Introducing Esoteric Enterprises

Esoteric Enterprises- The EE chip


Introducing….a new Gaian Times initiative

`Esoteric Enterprises’ –  a Social Initiative by Gaian Times’  – for Esoteric Practitioners & Pagan Business creators, online Publishers, Artists, Authors, Community builders, Sellers, Stall holders, Conference organisers,  Self-employed people, Marketers & Entrepreneurs.

The Aim is to become an online networking platform and directly help & support  esoteric people  in growing their  own  Enterprises, or develop their existing ventures. This of course enables them (you) fulfilling their hidden potential for wealth-creation and funding other charitable ventures or causes!  (Pagan Charties, Eco-spiritual charities etc).


 Objectives – My  approach is currently two-fold

  1. Teach, train, mentor, share, explore and disseminate valuable business tools, techniques and ideas – directly to all those who subscribe to my Enterprise bulletins (blogs, videos, webinars, audio downloads, e-guides & Reports).
  2. Work with all who are interested, and create an Esoteric Enterprises Network, which will then have the following exclusive benefits for those in the network:
  • Learn business strategies and apply it to Esoteric ventures
  • Learn up to date marketing methods and use it promoting and publicising your Esoteric ventures.
  • Increase your skills on online tools
  • Familiarise, customise and increase your online presence wisely in strategically planned manner (using Social media, Blogs, Videos, Webinars & websites).
  • Plan your esoteric enterprises for short, medium and long term (3 months,9month, 1 yr, 2 yr, 3yr).
  • Develop branding, logo and a strong identity.
Esoteric Enterprises – Gaian Times initiative for building an entrepreneurial network for Pagans! (c)ManiNavasothy.2012

A number of us are have been working on this initiative behind the scenes for some months now.. We’ll be formally launching this initiative with the upcoming edition of GAIAN TIMES  – eco-magazine  (publishing soon!)

There will also be (as publicised months ago), free offers of websites for individuals, small shops, businesses etc…through Gaian Times initiatives.

So …watch this space..:-)

-Mani Navasothy

(Founder/Editor / Director of Gaian Times)

Gaian Times is a registered not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Registered in England & Wales, UK.


3 thoughts on “Introducing Esoteric Enterprises

      1. I have just booked my Reiki Master course in early December. That will enhance my Reiki and I will be qualified to pass it on and teach it. x

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