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Retrograde Planets in 2021

Hi all. here’s the graphics (hand drawn with pencil and ink) for the full retrograde planetary motion / dates for this 2021. I’ll type up the dates later on here..but the graphics shows everything.

Retrograde Planetary motions in 2021 – blog / art (c) Mani Navasothy

As I write this on 20th February 2021, on the eve of Mercury going direct, we are about to enjoy a full 2 months of NO RETROGRADE period (21st Feb to 27th April).

And heads up- from 20th August to 6th October, there’ll be 5 planets retrograding .. that’s Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.. all of the transpersonal and generational / global planets.

***The most intense period will be when Mercury retrograde also joins those 5.. namely, 27th Sept to 6th October – when 6 planets will be retrograde!!! ***

A few more observations. There is NO retrograde for Mars this year! BUT Venus begins retrograde on 19th December and will end that on 29th January 2022. So bit of warning, Yule/ Christmas / New year time is going to be not so easy in 2021.. especially the days leading to Xmas, as the Uranus-square-Saturn culminates for the 3rd time on 24th Dec’21.

Below are some hard works that I manually go through to create these astrology blog posts.. (every time!). I don’t put it through some software. It’s all done by hand and with intuition & past observations guiding me as I write forecasts. Just so you know ..!

Please don’t copy my graphics and put it on your pinterest or some other places. I DO NOT give permission, and have NEVER given permission for any of my art/ graphics to be put anywhere.

Stellar wishes

-Mani Navasothy – Author Astrologer Witch

A Jupiter-Venus Good Fortune Spell (Free online) TODAY 12noon

TODAY on Thursday 11th February, the most beneficial planets Jupiter & Venus will be conjunct!! This is happening on a new moon day!! That’s a stellar opportunity for planetary magic that must not be missed!!!

So we’re setting this FREE online event at a special time at 12noon.. to go through step-by-step, and do this magic together!

The actual conjunction occurs at 3pm UK time.. so by teaching and going through it at 12pm, you’ll be attuning to it and `capturing’ the energies of this most auspicious joining of 2 planets.. !

I’ve been doing astrology & planetary magic for many decades.. and will be teaching & guiding you through this step by step.. This spell does not exist. It’s been created by me just for this occasion, adapted from my own private workings. Normally I keep this to myself, but as a Sagittarian ruled by Jupiter, I’ve been propelled by intuition to lead this today (hence the short notice). The world is very much in limbo with many intense difficulties.. There has never been a need for positivity more so than now.. to give people Hope, inspiration, and motivation.. to lift spirits and lives up!

Enough about all that.. If you are any it into astrology and planetary magic, you’ll want to do this with me. Even if you can’t get all the tools and ingredients together quickly (I’ve kept it so easy but keeping the essence intact).. at least join and observe… so you can learn a bit of planetary magic for Free (normally my courses have a fee around £20-30 for this sort of workshop/ course).

Preparations/ tools needed—–

1. A candle (for the spell) – At the most luxurious, you can use a large pillar candle, or a simple long dinner candle…or the very least, a tea-light candle. What colour? That’s up to you.. white is better. But red is better.. Blue or purple are good too. But don’t worry.. just have a new candle ready. [Real witches & magicians have to be able to do magic quickly with what they have. sometimes!].
— You’ll need a candle holder too to place this candle (if it’s tea-light or pillar candle it will stand on its own.
–lighter/ matches (obviously).

2. A large White (A4) size blank paper (or card) & pen (any colour). This paper/ card is where you’ll be writing some key words to power up, and place the spell-candle. This paper/ card will then become a `sigil-talisman’ to keep. So try to find something that can last longer.

some sort of incense / sage for cleansing your working space – if you can manage something.

3. [optional]
Altar candle(s). If you already have some altar candles.. Have them lit when we start this work. Light/ fame are magical and clear space and create a positive environment to do this magical work.

4. [optional]
Sit and think about 5-10 key positive things you like in your life..
This is not a gratitude thing. This is a WISH spell. So think of the things you want, desire, need – to be fulfilled and have a happy life.
(examples; Financial wealth, friendships, love, relationship, Job, career, work, good health, freedom, passing exams, happiness, loved ones being healthy/ happy, progress in life…all that!! )

Jupiter & Venus – between them are all about GOOD-FORTUNES & GOOD-LUCK. Their energies can help with all good things.

