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On Love, Loss & Life (Or `how Life imitates Art that we create!’)

“Have you loved, loved someone or something so dearly ..and lost?..” So begins the monologue – something I wrote ..about 11 months ago…at a time when I was nursing my own broken heart.

The lines were for The Doctor Рnow in a female form, in a minisode that I wrote, directed, filmed and produced. It stars my friend Sandra Tena (published Writer, originally from Mexico) as the  world famous wanderer in Time and Space. I think, at the time, Sandra too was hiding an aching heart..    It was a case of two people with similar pains coming together to create art!  (Sandra and I are just friends, and remain so..  in case you were wondering..)

DrWho Love Loss & Life
Scene from DrWho Minisode `Love, Loss & Life’


The minisode was filmed by the Docklands area in London, way back in January of this year (2014)…but we only aired it on 23rd August (same day as when Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor Who episode aired on BBC TV). ¬† Technically, that’s the launch date of `our’ own Fan video series…but full episodes are coming in January 2015 (we just finished filming all 7 stories).

So back to Love then.

I thought about the kind of pain that The Doctor might be feeling..about always loving people..and then loosing them to the passing of time…watching them age and die, or get killed.. ¬†or just them giving it up and leaving the life inside the TARDIS. ¬† ¬†Yes, we’ve seen many glimpses of this sadness that the Doctor contains…and he does contain it.. ¬†(how could he not…he’s lived over 2,000 years old.. ¬† ¬†If he did let it sink too much..his heart will break.. ¬†both of them.. ¬† Well, I put that line in there too.. ¬†ūüôā

Sandra brought a real sense of inner vulnerability to that minisode when we filmed it..

And of course, a few days later, she was leaving London…and heading back to Mexico.. In a way that was a bit sad too..

But it gets better ūüôā

She left some of her suitcases with me in London for safe keeping.. ¬†And she came back to London in July.. ¬† and we filmed many more episodes… And guess what…she found Love.. ! ¬†And guess a bit more- ¬† ¬†she found love with another friend of mine.. ¬† a guy who was also in my Doctor Who fan the name of Stephen Cole.. ¬† (An actor who lives in Glastonbury..) ¬†And go on..guess once more.. ¬† they met `on the set’ ¬†during our filming of his Doctor Who story (yes, we have two Doctors!). ¬†And they `got together on `International Peace Day’ ..That was back in September’14.

I hear they are moving in together in 2015.. and going forward in life..  so good happy news..

Well there’s more to it.. ¬† Sometimes, when some hearts mend, other hearts get broken.. ¬† and that’s life too.. ¬†I think another friend of mine ended up with a heart ache.. ¬†But wait.. ¬†the other friend found love again.. ¬†So it’s all okay!! ¬†Honest!! ¬†ūüôā

As for me.. ¬† well.. ¬†looking back at my own last 2 years ..I wonder if `Am a good man?’ ¬†I ¬†think I am ¬†a fallen Angel.. ¬†or a rising Demon.. ¬†Am never sure. ¬†Broken hearts can create all sorts of turmoils..and personality shifts.. ¬†make one bitter, depressed, reclusive, unable to go forward or backwards.. ¬† (well, isn’t this a joy…Actually it is to those who follow my blogs.. ¬†I rarely write about my personal life.. ¬†and often keep to just being astrological, spiritual and all that… So here you get a glimpse…And why ever not…It’s the last day..of 2014…the `Year of I’mPossible Dreams’ ¬†that I set off back in January.. ¬† How many of those became not sure.. ¬† ¬† )

All I can say is…my story is still unfolding.. ¬† ¬†and am sure a travelling Companion will walk into my TARDIS…I mean my life.. at some point.. Well, for that to happen, I need a TARDIS first… ¬† And seeing I partially built one years ago..and then got fed up and burnt most of it.. ¬† Yes, I have plans to build a new TARDIS…both the inside console room..and the outside Blue Box..

