Eco-Art & Outdoors

Eco-Art:   Below you’ll see some of the examples- The `Extinction is Forever’ is a poster design I did while doing regular fundraising for an environmental campaign body called `EIA- . Environmental Investigation Agency’ – who had a 5 part TV special in UK showing their investigations into animal trade (endangered), cruelty etc.  Part of my voluntary work was to wear an elephant costume or a Dolphine costume (full body suit made of fur-fabric- very hot to wear all day in the summer) and collect money from people in tube stations in London. My own gimmick was to drop to the ground on the floor and `play dead’ in the path of tube stations, while my friend (also in costume) would say `save the animals’ and click the collection tin. It got people smiling, made then `see’ and give!

Eco4-Extinction is forever-2012
`Extinction is Forever’ – a poster I designed for a t-shirt competition (but never entered it). (c)Mani Navasothy 1994.

Outdoor Creations:
The album below  shows many of the Outdoor art that has been created- mostly by circumstances. I never set out to create outdoor art, but when an opportunity arises, I have taken it- such as when I saw my outdoor altar with antlers covered in snow- which I promptly shaped into a hern-head! For 3 years now, I have been going out to play with snow-art, and the next time it snows, will be creating something no less than a .. well, we’ll see when it happens!About the same time, I did the various elephant drawings, after seeing a TV documentary about elephants and how they `seem to have’ communal moments around dead elephants, handling the dead one’s tusks and passing it around, before moving off.