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GT Esoteric Enterprises Initiative – Empowering pagan enterprises and entrepreneurs! – Launching soon

Shh..Don’t tell anyone just yet…as am still building the website and putting together important  contents. 😉 – Mani   (27th Sept 2012)

`Esoteric Enterprises’ –  a Social Initiative for Esoteric & Pagan business creators, online publishers, community builders, Sellers, marketers & Entrepreneurs.

Our Aim is to help & support interested people like you in growing your own Esoteric Enterprises, or develop your existing ventures, and fulfil the potentials of yourself and your Enterprises. In return  you can go on to help others similarly, grow & strengthen esoteric communities, and work towards wealth-creation and charitable ventures!

Objectives – Through networking, exclusive sharing & supporting and offering guidance & entrepreneurial advise, we encourage you to achieve the following:

  • Learn business strategies and apply it to Esoteric ventures
  • Learn up to date marketing methods and use it promoting and publicising your Esoteric ventures.
  • Increase your skills on online tools
  • Familiarise, customise and increase your online presence wisely in strategically planned manner (using Social media, Blogs, Videos, Webinars & websites).
  • Plan your esoteric enterprises for short, medium and long term (3 months,9month, 1 yr, 2 yr, 3yr).
  • Develop branding, logo and a strong identity.

Rewards for building your own Enterprises:

  • Running your own business venture from your home gives you flexibility & huge personal sense of achievement.
  • Low or no start-up costs! Start small, grow, earn and re-invest some of that back into the esoteric venture.
  • If you have time in your hand (few hours per week), you can do this!!
  • Earn money from your pagan interests & hobbies, or turn it slowly over time into a full on income stream!
  • Put your skills to good use (wealth creation).
  • Fulfil your full potential.

Networking: You can build and use this Esoteric Enterprises network for the following personal gains:

  • Meet and connect with other Esoteric entrepreneurs & business minded pagans.
  • Gain Motivation through their interactions.
  • Be inspired by each others’ achievements.
  • Share ideas and solutions.
  • Identify and create partnerships for joint ventures in esoteric enterprises.
  • Publicise and find affiliates to promote / market your products & services to wider networks.
  • Become affiliates, promote others’ products or services, and earn commissions in Esoteric businesses.

 MORE INFO  coming up in a few I launch this initiative.  Watch this space 🙂

–   Mani (3rd Oct’12)

Launch date set: 

Well, an announcement has been made about the Esoteric Enterprises Network in a blog on 11th Oct’12.   This Gaian Times Social initiative will be officially launched with the upcoming issue (#6) of Gaian Times eco-magazine on Monday 29th October2012.

Launch re-scheduled:

Due to some of the eBooks publishing that’s had to take priority, the Esoteric Enterprise will now launch in a few weeks time..mid-November’12

-Mani (7th Nov’12)

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