Hindu Auspicious Dates 2016 (July-Dec)

Hindu  auspicious Dates 2016  (July – December). Hi All, apologies for not doing this 6 months ago..  I have put together this list for Hindu auspicious dates/ rituals take place in 2016. (dates collected from various online sites, as well as the booklets published by some of the major Hindu temples in London that I … Continue reading Hindu Auspicious Dates 2016 (July-Dec)

Video: Demon War (Sooran Porr)- Hindu festival of Victory

http://youtu.be/7x0rvWD5deU Soora Por (meaning `Demon war) is a annual  Hindu festival..  that takes place in late Autumn, after Diwali (festival of Light). It is the culmination of a highly sacred week of prayers and rituals called the `Kanthashasthy fasting’ dedicated to the warrior god Murugan (also known as Karthikeyan, Velavan and many other names). Murugan … Continue reading Video: Demon War (Sooran Porr)- Hindu festival of Victory