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Wishing a Villain dead- War against Evil? (discussion welcome)

Wishing a Villain dead!?

As someone who dabbles with magic of all sorts, and can create high magical sigils for Love & Light' orPeace’, it’s not beyond me to do magic to rid of people!

Everyone knows my position on Villains and Abusers. I do magic to end them. yes ..there’s millions of villains out there.. thousands of them in power-positions, and hundreds of them rulers of countries. I’ll get to them all one by one as they reach my awareness.

It is said When a good man does nothing, evil wins. We all know this, and yet many magical people are hand-tied, or tongue-tied.. debilitated by considerations of `laws of return, karma, and perhaps the worst-of-all.. personal guilt & shame?

No one is a pure saint. We have all done good and bad things in the vastness of our lives. I’ve noticed many people worry about doing aggressive magic to sort problems – because they fear the `return’ coming to bite them in their own lives . Let me say that I too worry about such things. But in times of crisis, the compulsion to want to protect others over-rides any such personal preservation worries.

It is said that courage is not about having no fear, but going ahead and doing something despite having fears!

It is so with magic for me –
Doing magic to solve world issues is not about having a saintly life first .. but having complex lives and still willing to brave consequences, and doing something to help the world.
That is what a Warrior-Magician or a warrior-witch or wizard is all about.

So if you are feeling crippled by those self-doubts and fears, that you think you are not ready, or not worthy, or not brave enough – please think again. Every moment you hesitate, lives are lost out there.. What can possibly be more important than saving lives? Spiritual development? Enlightenment? Entertainment? Joke of the day? The next fuck? The next glass of wine? wrath of the gods?

The gods are never going to judge you harshly, if you did something to save lives. If gods do , then they are not the gods & goddesses for you. If you can not rise to this warrior-call to put down villains, then throw away your warrior-gods & Goddesses, throw away your heathen-hammers, Durga Tridents, Odin spears and Wonder-woman whips and stupid silly quips you post on social media while lives are being bombed to death!

Yes you put a flag on your profile. wonderful.
That really saved hundred lives!! Or just even one?
Those souls injured and running for their lives.. do they care that you put a flag on your profile… or that you lit a building with blue and yellow light?

Did it save lives?
Did it really make a few war mongering mad-men stop with guilt and shame and fear ?
Well done,,,if it did.

If not.. why not pick a candle, put your magic in it.. and light the damn thing, and wish for a villain to be dead?!

If Krishna was here, he’d tell me to aim my arrow and kill those villains, for that is my duty!

Warrior Healer Teacher Witch.

Declaring Magical War on Abusers & Predators (video blog )

Have you ever suffered abuse – physical, emotional, mental or psychological – at the hands of a Wolf in Sheep’s skin? By someone you trusted? Or someone you didn’t know? Has a friend or loved one suffered? Ad did you feel powerless then and helpless afterwards? Did the suppressed depression or rage consume you – raging for justice.. that never came? Did you call on your Gods & Angels for help.. and did help ever come?

Only those who have suffered these, or known some who have suffered these will know what I am talking about here! We are talking about Villains who hide in plain sights in suits, skirts & smiles – and prey on vulnerable children and adults!

Sometimes the law is blind in a bad way. Justice & Police fail.. Villains can not be touched. And their victims’ lives become worse with the injustice of it all .

There is no Batman or Arrow patrolling our dark alleys. There is no Superman and Wonderwoman scaling the skies leaping at villains. But there are real Witches and Magicians in the world.. who practice a powerful Craft that can actually make a direct difference.. They can wield magic that directly interferes, binds and hexes villains and even throws some of them under a bus!

So this is me – declaring a magical War on those villains who abuse, prey, manipulate! They should know that I am not alone.. I am calling on all the angels, Warrior Gods & Goddesses, and even a few planetary Spirits that can cause havoc! And I am calling on the Witches, Wizards, Heathens and Shamans all.. to brave up with your magic! And attack the Villains with magic … hex them, curse them, bind them!

Stellar Blessings

video filmed on 1st January 2022 in London, UK
(c) Mani Navasothy.
Music used – obtained from Free Youtube Creator studio Library.

Peace Sigils (Planetary Magic)

Peace sigils – planetary magic (c) Mani Navasothy 2022

This is a composite graphics of 7 planetary Peace sigils I created a day ago. Given current war scenario between Russia and Ukraine, many thousands of people are doing prayers for peace, magical work & meditations and energy work for Peace and safety for people in Ukraine. That brought me t creating this high magic sigil for Peace.. where ever it is needed (not just for Ukraine) .

