Hindu Auspicious Dates 2016 (July-Dec)

Hindu  auspicious Dates 2016  (July – December). Hi All, apologies for not doing this 6 months ago..  I have put together this list for Hindu auspicious dates/ rituals take place in 2016. (dates collected from various online sites, as well as the booklets published by some of the major Hindu temples in London that I … Continue reading Hindu Auspicious Dates 2016 (July-Dec)

Diwali – Day of Light and the slaying of Demons?

On this day of Diwali, Hindu festival of light, my best wishes to all.. I think if we keep focusing on the beauty and creativity within, and not the monsters, we might just find that the monsters are just protective shells of yet more vulnerable and wonderous creatures within...waiting to be loved.. and lost inside … Continue reading Diwali – Day of Light and the slaying of Demons?