Masks & Sculptures

MASKS:   There are over 30 masks in this gallery, all made out of paper.  I’ve used a number of techniques in making these masks.

Dry-paper crunch technique- (for lack of a better name): This is where I take ordinary news paper and crunch it up by hand (dry), and then set about molding that into shape of a mask or feature. This is then immediately held in shape by a piece of cellotape or masking tape. This gives the mask a  soft organic feel. Acrylic paint is the only one that can be used to paint these (as it needs to go on top of cellotape!). The natural tiny crinkles on the cellotape when painted over gives a further skin -scale like organic look!

Metal (wire) frames, covered in stripes of paper, then layers of gummed-paper (wet) stuck on top- is another technique. When dry this is painted over with poster paints or acrylics, and tends to have a hard shell-like feel with a smoother surface.



You can see some of these masks being worn by my friends and myself  in various events. This is only a tiny sample.

Since 2005 (up to 2011) I have been managing and coordinating `Pagan Federation London’ Events- rituals,  picnics, conventions and Mask Balls. And more often than not, I have created many a masks specifically for an event .. and then changed it or adapted again for other events. In 2005 and a few other times, I have set up stalls in festivals and sold some of the masks.



SCULPTURES of paper, clay and stone! 

This gallery shows a range of sculptures I have made in the past. The clay candle-holder is a one off that I made at an evening class. The goddess statues were made with air hardening clay (Sakhmet, Venus, Shakthi), and others are of paper (same technique as most masks).

The concrete `Green Man’ in the garden is a prime example of my attitude towards nature- everything on planet earth is natural! It took some effort carving that concrete block I found in the garden, and now he ages magically over the seasons!

I also work on carving candle wax (cast a block, and then carve it with a knife) And the most curious one of all is the Hair-Entity, created by spraying a bit of super-glue over a wire frame and bunching lots of (my) hair around it and shaping it! I’ve made 2 versions, and neither now exist. They have been destroyed in a bonfire!

In `Sets & Props’ you can see more of my larger scale creations- made of fabric, bamboo, wood and hard boards.