Pluto transit through Aquarius 2023 to 2024 – dates & forecast! (part 1)

Saturn will be leaving Aquarius on 7th March (full moon). That’s good news ..Why? Some may recall Saturn t first arrived in the sign of rebellion and freedom seeking Aquarius just around spring eqx 2020.. and that’s exactly when the Covid-fueled lockdown started in UK. One indication of what we have been living with for the the last 3 years. So Saturn leaving Aquarius sounds like some of those limitations, restraints might be all finished ..? well, sort of!!

Am afraid we have something else to face soon.. not just for 3 years.. but 22 years.


On 24th March 2023, Pluto.. planet of intensity, transformation, death and rebirth, ruler of Scorpio, of power, sex, legacies and manipulation, probing of depths and ruler of underworld.. moves into Aquarius. And it’s going to be there for almost 22 years!

Pluto’s transits through Aquarius are not straight forward. Because it is the slowest moving planet of the solar system, the movements are going to take long. Not only that, every year, Pluto has 5-6 months of retrograde motion. And in the early stages of Pluto via Aquarius, this retro-motion takes it back out to the sign prior – Capricorn, and then forward into Aquarius again. This happens a few times for the first 2 years. After that Pluto has a long stint in Aquarius, even when it’s retrograding. Then it leaves Aquarius and goes into Pisces, does a retrograde and returns to Aquarius for a bit before leaving it.. !

Here’s a summary of those durations *(Sign, start date and end date of Pluto in that sign, duration)

  • Aquarius – 24th March 2023 — 11th June 2023 (3 months)
  • Capricorn – 12th June 2023 — 20th January 2024 (7 months)
  • Aquarius – 21st January 2024 — 1st September 2024 (7.5 months)
  • Capricorn – 2nd Sept 2024 — 19th November 2024 (2.6 months)
  • Aquarius – 20th Novemb 2024 — 8th March 2043 (18yrs & 3.5months)
  • Pisces – 9th March 2043 — 31st August 2043 (5.60 months)
  • Aquarius – 1st September 2043 — 19th January 2044 (4.5 months)
  • Pisces – 20th January 2044…..onwards.

*(data compiled from The American Ephemeris 2000 to 2050. ACS publication. 3rd ed. 2001)

Pluto transits via Aquarius 2023 to 2044 (c) Mani Navasothy. Astrology blog

Here is the same data , but this time, I have included the dates of Pluto-Retrograde motions (in bracket)

  • Aqu – 24th March 2023 – R:(1st May’23 – 11th June 2023)
  • Cap – R:(12th June 2023 – 10th October’23) – 20th January 2024
  • Aqu – 21st January 2024 – R:(2nd May’24 – 1st September 2024)
  • Cap – R:(2nd Sept’24 – 12th Oct’24) – 19th November 2024
  • Aqu – 20th November 2024 – (about 35 retro/direct durations) – till 8th March 2043
  • Pis – 9th March 2043 – R:(1st June 2043 – 31st August 2043)
  • Aqu – R:(1st September 2043 – 12th Nov’43) – 19th January 2044

Saturn may have come on and messed everything about for 3 years. Probably brought many shadows out to play. Now Pluto instigates a different set of processes! While the world battles power struggles and people try to escape manipulations, or practice it themselves, other deep fears are going to surface. Not just yours or mine, but that which has been suppressed, burred and sunk into the human global Collective! Not just the recent ones, but older ones too.. ones that never got processed or integrated. This is nothing new.. This is what planetary energies do..

What we do in the next 22 years is going to be the next stage of the so called Age of Aquarius.. That’s my initial feeling on this matter .

I’ll be looking into this much much more.. Well, we have 22 years of it. So check back this blog from time to time for more additions.. I’ll keep it under 1 blog, but keep adding more contents and when i gleam some insights!

Stellar Blessings . – Mani

(20th January2023)

Pluto via Aquarius – Draft work (c) Mani Navasothy 19January 2023. (4.40am)!

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