That’s it.. get your stuff ready…and log in at 12pm..
We won’t waste time.. we’ll get straight to it.
I’ll give some brief explanations of the God/ Goddess we are drawing in, explain the magic, and off we go..!

Once zoom starts, I’ll lock the room to avoid distractions.
There will be NO replay. You get one chance.. to take it!!

Bright Stellar Blessings
-Mani Navasothy
Author, Astromage, Wiccan High Priest

A Jupiter-Venus Good Fortune Spell (Free online) TODAY 12noon

Thursday, Feb 11, 2021, 12:00 PM

Online event

3 Woodland Witches Attending

TODAY on Thursday 11th February, the most beneficial planets Jupiter & Venus will be conjunct!! This is happening on a new moon day!! That’s a stellar opportunity for planetary magic that must not be missed!!! So we’re setting this FREE online event at a special time at 12noon.. to go through step-by-step, and do this magic together! The actual con…

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Love & Monsters? here comes help from Venus & Jupiter!

Love & Monsters? here comes help from Venus & Jupiter!

Hello everyone.. With so much stresses going on, lockdown restrictions, and some intense aspects…it’s not been an easy time of late. I myself have had so many challenges and struggles. But have had to keep the faith and trust ..and at times…take one breath at a time – so to speak. (Saturday/sunday was particularly difficult.. what with the sharp Venus-square-Uranus). Close friends and loved ones have been telling me about their nights of difficulty.. and internal struggles.

Well.. energies are shifting.
On this thursday there’s a new moon in Aquarius.. AND the 2 most beneficial planets Venus & Jupiter conjunct (join energies) in Aquarius. That leads into the Valentine weekend.

I’ll be doing a series of magical workings/ online events to help with shifting energies, enhancing positivity (free events!)

So keep an eye on my page, blog, youtube channel and meetup.
But first why not check Frey the Village Witch’s blog on Self-Love in preparation ?

Stellar Blessings.

Humans, Magic and Will to Survive! (& some astro-alerts on Saturn-square-Uranus)!!

The thing about human beings.. we have the capacity to fight.. fight and fight.. against all odds ..and even win! What kills many is not the condition but the loss of Will to fight on. I’ve seen this in some of the relatives who led extremely active lives and when retired and nothing to do…slump into darkness, where dis-ease and finally death takes them.. long before their old age.

And the thing about Magic is “the attempting to cause the Physically unusual” (Gerald Gardner) , and “..the control of the secret forces of nature” ( MacGregor Mathers). (and of course the well-quoted A.Crowley version ,”..causing change to occur in conformity with the Will”. My own version is `changing reality with the use of mind-powers’!

Why all this now? Well, we are leading to a powerfully positive Venus-conjunction- Saturn for tomorrow. Tonight is when you can do magic for a wonderful happy stable future! But by tomorrow noon, we’ll be heavily into the energy of a stressful Venus-squares-Uranus.. and that one you’ll have to brave while holding on to positivity.

Whilst people may think am talking out of my arse , they may not know that I battle a lot of conflicting forces on a personal level every day.. I have my own demons & shadows to battle every day.. some literally! But what underpins my ongoing survival is my faith in Gods, and my magic, and hope in a better future.

Stay positive, and stay consistent. And don’t ever ever give up on life.. yours and others’. Keep fighting, keep struggling, keep winning!
In astrology some of the best aspects are the harsh ones.. the ones that stretch and stress us.. Energy is released when we smash up atoms together or pull the nucleus apart by firing particles at it. Salts and inert gases do nothing more than insulate and protect. But acids and alkalines, as dangerous as they are, eat and erode and heat and explode. They make things happen! Soil in a jar of water can be all muddy and cloudy. But stir it vigorously and let it be, and it settles into a strata of different layers!

Energy is now building for a larger disruptive aspect – the Saturn-square-Uranus – that will repeat 3 times this year!. This is the most over riding aspect(s) of 2021. Saturn holds, Uranus liberates. So this aspect is a battle between 2 opposing forces.. and a lot of things are about to be shaken to the core, and when it all settles, we’ll have that brilliant stable new future.

From time to time, I’ll give you little prompts, aspects to be careful of, and aspects to jump up and benefit from!
Stellar Blessings-Mani Navasothy


Mercury Retrograde through Aquarius (30Jan-21Feb2021) – astrology forecast

Mercury Retrograde: Is this one a walk in the park.. finally?
Heads up on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde through Aquarius. This infographics has all the info !!!!

