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Ganapathy in the Garden (eco-spiritual sculpture)

Ganapathy in the Garden - taking shape (c)ManiN
Ganapathy in the Garden – taking shape (c)ManiN

A spiritual offering to you all..   first look at this Willow twig/branch sculpture I have been making from all the pruned pieces…since September 2012.. It is Ganapathy (Ganesh) the elephant-headed Hindu God of course. 🙂

It started with some difficult issues with neighbours..and I had to do a drastic prunning/ cutting of branches of my much loved Willow tree. But I promised that every piece will be used for a good reason..and this is one of them 🙂  (The other is a small one-person meditation hut by the tree, with branches covering parts of the sides (picture another time).

So I guess you could call it Eco-art.

Last week I created `tusks’ and repaired the wear & tear of the previous winter months..  and more work needed..  But now..there is another danger..  those birds are hunting for twigs…to make their nests 🙂

But hey, am sure Lord Ganesh won’t mind..  and neither do I 🙂

Love n Light to you all.

`Om Ganapathy Namaha’

-Mani Navasothy

Magic: The Willow, the Witch and pruning my World-Tree

The hacked branches of the tree, and the Willow afterwards (insert)

I was having coffee under the Willow just now ..having a peaceful morning, (after the last few days of chaos), and that’s when the idea for this blog came from.  So I guess it is time to share some secrets of personal magic!

You see, I am a Witch, and I have a Willow Tree in my garden..and this is our story..sort of!

Am not sure if many people have a beautiful tree in their back garden in these urban city places we live in – but I am lucky to have that. It was the Willow tree in the garden (and a nice pond) that made me fall in love with this house, and aptly persuade my mother to buy this place years and years ago. And I grabbed the room that over looks the garden – and every day as I wake up, I draw the curtain and look out to `my’ beautiful Willow.

For many years, as I explored magical worlds, and pagan communities, this Willow tree was my grounding place…and even my `first magical partner’. Yes, it is possible to have a tree as one’s magical partner. It was also my representation of Gaia and the Earth Goddess.  I have spent many a days and nights – doing personal rituals under her protective sphere – for when the Willow is in full growth in spring & summer months, it creates a nice space under it..a bubble where no one can see me…even if I am naked beneath it, doing meditative or magical rituals (mostly at nights).

Every few years, when I start the pruning process (she doth grow so much! 🙂 I do a special magical auric work.  I make my pruning intentions clear to the tree a good few days before hand (just sitting under it and thinking to it!).  And on the day of pruning, I first do a n aura expanding exercise..  of expanding and merging my own aura with the tree!  I then ask it to guide me where pruning needs to be done…  and get pruning.

Now anyone good enough to workout the intricacies of this process will instantly work out what happens to me and my life, as a result of this.  What ever happens to the tree..  happens to me! Because I have merged auras, and accept that my aura-life is geometrically and magically mapped to the tree, and so the northern part of the tree now corresponds to all things North/ Earthy in my life- work, stability, structure..and the southern part of the tree links to my own creativity etc.

I mindfully prune the Willow, and when am done, clear the space under it, separate our aura-bonds, and that evening I do a small meditative ritual under the Willow.  I am fully aware – that not only have I trimmed small and huge branches of the Willow, but by this magical work, I have also accepted and magically set the process of pruning corresponding parts of my own life!!

And in the coming weeks, that starts to take effect!  I’ve done this for many years!

And recently, due to some neighborhood wrangles, I have had to do some very very drastic cutting, trimming and pruning of the Willow. It was a traumatic time for the tree, and me.   Huge limbs have been hacked away by me and my newly bought electric chain saw.  Afterwards, I could not face the tree for weeks. I left the fallen limbs as they were. And I guess I was in a state of trauma and transition too.

And then I picked my self up, and started tidying up.  Branches have been selected, separated according to size etc. And as usual, I make tree-branch sculptures of those fallen branches. And there are some new ones slowly taking shape underneath it, by my outdoor altars.

And now I start to see the effects of this in my life- huge areas of my life are drastically altering, traumatically even. Communities I was once a serious part of are going through flux – and my place in them shifting.  Also, other initiatives and ventures are suddenly taking shape in my life- matters that have stalled for so many years suddenly are growing at warp speeds 🙂

By the way, I don’t advise anyone to do this kind of magical work, unless you are seriously able to cope and deal with the intense changes it brings.

I am looking at my world-tree through my window, as I type this..   Sun is shining. There’s a slightly unusual bit of breeze where the long trailing tendrils are  waving.  A few birds have had a rest-stop and flow away. More will be along through out the day..  especially parrots!

And as for my beautiful Willow (world) tree, where I had once hung upon upside down in a midnight Odin ritual…..she is fine.. and so am I.

-Mani Navasothy

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Storm Chasing: Wind, me and the Willow

Here’s some exhilarating news  about last night!

Parts of UK have been battered about by high winds last night (early hours of 5th Jan’12) and half of the following day.   There have been gusts of winds reaching 60-70mph.

I was bust doing work on the laptop – and part of me kept wanting to go out in the garden and experience the stormy weather – cos I like doing that, and ave done so before (once went out by the coast at midnight to see the sea front in midst of  70+mph winds. Then promptly went back to the B&B I was staying, got April out of bed, wrapped up carefully, and got her out too … just for few minutes! Wow)

Back to last night – well, the winds hadn’t ceased, and by 4.45am, I fully succumbed to the temptation – got out of pyjamas, put on proper outdoor cloths, coat, scarf, hat – promptly carried my magical Sword – and went out to the Willow tree in the garden!   And climbed the long ladder that’s been kept there… to mid-section of the tree (to branches above height of a 1st floor roof, but big enough to carry my weight without snapping).

It was fantastic!   I stayed up there for a good 20 minutes, experiencing each wave of gusts – doing various visual and magical works , of clearing the cobwebs from my mind.   (I had not been up the tree since the Neighbours had cut parts of it one afternoon, without our permission, and against our express instructions! And of course, I have been suffering bad back-pains and getting treatment – and it creates a slow-settling fear that itself can be debilitating).    So it was good to be up there – to reconnect, and let go of that trauma, for me, and no doubt for the Willow tree too!

It must have been some sight – if anyone had seen me – standing up a tree at such night time, holding and waving a sword about, facing the winds!

At some points, I closed my eyes (after ensuring my foothold was secure and I wasn’t going to slip on damp tree-trunk or branches)- and just felt the tree sections move me about.   It truly felt – if at all possible – like I was riding a Dragon in the sky!!

After such an experience – life looks different!  And all of today, I have been working fiercely, as if there is a storm-force inside me.

There probably is one!