What is to happen? A message from Lord Krishna

Here are some words (Bhagavathgeeta) delivered by Hindu Lord Krishna  to the Warrior Arjun at the battlefield (in the Hindu epic `Mahabharatham’).

“Whatever happened, happened well.

What is happening, is happening well,

What is to happen will happen well.

What of yours did you lost? Why do you cry?

What ever did you bring? of which you have lost?

What have you created..for it to have been wasted?

Whatever you took, was taken from here..

Whatever you gave, was given from here..

What is yours, will be another One’s tomorrow..

and another person’s on yet another day.

This is the way of the World!”

Of course there is much more to Bhagavathgeeta than just this.

Krishna delivering Bagavathgeeta to Arjun
Lord Krishna delivering Bagavathgeetha to Arjun at battlefield in Mahabharatha (Hind epic) Poster by unknown artist (translation by Manivannan Navasothy, London)

As to this scene..  the story goes that when Arjun arrived at the battlefield and saw that on the opposite side were his relatives, cousins, teachers, gurus.. he briefly lost the will to fight – even though it was waged as a result of the many injustices and atrocities Arjun and his brothers had suffered. It is then that Lord Krishna, Charioteer to Arjun,  stopped Arjun, and began to offer him counsel and words of wisdom – of the duty of a warrior and King – to wage such a war, regardless of who was on the opposing side. These words of wisdom settled the mind of Arjun and he engaged in the war.  These words came to be known as the `Bhagavathgeeta’.. considered by many outsiders as the Hindu form of the Bible or Kuran..

Of course, Lord Krishna was no ordinary Charioteer. He was the 9th incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu himself, born on Earth to fight certain demons, (born to a princess  in prison, smuggled out in storm, grew up  as a Charioteer’s son, defeated his demon-uncle, then later set about helping the Pandavas win the great war and reclaim their rightful Kingdom.   It was Krishna who engineered  the great war and thus reduce the world population (in answer to the pleas of the Earth Goddess Poomadevi).  [I’ll cover those stories in future blogs].

I have had a Tamil poster (above) on my wall for some time..  (which is a  tiny fraction of the whole Bhagavathgeeta). And for my 200th blog post,I  felt like sharing that wisdom here. (at the top is my own English translation of  the Tamil words that appear in the poster).

These words of divine wisdom have been of great consolation and strength to me in recent times.  Thoughts of being treated unfairly, unjustly, had all led me down a path of doubt and despair.. anger and exasperation.  I have fought against many such  darker impulses. The `authority figures’  I approached had all been compromised,  corrupt or self-serving in some secret way. Some even tried seeding self-doubt in me! And others had turned a blind eye to my plight or just simply were unaware.    So while I now accept that which has happened happened, and that it has set a series of events in motion, I also am quite clear of what is ahead!


The Pandavas in Mahabharatha  may have been ejected and  exiled by circumstances, by deeds and words of Tricksters & Throne-Seekers.. but Arjuna and his brothers eventually returned to wage the final war…against all those  who had done them ill..!

-Manivannan Navasothy


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