Infographics - Mercury retrograde through Aquarius  30th January to 21st February 2021.
Infographics – Mercury retrograde through Aquarius 30th January to 21st February 2021 – blog /art (c) Mani Navasothy – author teacher Witch

I always consider ..not just the period of actual retrograde (in this case from 30th Feb to 21st feb), but also the date when the planet catches up to it’s previous advanced position.. for that’s when the issues brought up during the retrograde period are truly getting resolved so further progress can be made.

Between 30th Jan to 21st Feb-

— past issues are going to come up hard and fast. I note that at start and end of retrograde period, the effects are more disruptive.. and in between, we get a little calm but still have to be working on identifying those things bubbling (or rather erupting) up

— During this time, the retrograde Mercury forms various aspects with other planets (that’s normal). BUT what’s amazing about this particular one.. is that apart from the 10th Feb, when Mercury(R) squares Mars ( a volatile stressful day), there are NO negative or harsh aspects between Mercury and any other planets (excluding the moon – that’s a special case!).

-During this retrograde time, if anything, it forms beneficial aspects! On 8th Feb, it conjuncts The Sun; On 13th it conjuncts Venus, and on 14th it conjuncts Jupiter (which happens *again* later on 5th March , during it’s direct motion!! That in itself is a 2nd chance.

-warning: Saturn in Aquarius forms a square on 17th Feb.. a few days before Mercury goes direct. That may cause other deeper difficulties.. and may seem like it’s Mercury retrograde doing it. So please don’t always blame the `messenger of the Gods’ for everything

And finally Mercury leaves Aquarius on 15th March.
So between 30th January and 15th March, Aquarians have a lot of work to do.. dig deep, go over older issues, explore and resolve them.
I’ll have to write more specific forecasts on those matters another time, as this one is about Mercury retrograde.

Stellar wishes

-Mani Navasothy

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Jupiter-square-Uranus (17Jan2021)

Jupiter-square-Uranus is now imminent! Next 24-48 hrs may be tough..It affects everyone.. but more so for Sagittarians, Aquarians, and Taurus (where Uranus is currently).

Uranus is about to go direct but for few more days it’s retrograding in Taurus. Jupiter is in Aquarius (just arrived few weeks ago) ..the sign ruled by Uranus. So plotted on a chart, this would look like the 2 planets are heading towards each other!

Till then the stress will be building!!

It may rattle you ..taunt you.. irritate you.. cajole you into unproductive action. Use the sharp energy to break stagnations, and to clear pathways for widening your spheres.

Don’t be too impulsive or rebel for the sake of rebellion. Focus on the higher positive qualities of those 2 planets.. wisdom, justice, innovation, freedom.. !

Rest easy in the knowledge that this aspect happens only once this year.. (sunday 17th Jan’21). This is one of the 4 main major stressful aspects of 2021.

The Saturn-square-Uranus that is coming up next month will repeat in total 3 times..

So… let’s carefully tackle each…one at a time.


Saturn in Aquarius – from today (17th Dec 2020) for 3 years! (till March 2023)

Back in March 2020, I wrote, “On Sunday 22nd March 2020, Saturn arrives in Aquarius! Wild energies will begin to be pinned down. Stability, endurance, authority & hard lessons take focus .. instead of erratic, rebellion for sake of rebellion, thrill-seeking, disruptive behaviors..”

Well we all know what happened to the world since then.. Lockdowns came every where! Entertainment and leisure activities and industries came to a halt or where shut down.. We all only went out for exercise or to support loved ones .. And we all started going to the woods.. instead of Cinemas, pubs, clubs, football games, matches etc.. because nature was the only place we could go and be free (for a short while).

Well.. Saturn started retrograding on 11th May 2020, and moved back into Capricorn on 3rd July… and continued to move retrograde till 29th September. Then Saturn started to go direct in Capricorn..

That’s all like the just the pre-title action sequence of an action movie – well not so much action but an epic!

The opening titles are playing now.. and today on 17th December 2020, Saturn moves into Aquarius (again) after a gap of 5 and a half months.

Now, Saturn will slowly transit through Aquarius for the next 2+ years.. till 8th March 2023! Now comes all the hard work and weight.

If people thought that 2020 was a bad year, and as 2021 begins, we’re going to ease back out to our old ways .. Think again. Saturn isn’t going to let us get out of jail for free! We must pay with hard work!

While Jupiter also arrives in Aquarius and will be there for 1 year, it will soften the Saturn blow.. Expansions of horizons will occur.. but just alongside it, hard lessons, tasks will also be taking place. Future foundations will be getting laid.

