Mercury dance with Pluto, as Saturn strokes Neptune

More astrological good news!

In my previous astrology post, I mentioned the following:

Good news:  On 9th October, Sun trines Jupiter, and, Venus trines Pluto. The energy of those two are superb, and should start to transform and resolve the situations that exist.     Jupiter rules horizons, religion and justice.    Sun is one for energy (and ego).    Venus will be a governing social interactions, love etc…and Pluto is all about intensity, power, control..death and rebirth..and ultimately…transformation.  (see full post:  Neptune wars with Mars). 

Well, I forgot to say, in the midst of some personal trials & triumphs, there are some  another brilliant aspects going on too.

Mercury-semisextile-Pluto  (yesterday 10th Oct’12) – is one of these good aspects.  Someone mentioned the word `argument’ in reply to one of my astrology posts, and I had to point out – that time- as mercury was not part of those aspects, it’s not about arguments…but about `confusions’ (as Neptune was adversely involved).   Well, here Mercury is involved…but positively ..and with Pluto.   So communications may be going through some sort of positive break-through, or mental processes may be leading people to decisions.

(I for one had reached certain major decisions on some of my old ventures. At the same time, I was also busy outdoors …shooting a few videos for some upcoming Enterprises & ventures.. So yeap, I made use of this aspect in the last few days! 🙂

Saturn-trine-Neptune (today 11th Oct’12)   – this is a brilliant one, as it’s a trine…the most positive astrological aspect possible (short of a double or grand trine!).   As you’ll probably know, Saturn governs stability and structures…as well as authority.  And Neptune is a distant planet that has associations to dreams, psychology, intuition, the human collective…amongst tangible but fluidic things like gases, petrol, liquids (ocean). Idealism is also linked to this  (Knight of Cups).

So this aspect between Saturn & Neptune is a highly positive one…for crsytallising ideals and dreams into definite forms, structure…putting in foundations…if you like..  There’s more of course…but I have been tuning into that part of it…especially for the new Esoteric Enterprises venture that I just announced.

It’s all good.. if we go with the stellar winds, when sailing our ships to new horizons. 🙂   The Hindus have been doing that for thousands of years…others too.  I;ll say more in coming blogs about using astrology for  working out potentially powerful dates to do business.

-Mani Navasothy

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