So I offer this sigil freely to you all. Use it as screen saver, or print it for meditation, or print and place a candle in the middle for peace-prayers & magical work.

Each sigil is formed on a related planetary square with the word `peace’.

Use freely, but please no commercial use. Thanks. Peace Planetary sigils (c) Mani Navasothy. 26Feb2022.

Flames of Shiva: Mantra, Yantra & Candle magic in woods for Shivarathri 2022

We are gathering in the woods to do Magic to tune into Maha Shivarathri – Night of Shiva (Hindu God, Cosmic dancer & Lord of Karmic cleansing). Mani- Hindu & Wiccan, will explain the myth of quest for Shiva’s infinite flame. We will be setting up an altar and sacred fire in a cauldron for this event. We will be creating a sacred Mandala on the ground. Yantra (sacred geometry) will be used, along with Mantra chanting and flower pooja to charge up your candles. A special mantra will be played via small speakers, for meditation.

Background on Shivarathri—-

Annual most Hindu supsicious night – Shivarahri – night of Shiva- is upon us soon.. It is when Hindus engage in special prayers, meditations, poojahs, and staying awake all night with worship – for many spiritual benefits.. one of which is karmic release. There is no need for complicated ceremonies. The chanting of Shiva mantra with pure intentions (108 times, or 1008, times or 10,008 times are best). This is what the prayer beads – the Rudhraksha beads- are meant for, if there is ever an occasion (to count the number of mantra-chants).

What we are doing?——

There will be an altar built, with Shiva images and flowers, candles, incense. We hope to create a Mandala on the ground with twigs, leaves and floor (traditional).. A small ongoing flame or candle will be consecrated and lit in the middle to represent the eternal infinite flame of Shiva.. The we will engage in purification and mantra work with meditation. Towards the end , we will be charging personal candles with the raised energy – so that participants may take it home and light it on the night of Shivarathri and continue the magical benefits.

Fee —-
there is no set fee, but any donations welcome from those who can afford – but not compulsory.

What to bring—-

-Vegetarian food / snacks welcome (no meat or alcohol).
-Flowers & lanterns welcome.
-Wrap up **really warm*
-Cushion/ yoga mat to sit on will be useful.

I facilitated a Shivarathri poojah in woods (in 2016), and online last year (2021). This event builds on those experiences and deepens the magical work for all.

No prior knowledge or experience needed. All people of all experiences welcome to participate and benefit from this.

—-Chants / Mantras to be used ——-

Chant 1: (we will be chanting slowly 108 times).
“Om Nama Shivaya “

Chant 2 (complex) : (we will listen to audio and meditate/ internally chant along)

“Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat “

(We worship the three-eyed One, who is fragrant and who nourishes all.
Like the fruit falls off from the bondage of the stem, may we be liberated from death, from mortality)

practical details———

date: Sunday 27th February 2022.
duration: 4.30pm to 7pm (approx).

meeting point:
Please be on time! We gather just outside/ back of `Woodmans Pub’ (414 Archway Road, Highgate N6 5UA) at 4.30pm and walk together (10minute walk) to woods. Once in woods, we set up communal altar and do this ceremony.

If weather is extremely difficult (storms & heavy rain) this event will be held online on zoom. Any changes will be posted by 1pm on the day, with any zoom link here on my meetup event page. (link below)

-Mani Navasothy
(Wiccan High Priest, Shamanic & Hindu Practitioner)

Link for meetup event:

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Visit to Richmond Park – Walk, Picnic & Stag-Lord magic!

We are gathering at Richmond park/ woods.. This is a non-intrusive pagan exploratory event with several stop overs and a general picnic.. , spotting deer & other woodland features. social event such as this gives us a breather in between our busy fortnightly moon ceremonies or the big open seasonal rituals. we can relax, chat, discuss magical things, or just chat about hobbies, interests – After all, pagans are humans too with many interests. It also gives participants opportunities to make / grow friendships with fellow pagan/ witch . magical people …in an informal setting. There will be several short breaks to rest. So you may wish to bring a small cushion to sit on, as well as some snacks/ drinks /wine etc for your self.

I will have a few ritual items in my bag – so if the mood and moment takes us, we may do an impromptu Horned-God magical working!! So if you have wands, small horns, antlers, horned god pendants etc, feel free to bring them for charging up with Stag-Lord energy!