Then a Companion can accidentally walk into it.. ¬†I’ll make sure the door is unlocked..and kept open.. ¬†Doors..? ¬†Hearts… TARDIS? ¬†Life? ¬†All same thing.. ¬† Have you not figured it out..? ¬†Did you think just ¬†am not talking transpersonal psychology today? Why would I stop doing that?? ¬† ūüôā

Have you had a dream ¬†or two..or hundreds…of a box, a bed, a room, a ship, a car, a hut or a house? ¬†It’s all ¬† ¬†symbolically..! ¬†well, same here… Yeap, Psychology ya see!

Meanwhile.. ¬† ¬†watch this minisode…It’s Brilliant and bitter sweet.. ¬†I should know.. ¬†I wrote what I felt.. and I know that parts of those tears in her eyes were not acting at all..

-Mani Navasothy  (Executive Producer / Director/ Lead writer)

Doctor Who Imaginarium Fan Productions

31s December 2014


Minisode Info:

Doctor Who Imaginarium Fan productions¬† presents.. ¬†starring Sandra Tena as The Doctor in `Love Loss and Life’.

Written, Directed, filmed & edited by Mani Navasothy.
Filmed on location in the Docklands area of London (in January 2014).
This minisode is a character piece that explores the pain and anguish of love lost.. especially for a Time Lady!
Enjoy the minisode.. Our full run of stories start in 2015, with a Prelude called `Lucifer’s Legacy’, and first full story, `Dragons of London’ ¬†and then `Shaman’s Game’.

We already have 7 stories to tell..ranging from the final days of the Dark Times of Gallifrey (That wasn’t even its name then).. to raging Cyberman wanting the God Upgrade..and old foes playing with The Doctor’s soul itself.. !! And another thing.. One of those Doctors is not Who he appears to be..!

Doctor Who (c) BBC. TARDIS (c) BBC.

No copyright breach intended. This is an entirely non-profit fan fans for fans..just for fun!!



Doctor Who Imaginarium – website

Sandra Tenna’s Books on Amazon (in Spanish)

Inkwells & Daydreams – Sandra’s professional blogs

Sandra’s personal blogs – That Voice in my Head


Light Relief: The Blog-Attack from last year (response to `Cybergod Cometh’)

Last year (March 2013) I wrote a blog post called ¬†`Cybergod Cometh- What lurks within the World Wide Web’ . ¬† ¬†It was an amusing conjecture mixed with a sort of humour that I posses which few seem to get (unless people are used to the kind of dialoguing that the late Issac Asimov- father of Robotic Laws, and Russell T Davies – previous show runner of the `new’ Doctor Who – cos my style somewhat started similar to theirs).

Cybergod Cometh (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
Cybergod Cometh (c) Mani Navasothy 2013

Imagine when I got this very abusive, highly patronising response from some random person out there in the internet!! ¬† Well, ¬†the point of a blog IS to touch those random people out there …But his post was just plain ridiculous. ¬†I sat on it for ages.. ¬†It was so clear that he was so full of his own self-importance, that he failed to grasp the finer points of blog posting.. ¬†that we can express our thoughts, ideas, facts, figures or just anything. ¬† What he also seem to have not paid attention to ..was my credentials – I have a Physics Degree, I am a Pagan Priest with quite a bit of spiritual depth, I do science-fiction fantasy ¬†both fiction and artworks!!

So anyway, as I am declutetring, deleting old drafts and such.. ¬†I thought I;d actually share that lunatic’s abusive post – with its infinite number of spelling mistakes and drivel.. ¬† I have no doubt he was actually projecting his own ego-wanking onto me, rather than make a sensible response to my amused blog post. ¬† (Oh..did I just insult him? ¬†How unprofessional of me ūüôā

So, here’s the precious contribution from him.. ¬†(an exact `cut n paste’ copy) ¬†so you can enjoy his woks and have a light relief.

-Mani Navasothy


“…….Are you aware of what some of us actually talks about at all, and beside, this childish rubbings of idiotic notions on issues you aparently dont know mutch about.

This article and you comment just underlines the lack of anything basicly, atleats the ability to think, outside the box, can you handle it.

This is what I putt inot the coscious equation against probbalilitys/posibillity.
The zero feild theory, and this site complelty parks the old dogmans and belife in the utterly simple Einstins mechanical world, where a bullet is all you have.
The old theory dont even come clse to this, witch I faind fare more accurate and describse the issue beyound what I have read for Years.

