On Harry – the anti-Prince of our times!

Break down to break through..! Isn’t that what we all say and believe, when we see a person in Crisis, and witnessing their lives unravel in a chaotic way?!

It’s like the lightening striking the Crown – on top of the Tower, on the Tarot card `Tower’ and the Tower crumbling.. and a man and woman being thrown out of the tower. Now anyone who has worked with Tarot cards know – this just means that in view of new insights that come like a bolt of lightening, old conditions and situations will crumble.. and a new stronger better structure will eventually rise from the same bricks and stones.

I’ve written about collusions, and Womb-worlds.. where the persons are in a nice cosy supported environment or group or situation, and being `born’ means being ejected from that safety.. It means the new born must go through birth pains, gasp to breath.. from water-breathing to air breathing. The umbilical cord that gave everything is cut.. the placenta playmate/ soul mate is gone.. and a new life begins. (look up my blogs on womb-world theory).

Prince Harry Windsor’s book Spare’ has come out. along with interviews. And a faction of the UK media and even Royals are calling it all by various names.. under the influence of a cult of psychotherapists’ is one such call out. `This is not the way of a trauma-healed person’s reaction’ one friend of a friend of mine said in facebook, implying Harry cashing in on his situation is not good.

`A flawed attempt to reclaim the narrative’ says Guardian headline.

`400 page of therapy session for mystic Harry’ says Times.

`….ends with a whimper..not a bang’ says Spectator.

Harry is not in a nice cosy warm supported place like so many Hippie, new agey, spiritual, magical people.. who can go through their dark nights and self healing.. He is an `ex’ royal trying to find himself and his purpose and cashing in on the only thing he has… his life stories.. Every other new agey entrepreneur has done the same!!

He is out in public eye, thrashed about by everything and everyone. Not easy going from the biggest institution of history to a solo act .. so along the way he’ll end up being clawed back with good royal gestures, vilified, associated by good and unsavory mini-institutions, people, groups etc..

This is not the finished product.. This is the mid-journey where the `hero’ is in the dark woods.. between the start and the final destination.. and the path so certain is washed out by rain and storm and seems to fade, and vultures, parasites and monsters, thieves and robbers are circling to cash in on him..

So let him have his chaotic years.. and let’s hope he comes out even further as an even more outspoken, empowered person..


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