Date: Sunday 4th July 2021
Time: 2pm to 5pm.

Meeting point:
We will meet at `Richmond Gate’ (just inside the park.. by the green grass area.

Get to Richmond train/tube station. From outside station, take bus 371 heading towards Richmond Hill. Get off at the stop `American University’..and walk few minutes ahead and turn left into `Richmond gate’ !

Stag /Deer safety:
We may observe them from a distance. Do not go anywhere within 50m of deer.

What to wear——-
Please wear sensible cloths/ coats/ rain proof/ boots etc!! It may start out sunny and hot but it gets cold quickly.. There’ll be midges and insects.. so cover up ankles with socks.. wear trainers or boots…(No slippers). You feel hardy.. but when you start shivering or feel uncomfortable inside still shows and makes rest of the people feel uneasy. This is not a survival walk with Bear Grylls.. It’s an enjoyable comfortable magical social walk with pagans!! 🙂

Bright Blessings .

Link to meetup event:

Mars attack on Saturn & Uranus


Mars opposes Saturn today and opposes Uranus on Sunday! We’ve needed this martian fire for a while.. and Mars in firey Leo now provides exactly that!!

Aries, Capricorns, Aquarians, Taureans and Leos will feel the sharp ends of this more than other signs..

Might be a time for challenging limitations, restrictions and breaking free from them. Authority figures are going to feel stressed by challenges from a youthful warrior quarter.

Fueling some innovative plans or humanitarian causes is a better way to channel these mars-square energies being stirred up.


AstroAlert: Saturn (r)-square-Uranus – part2 of 3 coming up!

AstroAlert! Uranus-square-Saturn (pt 2/3).

For any of you getting twitchy.. the 2 Eclipses may be over, but we’ve been under the influence of the retrograde Saturn (in Aquarius) getting close to a square with Uranus (in Taurus). This will culminate on Monday 14th around 23.:01 hrs BST. As Saturn rules Capricorn, and Uranus rules Aquarius, those signs will feel the influence more.. Aquarius more so, as not only is one of the planets involved transiting through it but its ruler is the other planet involved in the square! 😦

This is the 2nd time this Saturn-square-Uranus is happening this year (we had this once already on 17th February.

And am sorry to say this will repeat one more time.. at a rather `inconvenient’ time of X’mas eve (so I imagine the 1-2 weeks leading to X’mas will have the same stressful themes surfacing / playing out in your lives.. unless of course, we figure out the themes that surfaced in early February, and now early June.. and work through them and resolve them genuinely.. (or make a good start of it..) Do that, and December’s Saturn(D)-square-Uranus(R) will be kinder.

If people who are -not- Aquarians, Capricorns or Taureans, think you are immune from these influences.. no chance. Look at the house positions of the above signs in your own natal charts to see what areas in your lives are getting this harsh square energy.

On a general level, Saturn is about holding things in place. Limits & restrictions. Delays.. (but also stability, structure, foundations). And Uranus is about Freedom, (free-from-restrictions), rebellion, shocks and thrills, innovation, technology, humanity.. So in some ways one theme that plays out might be the being-pinned down vs breaking free.

But life is never that simple or straight forward.. is it? A total lawless Freedom to roam comes with the price of not having security, rootedness, home, stability.. And laying out long term foundations, building authority and holding power/ responsibility comes with compromises of not being able to just shake it all off and run riot/ free and `do what you like’ .

The key is going to be balancing both, and compromising.
In short, unless you are good at astral projections or have a space ship, you are stuck on Earth and woven into the lives of hundreds ..nay billions of lives. Their every actions affects you and your every whim and wants do shape everything around you. (‘cos we are all connected, innit?!!!).

So ..stop fighting it all.. and give in to compromises.
Stop giving in to everything also.. and rebel a bit.
(yeah you see. .. conflicts!)

There’s not much i can say here that’s going to make a damn bit of difference.. You are going to have to figure these energies out your selves.

My job has been to just throw a bit of spot light on it and speak the obvious… and come across like all wise and clever. 8-|

And that’s me writing this forecast under the influence of Uranus-square-Saturn 😉 :-p


Jupiter’s journey through Pisces 13May’21 to 21Dec’22

On 13th May 2021, Jupiter arrived in Pisces (a sign traditionally ruled b Jupiter). Jupiter stays there for few months, retrograding, going back to Aquarius till end of the year 2021. Then Jupiter steadily travels through Pisces, going into Aries (next sign) .. But due to another retrograde motion, comes back to Pisces ..and finally leaves Pisces on 21st December 2022.

here are the details and the info-graphics showing the dates/ degrees/ signs.

