Hindu auspicious dates 2023

Here’s the known Hindu special religious or auspicious dates in 2023. These are collated from various religious temple publications in London. I’ll update if any new info comes to my attention. -Mani

Diwali (Deepavali) dates 2023- 20230

Diwali 2023November 12, Sunday
Diwali 2024November 1, Friday
Diwali 2025October 21, Tuesday
Diwali 2026November 8, Sunday
Diwali 2027October 29, Friday
Diwali 2028October 17, Tuesday
Diwali 2029November 5, Monday
Diwali 2030October 26, Saturday
Source: https://www.asiahighlights.com/india/when-is-diwali#2020-2030

Pradosham Dates in 2023 (related to worship of Lord Shiva)

Waxing Moon Pradosham
(few days prior to Full moon)
Wanning Moon Pradosham
(few days prior to Dark Moon)
4th March19th March
3rd April17th April
2nd May16th May
1st June & 30th June15th June
30th July14th July
28th August13th August
26th September12th September
26th October11th October
24th November10th November
24th December10th December
Source: Booklet from Shri Kanaga Thurkkai Amman Temple, Ealing, W13 9AE

Other Special Hindu Dates in 2023

Maha Shivarathri18th February 2023
Rama Navai (Birth of Lord Rama)
*dates for other years: 30Mar’23; 17Apr’24; 6Apr’25; 26Mar’26; 15Apr’27; 3Apr’28
30th March 2023
Rathayatra London (Krishna Chariot festival) 30th July 2023 (Hyde park to Trafalgar square)
Chariot Festival – Ealing Durga Temple13th August
Varalauxmi date (for Goddess Luxmi / Lakshmi)25th August
Navarathri15th October (begins) – 23rd October (Vijayadhashami)
Krishna Jayanthi (Birthday of Krishna)6th September
Ganesh Chathurthi (Vinayagar) –
immersion of Ganapathy statues in river
18th Sept in UK (also 19th sept in India)
Deepavali / Diwali12th November 2023
Skanthashashti (Lord Murugan)13th Nov- 18th Nov (Sooran Por)
Thirukalyanam (wedding)19th November
Booklet from Shri Kanaga Thurkkai Amman Temple, Ealing;

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