Existence of Deity – Did man create God?

Discussion on facebook about the existence of Gods & Goddesses. Did we create them? here’s the original post by my friend, and my own thoughts (at the moment).

Cernunnos and the Stars. Art (c)Mani Navasothy 2012

Gods & Goddesses didn’t create the universe and our beautiful planet. Science did. When man came along we then created our Gods and Goddesses, mainly in the image of man/woman. Apart from the Egyptians with their love of animal/animal headed deities. So why do we, as humans, have this need inside of us to worship deities? I know why I do. What do my friends think?

My thoughts>

We can’t actually say Gods & Goddesses didn’t create the Universe and that Science created it. Science shows us a logical and evidence-based way of understanding many things. And all the bits we don’t understand yet, we chalk up into religion & magic (faith & belief systems). I agree we humans `created’ the deities in our images. (No one has so far found out what sort of images the animals – if any- have created `their’ deities in  ) All we can say is, `something’ created the Universe. It could be a deity or a super intelligent higher dimensional entity ..or maybe the Universe created itself..and it does have intelligence and self-identity that we punny humans don’t fathom yet. We can’t even `really’ communicate with one other species (among the billions) on our planet. Yet we think we somehow know the mind of `gods’ and other beings. That is the biggest egotistical thing about us humans.

 Correction: we humans `interpret’ the deities in our images..  There is also the other possibility that deities really didn’t exit…but millions of years of us humans believing in `it’ has ..by the power of `creative visualizations  of a billion minds, manifested the idea and then the reality of `deity’ itself.. so now Gods & Goddesses do exist. By this argument, yeap, we may well have created gods. But as humans have such varying millions of belief systems, the `gods & goddesses’ we thus created out of our minds are fractured and not cohesive. If we all believe in one clear deity, I bet it will manifest strongly, and we can all ask it everything we want, and it will oblige..  In effect, we are keeping our gods weak..by scattering our beliefs!! Scary thought eh?

More on this as the debate unfolds. Check back in a few days 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

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