Rituals, Circles & Seasonal Ceremonies

Mani organises Open Rituals & Pagan Social gatherings. These are a friendly mixture of formal ceremonies & informal socials, aimed at those who are actively interested in attending and exploring Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft, and shamanic ceremonies. The focus is on Full moon/ New moon rituals, Wicca training, Seasonal festivities, socials and Eco-Magical workings!

The open rituals take place in various public Woodlands, parks and outdoor settings in London, and are great for Beginner wanting a friendly introduction to Wicca, Pagan ceremonies, ritual magic, and for meeting like-minded people.

Rituals & ceremonies - feature image

Ritual Events : —————————–
  • Wicca Full moon & Wicca New moon Rituals
  • Wicca Training (Autumn 2017 onwards)
  • Seasonal Wiccan Sabbats /Shamanic Rituals
  • River Thames-based rituals
  • Eco-magical explorations
  • Social Events, Pagan Moots, Camping, Day Trips out of London –
What we do in our Ceremonies :———-

• Consecrations, Magic Circle & 4 Elements – We consecrate people and the space using candles, incense, bells, rattle; We cast a protective magic circle/ sacred space using a wand, staff or athame (witch’s knife), and open gateways to elements (Air, fire, water, Earth) in 4 directions – east, south, west, north.

• Chants, drums, dance – we use chanting, drumming and circle / spiral dance at ceremonies to raise energy and to shift our focus before or during rituals;

• Spells & ritual Magic – Paganism & Witchcraft involve doing magic spells.. using symbols drawn on objects, visualising, lighting candles, tying knots on cords/strings, planting seeds, cooking food mindfully, and so on.

• Masks, Ritual & Enactment – Wearing masks, robes & cloaks allows ritualists to shift perception – their own and others in the ritual; We also write a ritual (scripted like a play), allocate parts/ roles to volunteers, prepare/ memorise some of that in advance, and enact those rituals; Themes can be seasonal (harvest, birth of Sun child, marriage of God & Goddess), or mythological (Hero’s quest, Fool’s Journey, blessing of boats, birthday of Isis and so on).

• Gods & Goddesses and Magic: We work with Pan (Fertility, lust), Aphrodite (Love & sensuality), Cernunnos (Lord of the animals), Hern the Hunter-god, Diana the Virgin-Huntress who can not be owned my any man, Gaia the mother goddess.. and other deities. We always aim to do some personal magical work (in the group), spells, chants, a bit of spiral dance.. and also put energy towards eco-magic to help protect environment & endangered wildlife in the world.

meetup London woodland witches & outdoor pagans- winter 2017

A full updated events list is available in our meetup group (free to join) at London Woodland Witches Wiccans & Outdoor Pagans