Queens, Kings & Prime Ministers: Harvest of Seeds in Collective dreams and Nightmares.

Queens, Kings & Prime Ministers: Harvest of Seeds in Collective dreams and Nightmares.

My thoughts are this:

1. Harvest:
We’ve had Lammas.. and 2 people holding on to power (PM & Queen) are gone.. What we have is the harvest .. the real seeds sown by the masses in their dreams and nightRoya;mares.. have produced this change of leadership .. between Lammas & Autumn. Let’s see what the next harvest will be ..between autumn and Samhain. and between Samhain and Yule.. The scene is set for the fall of the night. Autumn and Winter will be here ..we slip into shadows.. and hopefully by Yule, it will let some light in.

2. Polarity shifts:
We have an interesting energy shift in leadership of this land now. Prime Minister position went from male to female. And Monarch position went from female to male. Both within a span of few days! That is epic in itself.. and will have a huge ripple in the collective psyche .. Feelings of love and hate from all quarters will crash about like waves everywhere.. people with their own personal / suppressed issues of their own lives will now use these leadership changes to express their feelings.. not even about the King or queen or PM.. but those are figureheads to project upon. (remember that old saying, `Land and King are one’ – In it’s simple form, that’s about the projected relationships between subjects and leaders).

3. Dancing on graves:
Many have had 70 years to have a pot shot at the Queen. But today, give it a bloody rest. Someone died. And if some people want to dance on her grave.. before her body is even cold.. that’s telling me what a wonderfully nasty human being those `grave dancers’ are. Am not here to convince anyone to love or hate the Royals. Let the people feel. Let those who want to praise and mourn the Queen’s passing do so and others should just write their own feelings of anger, hate and whatever else on their own blogs and walls.. instead of attacking the posts of mourners.

4. Land & King:
I have observed Prince Charles – now King – for years. He has had to be under the shadow of his mother, as his own prime years came and went. That was not good. And his human side showed in every way. Affair, divorce, speaking out of turn on matters Royals should not etc. For that he was either managed or controlled or ridiculed. The world projected their shadows on Diana princess as a wonderful fairytale princess who was then abandoned and a victim. And the world then projected villainy on Charles. Shadows! I liked his passion for architecture and environment and nature. At a time when very few in power were speaking on eco matters .. he was one of the earliest to do so.. And I’ll wait to see how he does now – free of mother’s shadow, but still carrying the projection of world’s shadows.. as anyone in spotlight does.

Hern’s Tribe ritual in Windsor -April 2005.

5. Magic and Sovereignty :
Back in April 2005, as part of my `Hern’s Tribe’ ritual we had scheduled a Sovereignty of land ritual in Windsor Great park for 9th April 2005. You know I plan my events months in advance. Then came the news that Charles & Camilla wedding was set for 8th April.. Then very close to the date, The Pope died and Charles had to go to the funeral.. so his wedding was put a day later to 9th April.. same day as our ritual in Windsor. People worried there’ll be guards. But on my conviction, we carried on.. And we ere there by a strange twist of fate, doing our special ceremony, on the same day our -then future- King was getting married (again).. within a stone throw ! distance from us.. as we were in his royal woods!

Fast forward to our full moon ceremony last night (8/9/22) by the river Thames. I am on my way to meet my magical friends, when i hear the news of the Queen’s death, and Charles becoming King.

let me say this – I have waited a long time for this. Am not at all worried about what he might do.. The land magic was woven into his life 17 years ago.


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