Eclipse Magic Workbook


Eclipse magic workbook - by Mani Navasothy - blog QuantumPhoenix

Eclipse Magic Workbook (kindle & pdf versions)

Author: Manivannan Navasothy

Publication Date:  May 2012 &  November 3, 2012


ISBN: 978-0-9560746-9-0 (Awakening Publishing)

Price £18.00
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World’s first ever Eclipse Magic Workbook with a blend of real Science & experiential Magical practices. It teaches you to make use of the esoteric energies of the Solar & Lunar Eclipses, for personal empowerment, development & manifesting your own Will.

The stellar forces of Eclipses are comparable to chaotic stormy seas – and knowing when Eclipses take place and what types of personal magic you can do, enables you to tap into those powers to accelerate, course-correct, enhance and empower your life!

Watch our launch video from 2012.

Every Year there are at least 2 pairs of Eclipses (Solar & Lunar) – which means you can do Eclipse Magical works 4 or more times in a year! Some works can be done with only 5 minutes of effort, and others take a few weeks or even a few months of preparation. But all create intense changes over longer periods of time in your life.

This innovative, easy to use e-book gives full introductions to the Science, Astronomy, Astrology, Esoterica & Magical core concepts useful to all who like to experiment with Eclipse Magical Techniques. Mani Navasothy has been personally exploring these for over 15 years, and is now sharing his own secret techniques of using Stellar energies for Balancing, Cleansing, Powering Up, as well as the highly specialist methods of using Dragon Magic & Portals and Cosmic Gateways.

BUY NOW price £18.00 


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