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My blogging started back in November 2011, as a `knee-jerk-reaction’ to a `bad radio interview’ (long story).  Tired of having been edited and misrepresented in other people’s media, I vowed to create my own platforms and speak/write … So began my blogging life, as well as my youtube video channel.

Years on, things have changed…!!

I have created and manage several websites, youtube channels, facebook pages, meetup groups..  all forming their own communities of people – many now good friends!

Here are the various facets of my  professional, creative and spiritual life.  

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Eco-Activities, Campaigns & initiatives

I’ve always had a love and affinity for nature and animals (even though, now in my mid-life, I seem to be developing certain allergies to pollens, cats and few other things :-p ).  I’ve become more involved in a lot of Eco-activities, campaigns, attending protests and demonstrations..   Not just that, am also promoting a lot of those events.  Gaian Times Eco-Spiritual e-Magazine (under the non-profit company Gaian Times) is possibly my biggest effort at Eco-service to date.  It has a website, e-magazine, facebook page and a youtube channel.

Visionary Artist & Illustrator

I started with hurriedly drawn comic books during breaks in class rooms (Sri Lanka) and  moved up to water colours, acrylics, photography & graphic art for use in Book covers, websites, logos, banners and illustrations.  Am now working on writing and illustrating several Children’s books, as well as creating personalised Tarot & Oracle cards.. My art website (under re-construction)  show cases samples of my work. (blog page for my Art).

Esoteric Writer / e-Publisher

`Kitty Love’ and Degenerate Solutions’ were teen romance & psychological; story collections that I wrote in 1992 & 1994. (The 3rd book, `Heart-Deep’ was lost in an old computer without ever being printed!). I started publishing `Gaian Times’ a free online eco-spiritual Magazine, in June 2011 (10 issues published so far). In May 2012, I  published `Eclipse Magic Workbook’, and have a few more out since then.. (details  in my `Books’ section). I have published 6 eBooks (non-fiction on esoteric subjects) on Amazon platforms, and have an Author’s Profile. Am sure my father would be proud (he was an author in his days and country).

Science tutor / Employment Training Manager 

I have a Physics B.Sc degree ..from  University of London. After doing a bit of Teaching Sciences in Secondary School for a year, I gave that up (I had a tough times trying to manage kids in class rooms..).  I  moved on to Civil Service (7-8 yrs in the IND).  I was also an elected full time PCS Union Officer for 2 years..  (That’s when my assertive, rebellious, empowered self really started to surface…!!). Then I went on to be a Project Coordinator for a Tamil Welfare Charity and managed a Training centre & staff, helped over 300 beneficiaries, while handling a budget of quarter of a million pounds – funded by the LDA (London Development Agency – Mayor of London’s office).     These days the Science in me comes out in blogs.. (cosmology, quantum physics, astronomy) and in Gaian Times eco-Magazine.  Am planning a special 10-part Science video series for transmission in youtube channel in 2015.  I coordinated a 3-year .

Events Managing/ Organizing

This is something I slowly got into back in 2004, when I became voluntary Events Organiser for `Pagan Federation-London’. I ran 8 indoor open rituals a year, 3 annual conventions, outdoor seasonal ceremonies, Eco-events, several Masked Balls and so on for 7-8 years. I stepped down in Spring of 2012 (yes willingly and without any issues- despite stories to the contrary ) to pursue my own independent Events and initiatives – like Gaian Times (eco magazine) , Hern’s Tribe (ritual group), Esoteric Enterprises and so on).  I continue to  support and promote Pagan Federation and its works.

Teaching Paganism & Esoterica / Media handling

I became interested in western paganism & esoterica in 1994. Now a bit of a seasoned Wiccan High Priest, I have given numerous workshops & talks in any settings & pagan organisations / events, as well as my own training courses.  I launched the `e-Witch Apprentice course’ in 2011. Hern’s Tribe – an outdoor shamanic ritual group founded by me in 2004 is still active in London and provides an alternative to Wiccan covens, Druid groves or Heathen Bolts in London.  I have given many interviews – to the BBC, Channel 4, Radio, National & Local News papers – on the subject matters of Paganism. (Blog page on Paganism & Magic)

Webmaster & Online Marketer

I  began building websites some 10 years ago, with no prior expertise (using NetobjectFusion).  I have started several pages & groups on Social media for pagan organisations (years ahead of others), and am now focusing on creating blogs, videos, Webinars and other types of internet presence & marketing strategies.  I now use wordpress for building sites, as it’s easy, no fuss, can be edited from anywhere..and 100% mobile responsive! (or google chucks your website to bottom of search results..to the very abyss of internet !!  Some of my community sites used to get 60,000 views per year but drastically went down to 5,000+ per year and since I converted them to Wp sites…they are growing visitor numbers to about 20,000 now! Yeah that was a painful lesson to learn!!)

Esoteric Enterprises

This is a social initiative that was launched ..back in October 2012, but suffered severe set-backs  (due to those online bullying and attacks I faced at the time).   It is an initiative stemming from Gaian Times, and one that aims to support and help any and all Pagans, Esoteric people and groups  venturing out to earn a living using their expertise, experiences and skills – such as art & craft, divination/ tarot reading, running new age shops, Holistic therapies & counselling services, workshops & courses and soon.  I strive to combine all my Project managing, Event organising, online-marketing & promotional expertise of the past 15+ years to this initiative. (read more at Esoteric Enterprises Page)

Doctor Who London: Imaginarium Fan Video series

This is a fan-based fun video project – with a serious motivation for developing Video production skills, supporting budding Actors/ Actresses, Technical teams (props, sets, make-up, special effects), Directors, Camera-persons and Producers.   It stems from my childhood interest in film making!   Well, with technology and online platform like youtube at our fingertips, anyone can make films and share..  So I have been gathering some fans and friends, and started filming our very own `Doctor Who London – Fan videos  (youtube channel) –  Series #1 is now fully uploaded on  my DWL YT channel.  We are currently filming for our fan series#2  (Jul7 2017).  

Thanks for reading this …and for being a Visitor to my blog.    Do let me know if there are any topics (within my interest) that you like to read about..and I’ll write more on them..   🙂

-Mani Navasothy (edited:  August 2017, London)

Am always interested in Joint Ventures, Partnerships & Networking. So here’s some Social contact points 

Youtube  Mani Navasothy – Gaia2012    

Youtube  Doctor Who London – fan videos

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  1. Your site mentions the planets revolve around the sun clockwise if viewed from above the north pole. This is wrong – they go counterclockwise if viewed from above the north pole.

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