Pluto transit through Aquarius 2023 to 2024 – dates & forecast! (part 1)

On 24th March 2023, Pluto.. planet of intensity, transformation, death and rebirth, ruler of Scorpio, of power, sex, legacies and manipulation, probing of depths and ruler of underworld.. moves into Aquarius. And it's going to be there for almost 22 years!

Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

The Jupiter-conjunction-Pluto in Capricorn is happening  three (3) times in this year 2020!    Anyone who knows evening the slightest bit of astrology knows that (a) Conjunctions are really powerful and (b) when something involves Pluto, it's going to be deep, intense.. and ultimately transformative.   And there is a (c) too..  that when Jupiter is … Continue reading Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Astrology: Jovial Transits in 2018 (part1)

Jovial Transits in 2018 (that's Jupiter stuff!!) - part1   Well I meant to do this last week..but didn't and have missed mentioning some brilliant Jupiter aspects / transits already..but here goes.. Basically looking at the ephemeris for any big aspects between social/ transpersonal / outer planets.. I noticed that in 2018, Jupiter is the … Continue reading Astrology: Jovial Transits in 2018 (part1)

Encounter with Pluto..soon (in 2015!)

I came across this marvelous news..!   NASA's fastest spacecraft `New Horizon' launched in 2006, has been hurtling towards planet Pluto at 1 million miles per day...! Closest approach to Pluto is next year (July, 2015)..but will start taking photos ...(tons I imagine) from next January 2015 onwards...!  So we are just under a year … Continue reading Encounter with Pluto..soon (in 2015!)

Beware: Jupiter opposition to Pluto (Astrology for 31st Jan’14)

Less than  3 days to go..for the culmination of an intense stressful aspect that has been influencing many of us for the past few weeks..! Yes, we have already been in the grips of this one.. ! Powerful yet small planet(oid) Pluto ..currently transiting the sign of Capricorn, is being opposed by usually jovial Jupiter … Continue reading Beware: Jupiter opposition to Pluto (Astrology for 31st Jan’14)

Astro-warning: Stressful week ahead due to upcoming Uranus-square-Pluto transit (20th May 2013)

I've written about the 7-part transit of the Uranus-square-Pluto transit occurring between 2012 to 2015.. (the 7 transforming waves). We'll, part 3 is about to take place on 20th May 2013.. (and part 4  on 1st November!). Am sure may can 't have helped but already notice that the past 1-2 weeks have been getting edgier.. sudden … Continue reading Astro-warning: Stressful week ahead due to upcoming Uranus-square-Pluto transit (20th May 2013)

Phoenix Magic – dreams, thoughts and warnings!

Few weeks ago, I had a dream.. of an ordinary bird in a cage.. that was stuck in a stuffy room... and dying!  I took the cage (and bird) and left it out in the sun. But later when I checked, the bird looked dead.. and feared it was over exposed to the heat of … Continue reading Phoenix Magic – dreams, thoughts and warnings!

Photo with Grand-trine data

Hi readers, Here's a graphics with all the useful information on the grand-trine taking place today/tomorrow, with times, so you can make use of it in your own esoteric / magical workings.    Good fortunes.  -Mani

How Mercury retrograde showed up last night

  The Astrology webinar last night (Venus trines & transits) went ...well, almost 🙂 I had been planning the slides all day (previous day) and yesterday started creating them on my graphics package.. The art & creative process is enjoyable and rewarding in it self for me. All was well, till the evening, when at … Continue reading How Mercury retrograde showed up last night

Astrology webinar: Venus trines & transits

Invitation to : Astrology Webinar on 12th March'12. February started with a Mars-opposition-Venus. On the 15th Feb, Venus-squared-Pluto!! That energy overshadowed Valentine’s day.. Guess what? 14th March is looking brilliant. Venus-trines-Mars! (good) Venus-conjuncts-Jupiter (auspicious). ..and Venus-trines-pluto (Hot n intense!)..and and..Mars-tines-Jupiter.. (project and expand!)…and following day (15th Match), Mars-trine-pluto (more heat and passion..and raw sex!!) … Continue reading Astrology webinar: Venus trines & transits