree Ganapathy Temple -Wimbledon

Few days ago, I went looking online for some upcoming rituals in Wimbledon Hindu temple. I found the temple’s official website. More importantly, I found the wikipedia entry..which had a notice of  `lack of notability and possible deletion’.   This was quite worrying.     Wikipedia as many know is a living entity, billions of people use it as reference, millions add entries (woffles, bables, chatty)..and possibly a select thousands work at making those wiki articles as professional and precise as possible..(with references, citations, proper formatting and all that).

Well, I spent a few hours digging stuff in google for any references to the Ganapathy Temple in Wimbledon, and found some great references – from BBC, Guardian, Scouts, Merton Council etc.. So I put them all in, as well as a few new sections, added external links and so on..   and the wiki entry started to look a bit better.  (still long way to go yet, and am sure many others can now add similar `good and notable contents’)

Already I see that another nice person has formatted the contents I put in and made it look better. So here is the entry as it looks at the moment.

 The point behind this ..to let people know that anyone with a basic internet technical skills can edit / add to wikipedia entries …for a subject they have an interested in and have experiences/ knowledge thereof.  It all adds to the content and quality of wikipedia.. modern repository of our knowledge.  🙂

Hindu Priests & omam fire

Wikipedia entry for Shree Ganapathy Temple, Wimbledon (on 20Jan2015) 

**** Note:  Sections in blue (below) are original before I added other content ****

Shree Ganapathy Temple, Wimbledon, is a Hindu temple in south-west London, England, that was established in the 1980s. The main deity in the temple is of LordGanesha. There are also deities of Goddess Durga (Parvati), Lord Hanuman, Krishna etc. The Sai Mandir was opened in 1981 and is a prayer hall dedicated to Sathyanarayana Raju.

During the temple’s early years, the realisation came that there was an urgent need to educate the younger generation about Hinduism. Furthermore, the temple wanted the children to fully understand the faith at a deeper level than previously. Therefore the Sai Mandir has been running classes for many years, teaching the children spiritual education, Sanskrit prayers, how to sing Bhajans (devotional hymns) in addition to learning about other religions too. Voluntary activities take place in affiliation with local authorities and Age Link groups.

The temple provides classes dwelling on teachings of Hinduism, music and dance classes, and yoga to name a few.


  • 1 Community
  • 2 Renovations
  • 3 References
  • 4 External links


Shelter for Refugees: Refugees from Sri Lanka have been given temporary shelter at the Temple in 1986. The BBC recorded this info as part of their DomesDay Project in 1986.[1]

Scouts – 23rd Wimbledon:  This temple became Europe’s first Hindu temple in the UK to be home to a Scout Group. The 23rd Wimbledon [2] was established by Scout Leader, Geetha Maheshwaran in Autumn 2012 .

School trips – Religious Education The school is listed in Merton Council Directory[3] as providing Hindu religious, social and cultural services for all ages, especially for schools to visit as part of their teaching of Hinduism in their Religious Education Curriculum.


The Ganesh temple has been using a building that was formally a Church and a Community Centre. Hence the interior has been a basic square shape. Reconstruction work began in early 2014,[4] and is nearing completion in January 2015. It will be based more on the style of the traditional South Indian temples.


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  4. ^ “Young Reporter-Local Guardian – Wimbledon”.

External links

  • Ganapathy Temple
  • Family Service Community Directory – Merton Council
  • Local Guardian -January 2014- Wimbledon Hindu Temple renovation Article
  • Places of Worship – listing at Kingston University London
  • spiritual-scouting – Article in Scouting Website
  • Video of Omam at Ganapathy Temple (by London Hindu Temples)
  • Omam – Hindu fire ritual – blog by QuantumPhoenix
  • BBC site Domesday Reloaded article- Refugees housed in Hindu Temple


-Mani Navasothy

ps.  Here are those actual links related to Ganapathy Temple 🙂


Wikipedia entry for Pagan Federation- Editing, citing & referencing work

Back in November 2010  (24/11/10) I was browsing through some wikipedia entries for various pagan organisations.. and came across the shocking fact that for `Pagan Federation’ entry, there was very little flesh.. nay…very little bones!  So I set about adding new sections..  such as   PF”s 3 Principles, The work of the PF, Community Services, the District structure of the PF, and external links for PF International, and PF London.

Unfortunately, nearly all of them (except the links) were deleted due to them being having unsourced or unreliable 3rd party references.

Well, earlier today (last night now) I was checking, by* chance, and found that the whole entry had been marked for deletion in 12th September 2012, but had be `saved’ because one person had pleaded that, “This is the national organisation for pagans in the UK and while I agree the present article is poor it should be improved rather than deleted”.

Well, it occurred to me that I myself had recently mentioned the Pagan Federation in atleast 2 Newspapers this year alone (In April, for Enfield Gazette, and in July, for Epping Forest Guardian), and those should be reliable 3rd party references. I started digging, remembering the Cole Morton Book `Is God still an Englishman’ in 2010 (he mentioned my name& quotes me  in page 338, as I just found out!)  , and his Guardian G2 feature in June 2009 – for which I had also been interviewed and photographed (material not used in G2). Bit more googling got me a few good links…one from BBC, mentioning the census of 2011 and the Pagan Federation.

So pooling all of it together, I have now added new sections to the wiki entry for Pagan Federation –

  • Origins of the PF (as Pagan Front in 1971)   with ref in  Witches An encyclopedia of Paganism & magic
  • Beliefs of the PF
  • Aims of the PF
  • Campaigns of the PF
  • all with reliable 3rd party citations, websites & links.

In astounds me that with 40 years of History, there aren’t more mentions of the Pagan Federation in various books, news papers, media etc. Actually there are…am 100% sure of it…but it’s just that no one seems to have put a well constructed wikipedia entry for the Pagan Federation…. (I mentioned it years ago in a PF council meeting..where I also suggested  the PF take an active presence in the internet..social networks.. – which was not forthcoming..so I went ahead and set those UK, London  & International groups/pages up inn facebook!)

Well, I should have been doing my own writing.. but for the past 6+ hours  (6.30pm to 00:00hrs) I have been at it.. trying to give it some bones and some flesh that can’t be torn off by wikipedia experts who scrutinize articles for quality!

I am not sure if all my entries will survive.. as my citing / referencing skills are very new…and I may have done it not quite right. But those references are there now..so someone else can do a better job of it…if need be..  (It’s just cosmetic).

And better still..  I hope the hundreds of Pagan Federation members, Elders, Committee members, PR Gurus, web masters and Officers ..will dig deep, find more referencing material stretching back the past 10-20..30 years…and add more bones, flesh..and even a bit of healthy fat to the Pagan Federation entry in wikipedia :-p

One thing for sure- I haven’t worked this hard on referencing anything …for over 20 years (last time was when I was in University).

Check the `Pagan Federation’  entry here

-Mani Navasothy