And beside, this drivel may impress yyour mother, but not me.

Do you know why I fand the shitt showelling is hillarious, and whats even wurse, the crittics are based on and comming from people not even knowing what the f… some of us are talking about, you have no f… clue.

Do you.

I was intending to be polite, but I forgott it, sorry but when new ideas are introduced, be shure that you actually know what you know your self, then talk.
To me qurious is good, this is just premature ejaqulation of oral smapms.

peace ¬† ¬†“



Blog:¬†`CyberGod Cometh – what lurks within the World Wide Web’ .

Blog: Making of a CyberSun mask (Doctor Who)

Blog:   Meditating Cyberman (Art РDoctor Who) 

Blog: Cyberhead, Colin Baker & Me (Convention)

Doctor Who Fan Filming at Windsor, UK (Imaginarium Productions)

On 30th October 2014, my friends and I drove up to Windsor Town – yes, same place where Royal Windsor Castle is! ¬† ¬†It was for filming scenes of one of our ¬†fan DrWho video stories – previously called `CyberGenesis’ ¬† (I;ll come to that in a bit). ¬† ¬†The story involves ¬†`our’ Doctor ¬†suddenly appearing (No TARDIS) ¬†in Windsor, and getting caught up in a plot by a mysterious villain called The Shaman – who seems to have found the perfect way to blackmail the Doctor – and force him to steal an artefact from ¬†Windsor Castle itself!!

We filmed outside the castle, and then went to the Windsor Great Park – that’s a great big forest! ¬† ¬†To do more location shots.. ¬† Filming continued few days later in another woods..

Here’s a short fun video that my sister filmed of us ¬†(cast and crew) on that day in Windsor. ūüôā

And now here’s the exciting bit.. ¬† ¬†We are almost close to wrapping up the filming for `this’ series…(7 stories)..and will soon start editing and uploading online- where you can watch it for free (from late November onwards!)

That’s not all.. ¬† ¬†We start pre-production on the `next series’ to be ¬†filmed from Spring 2015 onwards and shown ¬†from early Summer 2015. ¬† ¬† ¬† I say `series’ but to be honest, it’s a rolling schedule.. ¬† ¬†We’ll fil, edit and show..and film..and onwards.. ¬† As and when our stories are complete. ¬† ¬†We are entirely dependant on friends’ and fellow fans’ support, participation and even creative contributions..

Cyberhern cometh
Mani Navasothy (Exec.Producer of Imaginarium Productions, wearing the `Occult Cyberman’ costume…at Winter London Film & Comic Convention (and standing proudly next to a `classic’ 90’s Cyberman !)

WE are Looking for YOU to join us!!

So contact me..   via our website e-mail, or comments in our youtube channel, or by liking our facebook page..

-Mani Navasothy

ps. ¬† The story we are filming is no longer to be titled as `CyberGenesis’. This is due to the shocking discovery that the BBC’s own Doctor Who story `Dark Water/ Death in Heaven’ starring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor – showed very similar concepts to our original version (which we had been writing/ working on since December 2013!!! ¬† ¬† If we carried on the same ideas, fans would be ¬†bored, or might say, they copied the BBC’.. ¬†So we have had a rethink and are changing some of the concepts.. ¬† and removing the emphasis on The Cyberman..and putting it on…Hern.. ¬†a horned God/ mythological figure that roams Windsor Great PArk..

Like ¬†our page ¬†…

Watch our ¬†episodes¬†…

Join meetup¬†…

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Lucifer’s Legacy – Doctor Who Imaginarium Fan production- coming soon!

Doctor Who Imaginarium – is the name of our Fan Production Series…yes series..! ¬† It all started as a fun photoshoot in London outside that `Earl’s Court TARDIS’ ¬† on Christmas Eve last year (24th Dec’2013) ¬†.. and before we know it, we were frantically doing an actual (spontaneous) episode ¬†in January this year (2014).. ¬†just days before my friend Sandra Tena was flying back to Mexico.

