Hindu auspicious dates 2023

Here's the known Hindu special religious or auspicious dates in 2023. These are collated from various religious temple publications in London. I'll update if any new info comes to my attention. -Mani Diwali (Deepavali) dates 2023- 20230 Diwali 2023November 12, SundayDiwali 2024November 1, FridayDiwali 2025October 21, TuesdayDiwali 2026November 8, SundayDiwali 2027October 29, FridayDiwali 2028October 17, … Continue reading Hindu auspicious dates 2023

Video: Demon War (Sooran Porr)- Hindu festival of Victory

http://youtu.be/7x0rvWD5deU Soora Por (meaning `Demon war) is a annual  Hindu festival..  that takes place in late Autumn, after Diwali (festival of Light). It is the culmination of a highly sacred week of prayers and rituals called the `Kanthashasthy fasting’ dedicated to the warrior god Murugan (also known as Karthikeyan, Velavan and many other names). Murugan … Continue reading Video: Demon War (Sooran Porr)- Hindu festival of Victory