How to Shield yourself from 5G wifi

I myself used to carry a mobile in my front trouser pocket or belt clip for over 10-12 years... and about 5-6 years ago went through the painful period of having cysts in my testicle.  Sitting was painful, so was sexlife with my then partner. After much scan, vitamin C, some other herbal remedies, wearing … Continue reading How to Shield yourself from 5G wifi

Wyrd Island calling! (on creativity & community building)

A spider does not keep the same web for weeks! An otter does not build the one dam for ever. Creative people are motivated by..nay.. driven by an instinct to create.. Other factors may play a part in that process - like whims, wants, needs, projections. But the deeper play is... that is who and … Continue reading Wyrd Island calling! (on creativity & community building)

Meteors in 2017

Hi all..  a friend (Jemima Marriott) mentioned seeing a bright shooting star 2 nights ago..and it made me realise that I'd not made any notes about meteors..not only for this coming year but all last year (2016).  So a quick search on some reliable astronomy site has produced the following data. Major Meteor Showers in … Continue reading Meteors in 2017

Free the Nipple – banned art work!

These exam pieces (art works) were apparently not allowed to be exhibited in a school.   Am not usually one to share stuff from facebook onto my blogs..but as an Artist, Magician, Radical, Magician...I feel this deserves attention. -Mani Martha Armitage  says on her FB account: "I CANNOT believe my paintings are not allowed to … Continue reading Free the Nipple – banned art work!

All about BLACK-FRIDAY (quick explanation)

In a friends' FB post I put this explanation up..and thought why not share it with everyone.  So here it is..  (open to corrections, if I have got it wrong).-Mani `My american-grown friend explained it to me.. In America, Thanksgiving is the big `public/open/ all inclusive' festival.. where everyone is invited to the meal.. (in … Continue reading All about BLACK-FRIDAY (quick explanation)

Happy ThanksGiving Day 2014

Happy ThanksGiving Day to all who celebrate it. We all have reasons to be thankful to so many people and circumstances in our lives.. most of mother Earth, and to the brothers & sisters of the plant and animal kingdoms that surround and nurture us.  #HappyThanksGivingDay   -Mani

Lightening Strikes Video clips (England) Watch the Lightening Strike clips (compiled) filmed by me last night (on 18th July 2014) in London - between 3am and 4.45am. Sound take from same films, edited/ cropped and added back so will not correspond to those specific strikes.. but all recorded on same night! -Mani Navasothy

Night Sky in June 2013- what you can see (NASA video & summary)

What's up in the stars for June 2013?  Am talking about astronomy now, and what you can see (mostly with naked eye, and some with small telescopes). Here's a video from NASA, that explains all the special features for June 2013.   (you can also download this video for your own personal view, at … Continue reading Night Sky in June 2013- what you can see (NASA video & summary)

NEWS: Stag found in Surrey Garden

NEWS flash - just  in..  Stag found in a garden in Surrey..   and it took 4 of me to tame it a bit..well, long enough for a Photo shoot...  The animal was released without harm, but decided to stay on 🙂 Here's the story of this garden sculpture..   Last year, summer time, due … Continue reading NEWS: Stag found in Surrey Garden

Join PAGAN PRIDE PARADE London (2nd June 2013)

Pagan Pride Parade - is a free street-based public event.. where all the pagans, witches, wizards, druids, new agers and ordinary pagan folks come together celebrate their path...with a flamboyant parade. Previously organised by Jeanette Ellis for 13 years as part of Beltane Bash. Now being organised by The Atlantis Bookshop for the 3rd … Continue reading Join PAGAN PRIDE PARADE London (2nd June 2013)