Then my mind got churning.. ¬†ideas started to flow.. ¬† I figured I needed a team..and more `Doctors’.

Visit our facebook page
Visit our facebook page

So by the time Sandra came back to Uk in late June’14, ¬† there was a whole plan in motion..

Zip forward to today.. ¬† we have filmed 5-6 stories…and 2-3 are in pre-production.. ¬†(that means I am working on scripts and stories – in my sleep, in my showers, in the trains & buses and on my laptop.. ūüôā ¬†and it also means various rooms of my home are in chaos..with half created masks, costumes and props..).

Did I say we took a full size (cardboard) Dalek and filmed on top of the Glastonbury Tor? ¬† ¬†Did I also say that we are going to Windsor Great Park / Castle…next week…to film another story? ¬† Oh..I just did…Jolly good.

It all starts with a new beginning to the history (pre-history) of Gallifrey.. ¬† There’s Kronos, there’s a Dark Guardian of Time..and there’s Lucifer.. ¬† but not the one you think you know..

We have new age DAlek-Om, meditating Cybermen in Afterlife, Alpha-Centauri, the Great Vampire (not as you’ve seen them before), zombies, a mysterious Morgaine, a time travelling gene splicing Shaman. ¬†amongst many things…

Oh..and a female Doctor..!

Didn’t I say? ¬† ūüôā

I’ll be starting a new blog for all updates on this..but for now.. ¬†this post is a launch pad!

-Mani Navasothy

(Executive Producer/ Director)

ps. ¬† If you are living near London, and like to join our fan production for our series#2 in 2015, ¬†get in touch with me soon.. ¬†I am looking for cast members, production team members for all of the following – ¬†story writing, script editors, directors, camera/ filming, photography, ¬†prop/costume makers, cosplayers, help with transport and pretty much everything a video production needs!! ¬†ūüôā ¬† ¬†This first series has been done very much with my close circle of 10+ friends… where we’ve doubled-tripled up to do so much.. So we are looking to develop wider and bigger.. ¬† ūüôā

Check out our facebook fan page.. at

Links to video teasers:

Doctor Who Imaginarium opening title (test)

Doctor Who Imaginarium – Sandra Tena in the Doctor

Doctor Who Imaginarium РStephen Cole is the  Doctor

Doctor Who Imaginarium – Mani Navasothy is NOT the Doctor

Doctor Who Imaginarium – TARDIS sabotage

Doctor Who Imaginarium – Prologue teaser – Lucifer’s Legacy

Doctor Who: The Jesus Incident..and other such musings..!

Time Travellers are often seen meddling with every other religious or historical events.. The most famous of all – The Doctor (Doctor Who) has been seen going in and out of so many events.. ¬†Not just historical ones..but many world religious myths and related ideas or names have been used in Dictor Who.. ¬† and over the years, I have enjoyed spotting them.. ¬† But suddenly.. ¬†one day.. ¬†it’s all too much!

Deva Loka is not a planet where the snake beast Mara lives.. ¬†but it is the `heavenly’ place for Hindus, where Devas live. ¬†Christmas is not a backwater planet.. ¬†but an actual festive event. ¬†Barcelona …well, that’s a place in Europe..

Ashta Varada.. ¬†well, that sounds awfully like a name from a Hindu myth.. ¬†and the first name `Ashta’ actually means the number 8.. ¬† (as in `Ashta Luxmi’ refers to 8 Goddess Luxmi’s ¬† ¬†just as Dasa means number 10..!

DrWho Jesus Incident - Resurrection Casket -fan art by Mani Navasothy 2014
DrWho Jesus Incident – Resurrection Casket –fan art by Mani Navasothy 2014

And Incarnations..(Avatars).. ¬† Shall we look to the oldest pagan religion of the East.. ¬†Hinduism.. and to the forms Lord Vishnu (protector) has taken ..anything from a giant Fish, Turtle, Wild Boar, Human-Lion hybrid Narasimar, Rama, Krishna and Kalki, Mohin (female) and more..? or the 64 incarnations that Lord Shiva took to appear on Earth to test and greet his devotees? ¬† No one ever went 2000 years the small Crypt where a dead man’s body vanished.. through a stone door seal.. ¬† He was seen later ..not the same..but his friends recognised him. Sounds familiar? ¬†Am talking about the Jesus Incident!

