AstroAlert: Jupiter-semi-square-Saturn – on 21st Sept 2022 on `International Peace Day’.

AstroAlert: Jupiter-semi-square-Saturn.. coming up on Wednesday 21st Sept, around 2.08pm BST, on the day of `International Peace Day’.

Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius/ fire sign) is currently retrograding in Aries (fire sign), while Saturn (ruler of Capricorn / Earth sign) is retrograding in Aquarius (Air sign). So those signs are going to be feeling the effects of this aspect.. one of the key aspects between 2 outer/ social planets in astrological analysis.

However look to see where Jupiter & Saturn are transiting in your own charts…and what house positions they are in.. as those life areas governed by those houses are going to be where you’ll be mostly `feeling’ this aspect. (ie personal health, root, family, work, romance, friendships, duty etc etc).

Not only that .. but 9th house is ruled by Jupiter, and 10th by Saturn. So look at your own 9th and 10th houses for more clues as to what areas of your life will have further influences.

I’ll say this.. in a quick look, Jupiter represents expansion, generosity, justice, adventure, good fortunes and so on.. while Saturn has rulership over stability, authority, foundations, hard lessons, responsibility, long term plans and so on.

When there’s a good aspect between other planets and these ones, these qualities come to the surface naturally and should be taken advantage of, with magic and meditation.

But during harder or challenging aspects, the negative side of these aspects ted to surface or play out.. for example, excessive indulgence, expansion for greed, charity with ulterior motives, power-holding, restrictions and limitations, bad-lessons (lessons not learnt) and so on.

so as we are already under this saturn-semi-square-jupiter, try to keep faith and focus on the positive aspects as much as possible.. and/ or, take time to step back and look for the hidden lessons and patterns ..and what Fates / Universe/ God/ divine spark is trying to tell you..(whatever higher power your beliefs hold).

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