There’s so much to say.. but for now.. here are the key dates of this Saturn transit through Aquarius.

Saturn’s Journey through Aquarius 22nd March 2020 to 8th March 2023. Astrology blogs by Mani Navasothy.


22nd March 2020 – Saturn enters Aquarius.

11th May – Saturn begins retrograde motion in Aquarius (1’57”Aq).

3rd July – Saturn slips back ..out of Aquarius and back into Capricorn.

29th Sept – Saturn goes direct in Capricorn (25’20” Cap).

17th December- Saturn arrives in Aquarius.


23rd May 2021 – Saturn begins retrograde (13’31” Aquarius)

10th Oct – Saturn goes direct (6’52” Aqu)


4th June 2022 – Saturn retrogrades (25’15” Aqu)

22nd Oct – Saturn Direct (18’35” Aqu)


8th Mach 2023 – Saturn leaves Aquarius . Enters Pisces.

I’ll write more about this in another blog..

-Mani Navasothy

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Solstice 2020: Jupiter-Saturn ConjuncTion of 21st December!

If it ain’t broke, break it anyway (and let Fate fix it!)Some thoughts on the `great conjunction’ !!

So now everyone’s talking about the `great conjunction’ 😛 Folks.. like I’ve e been saying since April’20.. the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions (3 times). and the Jupiter sextile Neptune (3 times) and the Lunar and upcoming Solar Eclipses in Sagittarius ….have ALLL been working the energies through out this year.. leading to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on Solstice day 21st December.. in the sign of Aquarius (literally few days after both planets move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius) .

Jupiter Conjuncts Saturn in sign of Aquarius on Winter Solstice Day 21st December 2020. Astrology forecast/ graphics (c) Mani Navasothy –

This is not an `isolated’ event.. It’s the culmination of a longer story… and the beginning of a new epic!

People have been talking about the age of Aquarius since the 60’s.Well.. here at last.. 2020 is the year that broke all that’s gone before.. globally.. like a world war.. without an actual war.. ! In many ways it’s been worse than WW.. Not in terms of death tolls.. but in terms of the deeper fear and restrictions.. At least during wars we could hug our loved ones.. be with them.. But this?!!

Jupiter expands horizon.. deepens spirituality.. brings Justice .. Saturn structures, teaches lessons, limits and holds and lays foundations for long term future.

And this is happening for the first time in modern history.. in Aquarius.. one that governs shocks, surprises, rebellions, radicals, innovations and humanity.

They say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But what if it’s like bones all set the wrong way..? Doctors have to break the affected bones in a controlled manner, to reset it and grow strong again. That’s what the breakdown of 2020 has been about!How we were all set was no longer good.. So it all needed breaking.. so we can mend and heal the right way forward..

I digress.. I’d urge all to look at the whole year as preparation for this conjunction to get the full story. ‘cos it’s not just about to happen.. It’s been building up.. 🙂

And in the last 2 weeks, the energy has been `quickening’.. Surely you’ve all been feeling it ?!


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Winter Solstice 2020: Jupiter-Saturn conjunction 21st Dec2020

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Eclipse Magic Workbook World’s first esoteric book exclusively dealing with Eclipse Magic. Written/published by Mani Navasothy – Wiccan High Priest (published in 2012 on Amazon and author’s websites)

Blue Moon Samhain (Halloween 2020)

Blue Moon Samhain (Halloween) :

31st October 2020 is a Blue moon (2nd full moon in same month).
1st October – Full Moon in Aries (21:06 hrs GMT)
31st October – Full Moon in Taurus (14:49hrs GMT
Note: On 31st October, there is a Sun-opposition-Uranus aspect around 15:53 hrs. This is a stressful aspect that requires opposing energies to be balanced or reach a compromise.
As the full moon happens an hour before this aspect, it will most likely bring up additional tensions, stress and issues that day/ evening.

Astro-Alert : Hi & Lows Forecast for 6th – 31st October 2020

AstroAlert : Next 2-4 weeks of Lows & Highs.. Stresses & Joys ! (6th Oct- 31st Oct). Warning not pulling my astro-punches or soft peddling this. So here we go.

Early tomorrow (7th oct) Mercury opposes Uranus. May be stressful for Gemini and Aquarius.. also secondary stress for Scorpios (as mercury in Scorpio. ..) and to Taurus. Then on Friday (9th) afternoon Mars squares Pluto. .Aries, Scorpios, and Capricorns will be feeling very intense and afflicted by that. So between this evening to close of Friday it’s going to be difficult.
Sadly that’s not all.

