Astrology natal chart (Horoscope) analysis for Doctor Who! (Celebrating 50 years!)

Here is the natal (horoscope) astrology chart for Doctor Who! And it’s official – He IS a Sagittarian!!  Surely you’d guessed it by now? Judging by all that wandering about ..exploring distant horizons, love for travel, fighting for Justice, all that flirting, actions, adventures, that rather non-commital sense.. ?!! )

And he has the moon in Aquarius..   At his heart, he is a humanitarian all right..  perfect hero for the Age of Aquarius.. but at the same time, fueled by that inner need to wander, unsettled…unable to settle.. like air! And `rebellious to the core’ is the phrase people have used to describe him..  and any person’s core is the moon-sign!

And what of his Ascendant..or the Rising Sign?   What sign has so many masks…and changes the outer shell?  Why Gemini of course!

And in case you are wondering about his Midheaven..  where his authority is..  what his best career moves are..  well..  Who has a career based on Humanitarian nature..  Rebellious..  ? Yes, again, Aquarius of course!  And it is conjunct with Saturn..   the Teacher and Authority.   It explains why where ever the Doctor goes, he quite easily assumes that `air of authority’  (Aquarius is an air sign..and his MC is linked to Saturn the planet of Authority). not bending steel to make carparks!   :-p    It;s all there in the chart..  !!

You think I am just making this up?  You think I am projecting some personal whim onto him? Well, perhaps a little..But I need not have..  because that is exactly what his chart shows!

Take a look!!

Natal Chart of Doctor Who (c) Mani Navasothy -
Natal Chart of Doctor Who (c) Mani Navasothy –

How did I work that out? (I had always suspected he had a lot of Sagittarian & Aquarian in him)

I took the date & time of the very first transmission of the TV program `Doctor Who’  – 23rd November 1963- 5:17pm (gmt)..and the place of birth as BBC studios in London!  Go on ..if you have a software, crank these figures in..and you;ll get the same data..  Or if you can spare £20+, give the data to a professional Astrologer..  for a chart to be done.. without saying who it is..Say it;s your uncle or something called John Smith! 🙂

Some interesting observations of his chart:

The biggest planet – Jupiter is in Aries (firey planet in fire sign)..  and in his 11th house..  that of friends, socials, hopes, ideals..!

His Mars & Venus are in his own sign..and very close to one another (about 1 degree)..  It’s a well-known observed idea that people with their Mars-Venus position being close don’t really `need’ relationships..  to project their personal anima-animas aspects. They are almost conjunct.   He doesn’t do relationships, does he?

Let’s look at his Chiron – the Wounded Healer planet .   It’s in Pisceas..  Yes, the sign that is elusive, etherial, not to mention one with the closest connection to the Collective.. and prone to escapism, high intuition, dreamy. Chiron is a warrior-Healer-Teacher..   In the watery sign of Pisceas, its harsh warrior aspects can be softened..and allowing the teacher-healer to be more prominent!    Guess what he;s called ?

There are altogether 5 planets in his 6th house…house of work and service to others!  It’s also one of personal health.   We can say his health is pretty good (any man who lives for 1200 years in his own world, and 50 years on our screens is surely got good stamina & health!).    The Doctor’s focus is always in serving others..  in many ways!

Both Uranus & Pluto are in his 4th house – Roots, Home, security.   And Uranus is a very rebellious but innovative one..where as Pluto is deep, intense, probing…and transformative (death & rebirth). Those are aspects & qualities buried in his roots…his home..  where he comes from..  maybe even his mother..  (that mysterious lady who stood next to Rassilon?)  His home.. Time Lord Society…& Gallifrey..   technologically advanced..  I mean Time Travel is nothing but that…They have the ultimate power of Time to manipulate all of creation..  (Pluto).

His 2nd House falls completely inside the sign of Cancer (self-worth linked to wealth..and is measured by the watery emotional Cancer.   The Doctor has never valued material possessions much..  and puts emphasis on emotional bonds, humanity, the precious nature of life itself!

There’s plenty more for people interested in astrology to look at here… and Astrologers themselves to have a playful interpretation.

In a few days, (after seeing the `Day of the Doctor’ 50th anniversary special on 23rd Nov 2013) I shall be doing a different type of chart analysis for the Good Doctor (and the bad ones)..  yes,  I’ll be picking each of the 12 faces we will have seen..and the 2 others (Valeyard & The watcher) and figuring out which  sun-signs each one of those closely connect to.. just for fun!

What might also be interesting is to take a look at the transit points of the different Regeneration dates and plot it on this chart..  (not that I have time for it.. I;d rather be doing real charts for real people like you.. for a small fee of course..and write a lot more than this!!   )

So tune in again soon..

Mani Navasothy

(Astrologer- Visionary Artist- and big Doctor Who fan!! 🙂 )

ps. I must  confess.. in so many ways, The Doctor’s chart & mine are so similar!   No wonder I have been projecting so much onto him :-p

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