So..I got to thinking.. ¬†about using some of the Christian mythologies (the don’t have mythologies as such do they? They call it Bible Stories.. ¬†written records of what really happened.. ¬†not myths!)

I got to thinking ..what of the time travelling Doctor Who was there…2,000 years ago.. ¬†when all that crucifixion was taking place..? ¬† It just lends itself so easily.. ¬†more so than any other myths …a dead boy.. ¬† a closed crypt sealed by a stone door.. ¬† ¬†dead-man coming back to life.. ¬†Won;t it make a classic Doctor Who story?

Why have they not written one..then?

Oh wait.. They don’t want to offend the Christians.. ¬†Right…I forgot about that.

That’s okay,,,keep plundering other religious stories, names and concepts.. ¬† Those people won;t mind.. ¬† Go on.. ¬†talk about the trans-dimensional mountain that’s lighter than it looks..and floats down to Mohammed.. ¬† show the Bodhi tree ..and the transcendental Light Creatures that merged with Buddha.. ¬† Why stop at the savages of Mayas and Aztecs, Marco Polo.. Take a pot shot at Mythras while ya at it too.. ¬† Roman Cult meetings with blood of freshly killed Bull pouring down the new initiate in an underground chamber.. ¬†That’s got high ratings written all over it..

Have I made my point ? ¬†More importantly.. ¬†before you send me fan mail ( or hate mail) have you understood the point I am making? ūüôā

Best Wishes

-Mani Navasothy

ps.    This story starts with The Meddling Monk.. a renegade Time Lord..   And on the planet Jehruz-al-om,  2,000 yrs ago.., a fixed point in time was tampereded with!  And the Universe has been suffering the consequences ever since.. !    Thankfully, another Time Lord (or Lady) is about to visit that planet.. and that will lead to one thing.. the thing that you and I and the rest of history had thought happened in the first place!!   Do you want to know more..?  :-p


Doctor Who Imaginarium – site for fan art, fiction & videos

DrWho: CyberGenesis (new fan video production, London)

CyberGenesis - Broken Horn (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
CyberGenesis – Broken Horn (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
“Halloween! Windsor Great Park!! A shamanic group is performing a ritual to honour the Dead. A freak lightening has brought back something dead and forgotten..and it’s looking for the forbidden upgrade! The old myth of Hern the Hunter and his Wild Hunt is about to take a new twist..! ” (story by Mani Navasothy)

So are you a Doctor Who fan?    Have you watched all those fan videos on youtube?   Have you made any yourself?   so you make or wear your own costumes and run around with a SOnic screwdriver fighting doors..and the occasional Dalek or a shadow..or some memory being?   Do you walk past a statue of an angel and shiver ..just for fun?

Well, this news is just for you..!

This is one of the Doctor Who fan productions I’ve started work on.. ¬†and I’d love to meet up with fellow fans..who might like to get involved..

Big Question: Will I be in it? ¬†Yes, probably.. ¬†Will I be playing the `Doctor’? ¬† Big..No! ¬†(May be the Valeyard or The Master..and no doubt a few monsters).

Thing is I will be writing., directing and producing …so better am behind the camera..or at home making props. ¬†I’ve done video plays before…decades ago..with my cousins (they were more Blakes-7 style, and some thrillers). I’ve done audio plays with friends at school.. ¬†and for the past 7-8 yrs I’ve done numerous `public’ rituals..where I write lines and make masks..and people do them in festivals and pagan events.. I’ve also written many novels, short stories, sci-fi and all that..

But it’s put all that creativity where it’s really supposed to be.. ¬†in making videos and films! ¬†That’s been the secret passion for decades…

So here we are..!

3-4 stories are planned, and will be filmed and released in 2014.. ¬†as and when production completes! (It’s for fun, and depends on how many others get involved…acting, filming, editing, special effects, props, sets, transport to locations outside london, editing, music and so on.. ¬†!!)