13 May 2021 – Jupiter enters Pisces
21 June 2021 – Jupiter in ‘Pisces. Begins Retrograde (2’Pisc)
28 July 2021 – retrograde-Jupiter re-enters Aquarius
18 October – Jupiter direct in Aquarius (22′ Aqu)
28 December 2021 – Jupiter returns to Pisces
11 May 2022 – Jupiter leaves Pisces. Enters Aries
28 July 2022 — Jupiter in Aries begins retrograde (8′ Ari)
28 October 2022 – Retrograde Jupiter re-enters Pisces
23 Nov 2022- Jupiter goes direct in Pisces (28′)
21 Dec 2022 – Jupiter leaves Pisces. Enters Aries

Summary of Jupiter in Pisces:

13May’21 – 28July’21
28Dec’21 – 11 May’22
28Oct’22 – 21Dec’22

I’ll do more astro-analysis and discuss the key transits Jupiter will be making during these times – in another blog/post.

Stellar Wishes
-Mani Navasothy


Saturn’s motion through Aquarius (2020-2022)

Mercury retrograde May-June 2021

Retrograde planets in 2021

Mercury retrograde -29May to 22June 2021 & related forecasts.

AstroAlert: Mercury Retrograde starts in Gemini!
(post exploring several upcoming astrological events).

Hi all.. it’s that time, for us to blame everything that goes wrong on Mercury-retrograde :-p Seriously though, this coming Mercury-retrograde is going to be `tricky’ indeed (sorry sorry I’ll try not to get distracted with silly jokes).

But am not joking though. not a word of it so far.

Mercury rules Gemini (and Virgo).. and from tomorrow 29th May 2021- till 23rd June’21, Mercury will be retrograding in its own sign. Now initially this can freak out many people ( I include myself as one). but on a bit more careful thought of the overall pattern, I am led to believe (led astray? okay okay sorry).. that this coming 3 weeks is about to set us all off on a very interesting journey.
Because this is not jus about Mercury.. but as the cosmic magician and messenger, it/ he is doing something `interesting’.

We already have Pluto retrograding, and Saturn started retrograding too just a week ago. And as many hyped up online astro writeups have been saying, we’ve juts had the first of a set of eclipses. But that’s not the exciting bit (did I just use the word exciting and interesting, instead of crazy, disruption, excruciating?)

Already yesterday/ today I’ve had to deal with a lost parcel worth £112. (It’s okay after some calls, I got the parcel!). And Mercury retro hasn’t even started yet!!

As Quantum Mech states, observer is not separated from the observed. Likewise, an astrologer is never separate or immune from the forces of planets.. and we are humans too, and I put in some personal stuff to indicate that the planets affect me too.. and am in the trenches with all of you (`We are in this together’).

Back to forecast. As someone with Gemini-rising, I know all about the forces of Mercury retrograde affecting (assaulting?) my life :-p (I say all this in such a jolly way.. but wait a few days till we are all in it and my tune will change and I’ll be angst-ridden no doubt ). Ya see.. honesty ! Personal empathy !! 😉

So with Saturn & Pluto in retrograde, now Mercury starts too.. That’s already quite much. But that’s just the start .. sorry!

Just as this Mercury retro ends (22nd june), Jupiter-retrograde begins (21st june) and a week later Neptune-retrograde begins (26th June). We then have 2 months where .. there’s Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter & Neptune are retrograding. Uhhh 😦 And then Uranus-retro begins on 20th August.

No you can’t hitchhike out of Earth on a passing spaceship and run away to Andromeda!!

Each planet goes through a retrograde period every year. It’s unavoidable (except Mercury that does it 3 times, Venus & mars sometimes don’t).

Often in life, we speed through so many things.. and like a person going at 77mph on M4 who missed a turning and has to then keep going a bit more till we find another exit, then double-back via back-roads.. to find that missed exit/ destination.. sort it out..and then get back on track.. we are forced to do so …in life.. by the retrograde influences of the planets.

Don’t think of it as disruptions.. even if it feels that way.
Think of it as Recovery. Reconnect. Regroup. Refine. Rest. Recuperation. Re-imagine. Re-fuel. Retro-fitting. Realigning. (include Remorse. Restitution).
You get the picture now? !

