How to do Eclipse Magic – Beginners Guide

Eclipses are intense.. They amplify other energies. And they are perfect cosmic accelerators & Course-Correctors for stellar engineering your life!

Every Year, there are 4 Eclipses taking place. If full moons & New moons are so powerful for magic, just imagine what Eclipses can do..!! Prepare to learn all about Eclipse Magic – how, when, why, where.. and tap into their potential for you personal growth and development.. !

How to do Eclipse Magic- Beginners Guide (c) Mani Navasothy 2014.png

Manivannan Navasothy, Hindu, Wiccan High Priest & Ritual Magician, Astrologer and a Physicist – began exploring Eclipse Magic in 1999, while observing a Solar Eclipse in Richmond Park, London. But after 13 years, in 2012 he published all his experiences and expertise in what is the world’s first ever book exclusively on Eclipse Magical techniques.

The internet is now filling up with many people talking about power of eclipses.
But Mani is the pioneer with the most extensive and cohesive explanations of Eclipse Magic, and how light, gravity of planets, orbits, magical energies and even cosmic portals all connect to Eclipses. Learn Eclipse Magic from the man who practically invented the art and the term!

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