Working titles are as follows  (not in any order)

  • Wounded Healer / Fractured Soul
  • Glastonbury Mystery
  • CyberGenesis
  • Dragons of London
  • Equinox / DarkLight

There is a story arc..but am not telling.. ūüôā

So if interested in getting involved.. ¬†please contact me using the form below.. ¬† (Ig you have a video camera and can do second unit filming even better.. as it’ll save time..!)

Best Wishes

-Mani Navasothy

Website:  Doctor Who Imaginarium

TARDIS Christmas Tree & Meditating Cyberman (DoctorWho art)

Just when you thought it’s safe to read my blogs..what with astrology & meteor watch posts, here comes some more Doctor Who art ūüôā ¬† But this is kind of seasonal ..festive.. Just for fun.. (because the coming few weeks are going to have some forecasted in my astrology post few days ago).

Feel free to share with #DoctorWho fans #MeditatingCyberman  #TARDISXmas


TARDS X-mas (c)Mani Navasothy 2013
TARDS X-mas (c)Mani Navasothy 2013


Meditating Cyberman (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
Meditating Cyberman (c) Mani Navasothy 2013


Doctor Who – Art of Mani

If all goes well, a portal will open up at 7.50pm (gmt) and swallow the entire.. ¬†No..just kidding. Am going to try something a bit clever.. ¬† set up a blog and let it be published at a pre-set time..(cos I;ll be in a Cinema watching the big show tonight!!) ¬† So.. this blog should be coming out…at 7.50pm…gmt..when the `Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor’ premiers all over the many countries…in many well as on their television screens (of course!)

Most of this art works are very old..and faded.. I suppose I could enhance it graphically…Maybe another time..But here are the scans of the original..

These were copied covers off those Target Novelisations.. ¬†going back to mid-1980’s when I had arrived in UK..

And here are some slightly better quality pencil art.. portraits of the older Doctors..  

And Finally, here’s a concept illustration (A3) called `The Forfeit’ ¬†that shows the 6th Doctor with Valyard.. ¬† Notice the Hanged-Man tarot card, the fallen chess piece, the 13 on dice and so on.. ¬†ūüôā¬†


The Forfeit - Drwho  (c) Mani Navasothy
The Forfeit – Drwho (c) Mani Navasothy

and a more recent ones..   ShipWreck can be seen here..  The making of my Cyberman mask (few years ago) can be seen here.   And the K-9 model here

Feel free to leave ya comments.. ¬†ūüôā


ps. Am starting a few new full scale craft projects (Doctor Who) with `making of.. ¬†‘ videos to boot.. ¬†Just for fun.. ¬†So look out for updates in a few weeks.. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†After all, we still have the big Regeneration from Matt smith to Peter Capaldi’s 12th / 13th Doctor at Christmas to get very excited about..!!

*all art works shown here (c) Mani Navasothy. ¬† If sharing, please give credit to the artist ūüôā Thanks.*

Astrology natal chart (Horoscope) analysis for Doctor Who! (Celebrating 50 years!)

Here is the natal (horoscope) astrology chart for Doctor Who! And it’s official – He IS a Sagittarian!! ¬†Surely you’d guessed it by now? Judging by all that wandering about ..exploring distant horizons, love for travel, fighting for Justice, all that flirting, actions, adventures, that rather non-commital sense.. ?!! )

And he has the moon in Aquarius.. ¬† At his heart, he is a humanitarian all right.. ¬†perfect hero for the Age of Aquarius.. but at the same time, fueled by that inner need to wander, unsettled…unable to settle.. like air! And `rebellious to the core’ is the phrase people have used to describe him.. ¬†and any person’s core is the moon-sign!

And what of his Ascendant..or the Rising Sign? ¬† What sign has so many masks…and changes the outer shell? ¬†Why Gemini of course!

And in case you are wondering about his Midheaven.. ¬†where his authority is.. ¬†what his best career moves are.. ¬†well.. ¬†Who has a career based on Humanitarian nature.. ¬†Rebellious.. ¬†? Yes, again, Aquarius of course! ¬†And it is conjunct with Saturn.. ¬† the Teacher and Authority. ¬† It explains why where ever the Doctor goes, he quite easily assumes that `air of authority’ ¬†(Aquarius is an air sign..and his MC is linked to Saturn the planet of Authority). not bending steel to make carparks!   :-p    It;s all there in the chart..  !!