As for Mercury retro.. think of it as finding the parcel that got lost 😉 Finding the path that you could have taken but didn’t and now have a chance to atleast consider.

Think of it as lost messages being found.
After all.. Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods!
Why would we ever think Mercury retrograde is `bad’?
Gods don’t mistakes.. do they?!

So let me go back (or forward, to events that have not happened yet).

the 3rd Mercury retrograde will happen between 27th Sept- 19th October!! Oh for crying out loud, we haven’t even started this one and am going on about the next one, I hear you exasperating?!

Bear with me.. am already under it’s influence :-p
That’s not a bad thing , as this is happening on my ascendant.. Either am way off the mark.. or the Messenger god is speaking sharply to me this time.. (and I’ve just had a lunar eclipse in my sign too).

So here come s the punch-line!
All the retrogrades we are beginning to experience now and in the coming months are all going to end ..bit by bit, around about the time the 3rd phase of mercury retrograde ends..

The mind-messenger planet is about to start a period of reconnections and reintegrations between us and other planetary energies.. that will culminate with the end of the next mercury retro.
We have no choice but to live through this.
And we should..

The world has gone through a crazy time with covid-19 pandemic, fears, lockdowns, deaths, laws, power & controls, conspiracies, protests and so much more.. in the past 18 months.. And what now follows is a cosmic opportunity for re-structuring.. Am not bothered by what the government is going.. Forget that.

This is a chance to work your power..

Oh did I mention that the 2nd part of the Eclipse is happening in 2 weeks, in the sign of …Gemini on 10th June, while ruler of Gemini (Mercury) is still retrograding?

Ah yes.. BANG!
There are no coincidences in astrology.
My teacher used to say, when the planets want to give you a message, they do so in 2-3 ways.

Mercury retrograding in its own sign of Gemini, while a annular solar Eclipse happens in Gemini.. is that message coming in more than one way.

That the final mercury retrograde happens in the sign of Libra – symbolising balance, just as all the upcoming retroplanets going direct after many months of summer.. is part of that message.

That then is the bigger picture more detail and less hype.

What does it all mean?
Oh come on.. Have you not been reading what I’ve been just writing?

I only meant to do a few lines.. but look at this crazy long forecast-thingy that’s just spilled out of me..
Thank you Mercury – lord of magic and messages, mind, journeys and connections – without whom, we’d be just blobs of brain disconnected from bodies and lives.

And ps. this is the most unusual forecast I never planned to write.
Like I said, am under the influence too…and I teach by example.
So read all that am saying. Read between the lines.. 😉
Bright Stellar Blessings
-Mani Navasothy (blogs) (official – books, courses, consultations) facebook page Youtube training/ videos

Hymn to Pan – a video performance

Hymn to Pan is one of the most famous creations by the English Occultist & Ritual magician Aleister Crowley. He wrote this in 1913 (published in 1919). I had first seen this poem performed by the late Wiccan Elder Zachary Cox, at a Pagan Picnic in Queen’ Woods, High Gate, North London.. (2006?). I have seen it done by a friend few years ago (again in Queen’s Woods, at a Beltane Ritual I was facilitating for my `London Woodland Witches meetup group’ . Going as far back as 2008,

I’ve been organsing `Pan’s Picnic’ every year.. And it was now..during lockdown, while we are doing so many online zoom rituals, that I had the sudden idea to perform this poem myself. I began fully familiarizing myself with the poem at night. Each night I’d whisper it and practice..(‘cos others were sleeping in our household).

And on the night of 21st March 2021, after much delays and almost giving up.. I drove to the woods near Croydon – where I hold Hern’s Tribe rituals for some 16years. There I quietly set the camera up.. set up an altar – and heard the poem in my head as I danced with flame. When it was all done, I packed it all away …and finally set the voice recorder, and let loose reciting the poem!! And the Pan in me was fully Free!

Hymn to Pan – performance by Mani Navasothy – Spring Eqx 2021

(note: Apart from adding a little echo for the later section, no other voice manipulation was done. The throaty croaky snarly growly changes were as it happened live in 1 take of the voice recording…and almost in 1 long breath too. You can hear it once where I gasped for breath and continued!)

It’s now my quest to fully learn this glorious poem by heart.. and do it as a Self-invocation & Charge of the God Pan -in a woodland ritual, for that is what this poem is. If you study the words carefully,. you’ll see where it changes from `calling Pan’ to `being Pan’ !

Io Pan!

-Mani Navasothy