Video: A Wiccan Initiation into the Coven of Janet & Stewart Farrar (nudity involved)

Many know that I am an Initiated Wiccan – have been so for almost 18 years. I have attended many initiations, and as a High Priest, initiated other seekers into The Craft also.

video farrars initiation

I came across this video on youtube..and was initially shocked.. that
a) they filmed such things as initiations all those years ago, and
b) that whomever filmed it has now published it openly on youtube.

I shall say more about these another time.. but for now.. here’s the video.. (and there are many more!)

Bright Blessings
-Mani Navasothy

Note : 8th March 2019 – my apologies.  the Video on youtube seems to have been removed due to other issues.   So am adding a few links useful on similar topic of initiation.  -Mani 

Wicca 1-day Course in woodland   (6th April 2019)

Wicca course - april2019

book: Coven Guide: How to become an initiated Witch

Coven Guide to becoming an initiated Witch (c) MN2014

Blog : So you want to become initiated?

Wicca Initiations
So you want to get initiated? Here are important elements of preparations to bear in mind.


4 thoughts on “Video: A Wiccan Initiation into the Coven of Janet & Stewart Farrar (nudity involved)

  1. I want to become initiated into the traditions of the old ones. I am interested in joining a skyclad witches coven starting as a beginner. Please guide me on the path to nature worship. Best Regards…….Nelson.

    1. Hi Nelson, thanks for writing. It all depends on where you are (Country / city/ town) and how much local (hidden) wiccan groups & activities are going on. One thing though.. new comers are not going to ever get into a skyclad coven..without a few years of training, magical quest & development, earning trust and keeping confidence.. well, atleast not into any serious covens that I know of. BB. -Mani

  2. There are many reasons for filming this. I think even in that time period there was a need to be just like all the other main stream religions etc. That is another reason Gavin and Yvonne Frost came out along with many others.

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