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Raise your Witch Power! -Friday 13th July 2018 – special New Moon Ritual in London

Friday 13th July 2018 is a day of New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse in the psychic & intuitive water sign of Cancer! And we are gearing up for a special ritual – to aid the removal of blockages, reclaiming your primal magical currents within, and raising your Witch-powers! This new moon/ solar eclipse time is just perfect for beginning this work!

We’ll set up a wicca circle, and proceed with a meditative & transpersonal work for stage 1, then work ceremonially for clearing blockages, and finally do ritual magical work for your own energy raising and creation of a witch-charm.

event- friday 13th july- wicca new moon


These circles are facilitated by Mani – an initiated Wiccan High Priest, with over 21 years of Craft & Cove experiences in London, UK. Mani has published several books on Wicca, runs training courses, provides an e-Witch Apprentice course online, and writes extensive blogs on magical topics.

** fee £3.

  • Time:  7pm to 10.30pm
  • venue: Queen’s Woods, High Gate, North London  (meeting point is the garden area of The Woodmans Pub, Archway Road. Nearest tube: High Gate).

Basic format—————–.

-meeting & greeting (7pm)
-walk to woods (7.15pm)
-Altar Set up.
-Intro & run-through of ritual and magic
-Ritual commences .
-Ritual concludes .
– Sharing cakes/wine/ experiences
-Tidy up/ pack
-Leaving woodland site – 10.30pm latest.

Meeting point/ What to bring————

Please meet in the heated patio area of The Woodman’s Pub, Archway Road by 7.00pm. We *really* like to run these weekday rituals on time.

PSYCHIC SAFETY: Late comers/ crashing Circle———-

Please do not come late to woods and enter circle once it’s cast – because it breaches magic protection inside, causes headaches for circle-caster and leaks built up energy, allows negative entities to enter our protected space!! In the same way, please do not just `leave’ the circle in the middle of a ritual in progress. On both occasions, please wait on the edge for a suitable moment for the Circle-caster to create a `door’ and let you in/ out and close that `magic gateway’ immediately. !!!


Please be totally prepared for different types of Weather – as it can change within an afternoon. Also once in the woods and standing in one ritual spot, it can get cold quickly.. So please check weather reports.. and come dressed appropriately.
–A small plastic sheet to sit on.. Ground can be wet or damp from previous rains.. Cushion/ blanket and other items of comfort. we’ll be seated and be still for meditative parts;
–Torch light .. essential for walking about the woods in the dark.

AFTER RITUAL : Sharing Food & Drinks and Magical thoughts —————-

Circle will close after a few rounds of passing blessed Cakes & drink from the Altar. Then we may have time to be seated and have some communal magical chats.. (avoid mundane chats immediately after ritual please.. Allow magic to sink in.. Don’t become chaotic or noisy after ritual. Avoid worldly gossips, politics, promotions for other events.. Keep all thoughts positive and be in the moment.. If anything, share your experiences of what the ceremony has brought and clarify magical points, symbolisms and any questions that may have risen. It is important to remain in a tranquil, magical-mode after ceremony..to allow magic energies to sink in and transform us.

LEAVING the site—————

Once formal ritual & magical work is complete, Organiser will need 20mins to recharge and pack up Altar items before leaving around 10.30pm. If anyone wishes to leave immediately after ritual, alone or in groups, you are responsible for your own way back to the road.

Near the time please check `comments’ section of this event.. for any additional info/ preparations.

Love & Bright Blessings

Link to meetup event for  Witch-Power Friday 13th July New Moon ritual

Astrology: Magic of the NEW YEAR DAY 2014

Yes, this is a serious astrology forecast!   Ignore it and you’ll just be trying to make sense of the days coming..  But heed it, and there’s light at the end of  your Soul!

The next 3 days may be challenging.. to the breaking point.. But New Year’s day brings new moon and a Solar opportunity for Rebirth and Transformation..!

Here’s the message.. !   Feel free to share with anyone who is having a difficult time..   and be a beacon of hope for them!

New year 2014 forecast (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
New year 2014 forecast (c) Mani Navasothy 2013

Best Wishes

-Mani Navasothy


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Cancerian Dark Moon & Male moon-times?

There are a few astrological transits going on that are – as I can already see – affecting people who are sensitive to it.

And sensitivity is the key word – for a Cancerian new moon!  It’s taking place at 04:24hrs GMT (05:24 am British Summer time) tomorrow 19th July, at 26 degree 55 seconds in the sign of Cancer!

Moon in Cancer is a sensitive time!

Traditional western astrology indicates, and I agree from personal observations of the self and others- that Cancer is a sign that represents and is closely linked to the element of water, and it is also the `home sign’ of the Moon! So for magical people all over the world who work with lunar energies, this is an ideal opportunity (the other being a full moon in Cancer).

Currents of emotions are deep, and at the dark moon, they are not always conscious in our minds. That’s another thing- many people will be moved and driven by deep rooted `Needs’ and old `habits’ …seeking security and foundations.. at this time.

Here’s a bit of personal stuff – way back some 25-30 years ago, I used to fancy a girl in school who was a Cancerian. (there were a few others who were also Cancerians).  And I think I pined for a year or so, and when it wasn’t reciprocated, my fancy turned to bitterness, and I started disliking all cancerians.   That is until, my astrology studies deepened, and doing my own birth chart, I discovered – to my initial horror that my own Moon-sign is none other than Cancer! That created such conflicts in me, that I had to re-think it all.   What was more interesting is that (I kept goo diaries then), I identified my own `male time of the month’ – which was when the moon was transiting  Cancer.  Those few days had and still do tend to be raw of emotions, moodiness, psychic sensitivity. Times when I am better left alone with my thoughts.  This pattern of course used to fascinate me – not any longer, as I have accepted it as a function of  processes of astrology, psychology, psychic attunement and intuition within me.  It’;s not just woman who can have `time of the month’  – After all, we all have those `Biorhythms’ of Emotional (28 days), Intellectual (33) and Physical (22) days within us.   (another topic that used to occupy my mind in those A/Level years, along with Time-travel !)

It wasn’t many years after that, while learning psychology, that I came across further knowledge – concepts of projections!

Yes, exactly- I had been projecting my own Cancer-moon self outwards, on to those people, and playing out my psychology. Issues of projections, shadows, transference all come into this.  Am wiser for it (thanks to Maureen Brown who taught me transpersonal psychology).   And it goes without saying –

Leaving all that aside, there is the New moon of Cancer…in the early hours tomorrow.

I may do something nice by the waters..  a river..a sea..a lake.. ?  Something that flows is better I guess.

-Mani (which I am told means `moon’ in some nordic tradition!) 🙂