Esoteric Enterprises

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GT Esoteric Enterprises Initiative – Empowering pagan enterprises and entrepreneurs! – Launching soon

Shh..Don’t tell anyone just yet…as am still building the website and putting together important Ā contents. šŸ˜‰ –Ā Mani Ā  (27th Sept 2012)

`Esoteric Enterprisesā€™ –Ā  a Social Initiative for Esoteric & Pagan business creators, online publishers, community builders, Sellers, marketers & Entrepreneurs.

Our Aim is to help & support interested people like you in growing your own Esoteric Enterprises, or develop your existing ventures, and fulfil the potentials of yourself and your Enterprises. In return Ā you can go on to help others similarly, grow & strengthen esoteric communities, and work towards wealth-creation and charitable ventures!

Objectives – Through networking, exclusive sharing & supporting and offering guidance & entrepreneurial advise, we encourage you to achieve the following:

  • Learn business strategies and apply it to Esoteric ventures
  • Learn up to date marketing methods and use it promoting and publicising your Esoteric ventures.
  • Increase your skills on online tools
  • Familiarise, customise and increase your online presence wisely in strategically planned manner (using Social media, Blogs, Videos, Webinars & websites).
  • Plan your esoteric enterprises for short, medium and long term (3 months,9month, 1 yr, 2 yr, 3yr).
  • Develop branding, logo and a strong identity.

Rewards for building your own Enterprises:

  • Running your own business venture from your home gives you flexibility & huge personal sense of achievement.
  • Low or no start-up costs! Start small, grow, earn and re-invest some of that back into the esoteric venture.
  • If you have time in your hand (few hours per week), you can do this!!
  • Earn money from your pagan interests & hobbies, or turn it slowly over time into a full on income stream!
  • Put your skills to good use (wealth creation).
  • Fulfil your full potential.

Networking: You can build and use this Esoteric Enterprises network for the following personal gains:

  • Meet and connect with other Esoteric entrepreneurs & business minded pagans.
  • Gain Motivation through their interactions.
  • Be inspired by each othersā€™ achievements.
  • Share ideas and solutions.
  • Identify and create partnerships for joint ventures in esoteric enterprises.
  • Publicise and find affiliates to promote / market your products & services to wider networks.
  • Become affiliates, promote othersā€™ products or services, and earn commissions in Esoteric businesses.

Ā MORE INFO Ā coming up in a few I launch this initiative. Ā Watch this space šŸ™‚

– Ā  Mani (3rd Oct’12)

Launch date set:Ā 

Well, an announcement has been made about the Esoteric Enterprises Network in a blog on 11th Oct’12. Ā  This Gaian Times Social initiative will be officially launched with the upcoming issue (#6) of Gaian Times eco-magazine on Monday 29th October2012.

Launch re-scheduled:

Due to some of the eBooks publishing that’s had to take priority, the Esoteric Enterprise will now launch in a few weeks time..mid-November’12

-Mani (7th Nov’12)


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