Neptune wars with Venus & Mars

Some incredible events have been unraveling in our lives at the moment. I looked at the astrology and was totally bowled over! On 3rd October, there was a Venus-opposition-Neptune, and a mars-square-Neptune is brewing right now! Social or romantic turmoils, Confusions by nebulous entities, fluidic or gaseous situations, , aggression  ideals & social bonds being dissolved- all pat of this!

Aquarians, Pisceans, aries, librans, sagittarians and virgos will have been intensely affected by this..and others to some degree!

Neptune is opposed by Venus… This has the astrological potential for confusions in social situations.  Oh, and breaching or smudging boundaries…is also a classing potential for Neptune transits!

The zodiac signs mentioned are because those are ruled by those planets, or those planets are in those signs.

Neptune is in Aquarius, and Neptune rules Pisces.    Mars is in Scorpio, and will move into Sagittarius by tomorrow, and rules Aries.  Venus just moved to Virgo, and rules Libras.

The Neptune-opposition-Venus took place at 22:26hrs gmt on 3rd oct’12.     The Mars-square-neptune will culminate at 02:10hrs on 8th Oct’12.

Astrological aspects that are forming tend to have their  `effects’ on human-sphere a day or two prior to the actual aspects, and then fade away.  But of course, if it is the case that one aspect follows another, then just as the influence of one fades, the next intensifies..

Good news:  On 9th October, Sun trines Jupiter, and, Venus trines Pluto. The energy of those two are superb, and should start to transform and ressolve the situations that exist.     Jupiter rules horizons, religion and justice.    Sun is one for energy (and ego).    Venus will be a governing social interactions, love etc…and Pluto is all about intensity, power, control..death and rebirth..and ultimately…transformation.


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