Here are other difficult aspects and signs affected by them.. (ie the signs ruled by those planets).

  • On 11th.. sun squares Jupiter (Leo, Sagittarius).
  • On 14th Mercury retrograde starts (for 3 weeks till 3rd November… Affects Gemini and Scorpios). Same day, Sun opposes Mars (Leo Aries).
  • On 18th. Double stress ..sun square Saturn (Leo capricorn) & Venus opposite Neptune (Taurus library Pisces ),
    -On 19th Mars- squares- Jupiter 🙁 Not a good one for Aries, Sagittarians..or any of us.. as 2 fiery planets are wrangling. It’s like fuse in a tank of gas! (on the same day there’s a very good Venus/Jupiter aspect, and hopefully that will ease the tensions and avoid the explosion.. or channel it into a passionate time.. rather than a destructive one).
  • On 20th. Retro-Mercury opposes Uranus (2nd time .. .because of retrograde motion).
    [Generally 17th to 20th is a build up if stressful energy).
  • 31st – Full moon in Taurus… and also a stressful Sun opposition to Uranus. (Leos, Aquarians will have to endure some stress and reach compromises.. or this will be just too damn disruptive).
    After 20th. No major stressful aspects for 10 days (thank god ) but full moon on 31st will intensify everything as we head closer to that. There’s also Yes it’s `blue moon’ – 2nd full moon in same month. That’s just psychological.. as astrologically it has no relevance.

So basically next 14 days is just hard, mad, bad ..and sad. I’d say, keep the Faith. Stay calm. Don’t over react . Don’t make fast decisions. Slow it down and process issues and trust that it will be all fine ..This after all is really what being tested in our faith is all about. 💚💫

Now for some GOOD NEWS : 🙂 (Do I ever just give you bad news?)

There are good powerful positive aspects going on too..
-On 11th, Venus trines Uranus (Good for Taureans, Libras, Aquarians, and for Virgos).
-On 12th, Jupiter sextles Neptune (3rd time this year).. Brilliant for Sagittarians, Pisceans, Capricorn. On the Same day, Mercury sextiles Venus (more good stuff for Gemini, Taureans, Libras).
-On 13th Mars has closest approach to Earth (Mars currently retrograding).. Might be just intense…but that fiery energy can be put to good creative use!
-On 19th – Venus trines Jupiter ( good for Taurus, Libra & Sagittarians.. These are 2 most beneficial planets forming a most beneficial aspect. Its good for everyone.. (but bear in mind on that day a mars-square-Jupiter also going on and next day Mercury opposes Uranus.. so those other stresses might `seem’ to cloud the positive.. Just tune into the positive.. don’t get lost in the negative and loose a brilliant opportunity for harnessing the venus-jupiter energy!
-On 21st, Venus -trines Pluto.. and its after the 2 weeks of stress.. so that’s going to be welcoming energy of love, power, healing, transformations, passions 😉
-On 24th, Venus trines Saturn.. Oh my. Again. Love, friendships & relationships, artistry, long term stability are highlighted. Bear in mind Saturn only recently went direct ( after months of giving us retrograde trouble).. So now this is starting to heal, fix and strengthen matters.
-On 25th, Sun conjuncts retro-Mercury. In many ways that’s going to be positive. old issues might have positive changes, approaches or resolutions. [Generally 24/25th have good energies overall].

With so much going on.. and October being sandwiched between 2 Full moons, and the coming of a full moon-Samhain.. heads and hearts are spinning wildly and chaotically.. day to day..!

One suggestion is to focus on your spirituality, go deep, clear out doubts and dross. Focus on Creativity and use the dynamic energies being stirred up by all the aspects.. rather than let them become destructive. We must Keep working on healing our selves, not let the Devil (shadows & fears) in us dance with inflated ego as its dancing partner. Strengthen our core.. Otherwise, we just get buffeted by everyday winds storms and shit.. and be loose our minds and keep old emotional wounds alive .. It does not serve anyone or the future.

I often talk about Faith.. Doesn’t matter what God or goddess you honour and worship. Sometimes the strength is in just surrendering to the divine.. with prayer and worship.. and calling on trusted energies like Angels.. They all help.

Stellar Blessings
-Mani Navasothy
Author, Teacher, Wiccan High Priest.