Thames-Isis rituals in London

Tamesa London Circle & Thames-Isis rituals

Tamesa London Circle was established in 2006 by Mani & April, Celebrates and works magically and spiritually with the River Thames, and it’s spirit (or deity)- known as Thamesis, Tamesa or Thames Isis.

(As we all know, River Thames has a long association with London’s history and is full of ancient mysteries- worshiped from Tribal times to Romans and modern pagans and Hindus. Ancient artifacts and bones of cattle and human are still buried in it’s depths. These often surface after a high tide, along the shores).

After much soul searching, and realising there is a proactive effort needed for us to look after ourselves as well as the world around us, we aptly named this community group `Tamesa London Circle’ which also had the initials TLC (Tender Loving Care!). And our symbol (shown here) is the Magical Inner-child riding on the Tamesa Serpent beneath the waves of the river (symbolic of the Subconscious). We have done specific rituals o this matter to empower those attending

Night of the cradle Birth of Isis 2017-v1

Thames-Isis rituals (2013-2017)

In 2013, we began doing Isis ceremonies & rituals by the banks of river Thames.  It began as a plan for a simple boat-ceremony, but research quickly revealed the depths & magic behind it – so a whole series of rituals were planned (Isidias Navigatum- Isis blessing of the Fleet ceremony (March),  Birthday of Goddess Isis (July), Quests of Isis (November), as well as `Submerging Sekhmet’).

What was to be only a one-off turned to annual events.. and despite my efforts to `wrap these up’ after a 3-year cycle, new things came up in the world (the rise of a militant group in the Middle-East that slanders our divine Goddess’ name) that warranted a continued positive reinforcement of the real Isis (the ancient Egyptian Goddess!).  So we carry this on..  for as long as we are able to.

Isidias Navigatum Blessing the Fleet ritual 2017 London (c)Mani Navasothy

Tamesa River of souls – Samhain Rituals


Every year, around about Samhain (Halloween.. traditional day of honoring our ancestors) we hold a small ritual/ceremony by the river Thames, in Central London – on the actual banks of the river – if it happens to be low tide- or on the walkways by the Thames (in Central London, by Tate Modern/ Millennium Bridge area).

History / reason: This is because it used to be the dumping site of so many thousands of dead bodies in medieval times. In modern times, some Hindus & others have been known to scatter the ashes of their cremated loved ones (Hindu custom follows ashes being scattered in running water. In India this is done in the river Ganges). Hence it makes sense to honour all those `souls’ that ended  their mortal journey in this river.

Tamesa Halloween Ritual 2017

Part of our ceremony involves creating a small altar on the sandy foreshores of Thames (at low tide!), lighting candles, placing any bones we find nearby. Some silent pagan prayers, blessing, consecrations, and a small picnic (feasting with the dead!).. and returning the bones back to the river immediately. On occasions, we throw coins in to the river, symbolic of payment to the `Ferryman’ who (Greek mythology) ferries dead souls to the underworld, and requires a small fee.

Quests of Isis Ritual 2014 London  (c)Mani Navasothy.jpg