Olivia Newton John dies at 73.

Olivia Newton John – dies on 8/8/22 at age of 73.

Dame Olivia (Newton-John) has died at the age of 73 on 8th August 2022.

My entire inspiration in paganism and eco concerns and awareness for Earth can be attributed to 2 people – 1 Isaac Asimov – who wrote the famous Foundation & Robot sci-fi novels in which the final story `Foundation & Earth’ introduced Gaia theory to me ( I didn’t know about it prior to reading it).

And the 2nd person – or object `Gaia (A woman’s journey’ album by Olivia Newton John. I borrowed a tape from Mitcham library decades ago listened, copied it and was so drawn by those haunting songs.. It was done by Olivia, much after her Grease movie, and having breast cancer, surviving it and having a change of direction , spirituality and eco-awareness.

Poster for Earth day 2020 online

I literally owe the foundation of my pagan spirituality & Earth concerns.. to Assimov and Olivia..

And am deeply sad that Olivia has passed away (return of that Cancer).

People talk about 8-8 and lion’s gate and all that – things I don’t much give care for.. but if it were true, well, Olivia picked a fabulous day to pass through the gates of Lion, eh?

I shall definitely light a candle for this lady – who’s just broken my heart in a way I can’t explain.


Obituary on BBC : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-40105353

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