You think I am just making this up?  You think I am projecting some personal whim onto him? Well, perhaps a little..But I need not have..  because that is exactly what his chart shows!

Take a look!!

Natal Chart of Doctor Who (c) Mani Navasothy -
Natal Chart of Doctor Who (c) Mani Navasothy –

How did I work that out? (I had always suspected he had a lot of Sagittarian & Aquarian in him)

I took the date & time of the very first transmission of the TV program `Doctor Who’ ¬†– 23rd November 1963- 5:17pm (gmt)..and the place of birth as BBC studios in London! ¬†Go on ..if you have a software, crank these figures in..and you;ll get the same data.. ¬†Or if you can spare ¬£20+, give the data to a professional Astrologer.. ¬†for a chart to be done.. without saying who it is..Say it;s your uncle or something called John Smith! ūüôā

Some interesting observations of his chart:

The biggest planet РJupiter is in Aries (firey planet in fire sign)..  and in his 11th house..  that of friends, socials, hopes, ideals..!

His Mars & Venus are in his own sign..and very close to one another (about 1 degree).. ¬†It’s a well-known observed idea that people with their Mars-Venus position being close don’t really `need’ relationships.. ¬†to project their personal anima-animas aspects. They are almost conjunct. ¬† He doesn’t do relationships, does he?

Let’s look at his Chiron – the Wounded Healer planet . ¬† It’s in Pisceas.. ¬†Yes, the sign that is elusive, etherial, not to mention one with the closest connection to the Collective.. and prone to escapism, high intuition, dreamy. Chiron is a warrior-Healer-Teacher.. ¬† In the watery sign of Pisceas, its harsh warrior aspects can be softened..and allowing the teacher-healer to be more prominent! ¬† ¬†Guess what he;s called ?

There are altogether 5 planets in his 6th house…house of work and service to others! ¬†It’s also one of personal health. ¬† We can say his health is pretty good (any man who lives for 1200 years in his own world, and 50 years on our screens is surely got good stamina & health!). ¬† ¬†The Doctor’s focus is always in serving others.. ¬†in many ways!

Both Uranus & Pluto are in his 4th house – Roots, Home, security. ¬† And Uranus is a very rebellious but innovative one..where as Pluto is deep, intense, probing…and transformative (death & rebirth). Those are aspects & qualities buried in his roots…his home.. ¬†where he comes from.. ¬†maybe even his mother.. ¬†(that mysterious lady who stood next to Rassilon?) ¬†His home.. Time Lord Society…& Gallifrey.. ¬† technologically advanced.. ¬†I mean Time Travel is nothing but that…They have the ultimate power of Time to manipulate all of creation.. ¬†(Pluto).

His 2nd House falls completely inside the sign of Cancer (self-worth linked to wealth..and is measured by the watery emotional Cancer.   The Doctor has never valued material possessions much..  and puts emphasis on emotional bonds, humanity, the precious nature of life itself!

There’s plenty more for people interested in astrology to look at here… and Astrologers themselves to have a playful interpretation.

In a few days, (after seeing the `Day of the Doctor’ 50th anniversary special on 23rd Nov 2013) I shall be doing a different type of chart analysis for the Good Doctor (and the bad ones).. ¬†yes, ¬†I’ll be picking each of the 12 faces we will have seen..and the 2 others (Valeyard & The watcher) and figuring out which ¬†sun-signs each one of those closely connect to.. just for fun!

What might also be interesting is to take a look at the transit points of the different Regeneration dates and plot it on this chart..  (not that I have time for it.. I;d rather be doing real charts for real people like you.. for a small fee of course..and write a lot more than this!!   )

So tune in again soon..

Mani Navasothy

(Astrologer- Visionary Artist- and big Doctor Who fan!! ūüôā )

ps. I must ¬†confess.. in so many ways, The Doctor’s chart & mine are so similar!¬†¬† No wonder I have been projecting so much onto him :-p

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