energy(c)ManiN2010Photo-Graphics (that’s what I like to call digitally aided art’) is just about where I am at.. now, using software such as Photoimpact to merge photos I have taken and create art.

On occasions, I have played with just good old `Word art’ (that comes with anyone buying a windows MS word) – and they create scratchy but interesting art- such as the `Wolf-Man’ here (first attempt) or the `Cailleach’ (which was then colored).

My favourite, despite every thing has to be `The Creation’- where I used photos of Stonehenge, `cut’ those stones and placed them where I want to create the arch, and then add in a scan of the couple, photos of the Deer & fire.

The background of stars is a photo we all recognise- the Horsehead nebula just below the belt of the `Orion the Hunter’- a constellation easily seen in the night sky. As a sagittarian, what other nebula would I like? !!