Hindu auspicious dates 2023

Here's the known Hindu special religious or auspicious dates in 2023. These are collated from various religious temple publications in London. I'll update if any new info comes to my attention. -Mani Diwali (Deepavali) dates 2023- 20230 Diwali 2023November 12, SundayDiwali 2024November 1, FridayDiwali 2025October 21, TuesdayDiwali 2026November 8, SundayDiwali 2027October 29, FridayDiwali 2028October 17, … Continue reading Hindu auspicious dates 2023

A Beginners Guide to Wicca – with Mani Navasothy – Wiccan High Priest & Esoteric Author (24th Nov 2022)

An Introduction to Wicca, "A beginners guide" A beginners guide to Wicca, all your questions answered by Mani Navasothy Thu, November 24, 2022, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM GMT LocationHub and culture 327 Kentish town Road, Kentish town, London NW5 2TJ BUY TICKETShttps://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/an-introduction-to-wicca-a-beginners-guide-tickets-465030136657 Wicca is one if the fastest growing religions or spiritual observance in Western Europe … Continue reading A Beginners Guide to Wicca – with Mani Navasothy – Wiccan High Priest & Esoteric Author (24th Nov 2022)

Spellcraft & Magic workshop (Beginners, Outdoors, London)

Advance notice.. Outdoor `Spellcraft & Magic' workshop in 3 weeks time. (on Saturday 12th November). This is a solid 4 hr session (12pm to 4pm) where we simply cover a lot of relevant content. You'll learn and do practical work on candle magic, cord magic, 1 healing spell, and absorb intro talks on other key … Continue reading Spellcraft & Magic workshop (Beginners, Outdoors, London)

Woodland Witches – Midsummer Ritual 2022

Join `London Woodland Witches' for an outdoor Midsummer ceremony & gathering - this Sunday 19th June, from 2pm till 5pm at Queen's Woods, near Highgate. We begin with a Solar pathworking, do consecrations to create sacred space, call upon Elements and embark on our own version of drumming & a Sun-dance for raising energy and … Continue reading Woodland Witches – Midsummer Ritual 2022

Flames of Shiva: Mantra, Yantra & Candle magic in woods for Shivarathri 2022

We are gathering in the woods to do Magic to tune into Maha Shivarathri - Night of Shiva (Hindu God, Cosmic dancer & Lord of Karmic cleansing). Mani- Hindu & Wiccan, will explain the myth of quest for Shiva's infinite flame. We will be setting up an altar and sacred fire in a cauldron for … Continue reading Flames of Shiva: Mantra, Yantra & Candle magic in woods for Shivarathri 2022

Visit to Richmond Park – Walk, Picnic & Stag-Lord magic!

We are gathering at Richmond park/ woods.. This is a non-intrusive pagan exploratory event with several stop overs and a general picnic.. , spotting deer & other woodland features. social event such as this gives us a breather in between our busy fortnightly moon ceremonies or the big open seasonal rituals. we can relax, chat, … Continue reading Visit to Richmond Park – Walk, Picnic & Stag-Lord magic!

A Jupiter-Venus Good Fortune Spell (Free online) TODAY 12noon

TODAY on Thursday 11th February, the most beneficial planets Jupiter & Venus will be conjunct!! This is happening on a new moon day!! That's a stellar opportunity for planetary magic that must not be missed!!! So we're setting this FREE online event at a special time at 12noon.. to go through step-by-step, and do this … Continue reading A Jupiter-Venus Good Fortune Spell (Free online) TODAY 12noon

Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

The Jupiter-conjunction-Pluto in Capricorn is happening  three (3) times in this year 2020!    Anyone who knows evening the slightest bit of astrology knows that (a) Conjunctions are really powerful and (b) when something involves Pluto, it's going to be deep, intense.. and ultimately transformative.   And there is a (c) too..  that when Jupiter is … Continue reading Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Lunar & Solar Eclipses 2020

One Penumbral Lunar Eclipse may have culminated on 10th January 2020 (in the Moon's own sign of Cancer) but we have 5 more ..yes FIVE more Eclipses to come in 2020.  So here are the details.  There's a lot of data and discussion on this matter.. so I'll star this blog with basics ..and will … Continue reading Lunar & Solar Eclipses 2020

Woodland Witches in January 2020

Hey all..   here's a snap shot of some key Open rituals, festive events and magical courses happening in january for my `London Woodland witches & Pagans' meetup group.  These events are open to all..regardless of membership of meetup.  Just make a note of the event you like, and simply turn up and join in  Only … Continue reading Woodland Witches in January 2020